Friday, October 20, 2017

Bush And Obama Chiming in......

With Bush and Obama chiming in yesterday.........
Obama mentioned we should reject the "politics of fear"
He then went on to tell you that "Democracy is at risk".
But don't be scared. No politics of fear in that statement.
Here is the reality......Democracy is not at risk and there is no fear.
Everything is fine.
The stock market broke 23,000 (this week) for the first time in history.
Unemployment is at a 16 year low......16 years...... You remember........ before Obama and George W.....The two talkers.
ISIS is being thoroughly defeated.
The presidents who brought us never ending wars.......because of imaginary weapons of mass destruction......And warned of the mushroom clouds........ if wars were not approved........Who brought you color coded terror warnings......To let you know just how scared you should be on any given day.........And brought us 24/7 government surveillance.......And then lied to you about that surveillance..........The people who brought you Gitmo......... to lock people away forever without a day in court.......You know.....To keep you safe........Those people...........They want you to reject the politics of fear. Seriously. Don't be afraid. Your government is spying on you to keep you safe.
Trump is trying to divide us by building a wall..........The same exact wall Obama built.........The same exact wall George W built.........The only difference is Trump wants to build it right.
You didn't get mad at George W. You didn't get mad at Obama. But you should be angry with Trump?
How do you know Trump is delivering the change he promised? Well are Obama, Bush, and Clinton really upset? They are? Then he is delivering. You should be thrilled.

Pleading the 5th......Nothing to Hide There.....

Pleading the 5th against self-incrimination.
You are not being investigated. There is no reason to plead the 5th unless you are trying to hide something.
How are you going to incriminate yourself?
You write a bunch of fiction which is being used to try and take down the President.
You are behind closed doors where nobody will know what you say, and your response is I can’t say anything because I will incriminate myself.
That should be the end of the investigations right there. The whole thing is a farce. Case closed.

George W Joins The Anti Trump Campaign....

George W joins the campaign to Discredit Trump.
George W famously said he would not wade into politics and undermine the sitting president. Looks like he has had a change of heart.
George is still upset that Trump whooped his brother Jeb ending the Bush dynasty.
Republicans are not supposed to attack other Republicans but this is not about Republican and Democrat.
This is about saving the principles of the old guard. The establishment.
George and Barack represent the failed ideas of Globalization. Where 1% gets all the money and 99% can go to h*ll. Barack loved it. George W loved it. The Clintons love it.
The voters around the world have deliberately and unmistakably rejected Globalization. George W and Barack will not let it go without a fight though.
I always know I am on the right side of an issue if it is the opposite side of George W.

Who Paid For The Dossier.....

The Washington Post has previously reported that the FBI agreed in October 2016 to pay the dossier’s author, Christopher Steele, for further work that might help its own investigation into Russian election activities.
(Trump said it.....The Washington Post confirmed it.)
(Somehow the FBI needed to hire a retired MI6 guy to do investigative work for them. The FBI does not know how to investigate things themselves. shady........)
As the allegations contained in the dossier began appearing in news stories (even though they were not substantiated) and the dossier itself became the subject of intense public debate (Because it is fake) , Steele became a publicly known figure and the FBI did not pursue further work from him, The Post reported in February.
Republicans, particularly Senate Judiciary Chairman Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa), have sought further answers from the FBI about its relationship with Steele, and its plan to pay him for information that could incriminate Trump or his associates.
(Good questions to be asking)
When Steele started compiling the dossier in 2016, he was doing so for a Washington firm called Fusion GPS. The firm began researching Trump first for an unidentified GOP donor, and then later for Democrats.
On Wednesday, a lawyer for Fusion GPS said the firm’s employees refused to testify (WHY?) in response to a subpoena from the House Intelligence Committee, invoking their constitutional privilege not to do so.

Comparing President To Cockroach......Just Another Day on CNN.

Comparing the President of The United States to a cockroach.
Can you imagine if someone compared Barack Obama to a cockroach. There would be societal meltdown.
Who is making this comparison….Oh look it is someone from the CIA. But of course.
CIA hates trump and CNN hates trump…….Put them together and now you are cooking.
In the old days you needed to show respect to the office of the President. (In the old days you needed to show respect to the flag of the United States…….but I digress)
Even if you didn’t like the current occupant there was an expectation of respect.
Those days are now over. Now hearing the president compared to a cockroach is just another day on CNN.
CNN……The most trusted name in fake news.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

While You Were being Distracted Trump Was Defeating ISIS.....

While you have been mesmerized (like a cat chasing a light pen) with what Trump does (or does not) say to Gold Star families.
He is nice to them.....No he is mean to them.....No he is respectful........No he is not respectful......And on and on it goes.
Meanwhile ISIS is being defeated.
At their height ISIS controlled territory the size of Portugal. That was when Obama was president. They were beheading people, and murdering people, and murdering Christians, and destroying art and artifacts, and terrorizing large populations of people. It was a real large international problem.
Today they are pushed out of their self declared capital and are completely on the run.
If Obama was defeating ISIS it would be a lead story. It never was a lead story because Obama sucked at fighting ISIS.
When Trump is defeating ISIS it is glossed over and everyone goes back to the irrelevant story of the day. Each irrelevant story drags on and on from one news cycle to the next. The fake news media just eats that sh*t up.

Republicans Now Want to End Russia Investigations.....

The problem is 2018 is mid term elections.
Last week Steve Bannon declared war on Establishment Republicans. He wants them all gone. Get out!
Establishment Republicans haven't been keen on the whole "Make America Great" agenda. They don't want it to be great. They like it just the way it is....(Not great).
As a result Establishment Republicans have been complicit in the Trump Russia hoax.
Establishment Republicans hate Trump just as much as the Democrats do. That is why they agreed to all the investigations.
But now at the 1 year mark.......with no evidence of any kind........ this charade cannot drag on into a second election year.
Steve Bannon will point out how all the Republicans have gotten in the way of Moving Trumps agenda forward. How the Republicans helped hinder everything with the Russia Hoax.
Establishment Republicans cannot face the Republican voters with that hanging over their heads. They know it and Steve Bannon knows it.
At some point there has to be a press conference where somebody steps to the podium and admits there is nothing there regarding Russia/Trump.
Ideally it is followed by an apology for wasting everyone's time. Regardless the investigations need to end sooner rather than later.
If they don't end the Establishment Republicans are all going to be herded out of Washington.

NFL Protests No longer On TV.....

If a tree falls in the woods, but nobody is there to hear it, did it make a sound?
If NFL players are protesting the national anthem, but you are watching a Chevy truck commercial, did the protest even happen?
Since the NFL owners can't put the genie back in the bottle they decided to do an end a round to their tv partners.
Do not show our players protesting..... CBS was just down graded because NFL ratings were down. You don't need to tell the tv partners twice.
Players might be standing, or sitting, or kneeling, or linking arms, but you won't be seeing any of it.
Enjoy the bud light commercial.

Hillary's Excuses.....

It is difficult to keep track of all of Hillarys excuses explaining how she lost to a guy with no government experience......when she had 4 decades worth.
Luckily we have Newsweek to help us out.
All her excuses in an easy to read format.
I just love reading them.
I am going to print them out and hang them on my wall.
When I am having a bad day I will read them to perk me right up.

Dossier Creators Still Won't Talk.....

Still won't talk.
The entire fiction is based on this Dossier.
You are supposed to believe every word of it.
Trump is a Russian spy.
The CIA believed it. The FBI believed it. The NSA believed it.
BUT Congress has some questions.
How dare they.....
Do NOT ask any questions . Just believe it . Why do you need to confirm if the information is true or accurate? That is offensive.
They (Fusion GPS) will not play that game. They will not talk.
There is nothing worse than people who use their brain and think, and ask questions, and expect answers.
It is hateful.

Fake News Propaganda....Impeachment.

More Fake News Propaganda.
It is Monday morning.......Lets get started.
Over the weekend it was remove the president with the 25th Amendment. That wasn't real.
Monday morning we are back to impeachment.
Is there an actual story here? Nope.
Just keep the steady drum beat going.
Trump will be removed from office.......
Trump will be removed from office......
Trump will be removed from office......
He actually won't be removed but that doesn't discourage the fake news media.
Trump will be removed from office.....Watch the swinging watch.......
You get impeached when you break the law. Like Bill Clinton when he sexually assaulted Paula Jones and then lied about it under oath. That is a crime. That is when Impeachment occurs.
If you write stuff on Twitter........ and the fake news media doesn't like that you write things on twitter.........
That is not actually a crime.
If you push fake news.....and the president calls you out for pushing fake news.....and you don't like that the president called you out for pushing fake news........That is not actually an impeachable offense either.
It is frustrating I know......Don't give up. Keep working at it.
The fake news media can keep writing this crap day after day after day.........And you can keep reading this crap......... but it still isn't true.
Just verifies what everyone already knows. The news is fake.
A number of Republicans asked not to have their names used in order to speak candidly about a sensitive topic....
(RIGHT!!!! Since when does anyone have an issue being critical of Trump and putting their name on is? FAKE NEWS!)

Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Strangler Of Peace......

Trump is a strangler or peace........
Coming from the man testing Hydrogen bombs.
Coming from the man launching missiles over the top of Japan.
Coming from the man threatening Guam.
Coming from the man who sent a USA citizen (who was imprison in North Korea) back the United States DEAD.
Coming from the man who killed his own brother in law, with VX nerve agent. inside an international airport.
Coming from a man who killed his own Uncle with an anti aircraft gun.
That guy wants you to know......Trump is the real problem.

The 25th Amendment......

Since it has been over a year and the Trump Russia fiction doesnt seem to be working we are moving into option 2.
The 25th amendment.....
In the last week there have been lots and lots of stories (in the fake news media) about the 25th amendment.
CNN.....the Washington post...... and many other fake news outfits have run stories about removing the president using the 25th amendment.
If the president had a stroke and was incapacitated (and couldn't physically do the job) they could use the 25th amendment to remove him.
It is NOT for use if you simply don't like the presidents policies on the environment, or healthcare, or illegal immigration.
You don't get to remove the president just because you dont like him.
Or you don't agree with him.
Or you hate his freaking guts and he makes you want to throw up.
Those are not reasons to remove the president.
You should probably go back to the Russia hoax as you would have a better chance with that fiction, than you will with the 25th amendment.
Really you should just accept that since Hillary sucked so bad you are now stuck with Trump.
You will be stuck with him for many (many) years.
Time to wipe the tears, go splash some cold water on your face, keep that chin up, and accept realty.
He is the president.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Trump Cuts Off Obama Care Payments.....Good.

Trump said he was going to stop payments to Obamacare because it is just welfare for rich insurance companies.
This is true.
Despite insurance companies bellyaching about how much they have to pay for people with pre existing conditions the fact of the matter is Insurance companies are making double digit profits.
Health insurance companies are not going bankrupt because they have to pay anything. They are just full of it.
They raise prices and their profits go up and up and up.
Then they keep raising prices.
Then they want more free tax payer money too.
You pay for the policy. You pay the co pay. You pay the deductible. You pay taxes that pay the insurance company. You pay and pay and pay and pay.
Then Trump says no more.
How can you not hand insurance companies making 30% profit increases more free tax payer money.
Well it is easy.

Friday, October 13, 2017

US Obesity Breaking Records...

Congratulations America……..
You are fatter than you have ever been in history.
I thought Michelle Obama was going to fix the obesity epidemic. Her “Lets move” initiative.
Here is the report card. She failed.
Remember when I told everyone to stop consuming High Fructose Corn Syrup?
Looks like a lot of you didn’t listen very well.
Sure you started eating salad……. but then you put dressing on the salad with High Fructose Corn Syrup.
Sure you eat yogurt but you didn’t see your yogurt is sweetened with High Fructose Corn Syrup.
Hunts Ketchup stopped using High fructose Corn Syrup…….. but you didn’t seem to care so they now use it again.
When everyone start paying attention……… and stops buying products with High Fructose Corn Syrup……… eventually the food industry will be forced to stop using it.
When that happens you and everyone you know will stop being so fat.
Until then they will keep using it and the obesity rates will continue to break records.
It is all your fault……Fatty.
Since 1999, there has been a staggering rise in the prevalence of obesity, particularly in adults, without any "signs of it slowing down," according to the study's lead researcher, Dr. Craig Hales, medical epidemiologist at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
What is "very striking" about this information is that there has been a 30% increase in adult obesity and 33% increase in youth obesity from 1999-2000 data to 2015-16, despite government-focused efforts (Michelle Obama) to address the issue, according to Michael W. Long,
It is not hard to understand at all. You consume High Fructose Corn Syrup and you get fat. Very easy to fix. Stop Consuming High Fructose Corn Syrup. Problem solved.

Trump and Obamacare.....

Read the words he wrote.
People are so blinded by rage they can’t even focus. Trump doesn’t want to throw people off their insurance. Trump wants to make a deal. Read what he wrote.
“Dems should call me to fix!”
When he became president everyone said how is he going to be able to do anything when everyone hates him.
Well he is showing you.
It is the art of the deal unfolding right in front of your face.
People can’t even see it. In order to get stuff done you need leverage. This is Trump getting leverage.
He wants stuff that people said he would never get. Tax cuts, boarder wall etc. So now he has leverage.
He threw Daca onto the center of the table and now he is throwing Obama care onto the center of the table. You want what you want Democrats? Then you need to negotiate.
Last month the government was going to shut down.
Republicans would not work with Trump. So Trump went and cut a deal with the Democrats. Today the government is still open.
We were told Washington is complete grid lock and nobody can work across aisle. Trump showed you he can. When Obama had to make a deal to keep the government open he couldn’t do it and the government was shut down.
When Clinton had to make a deal to keep the government open, he couldn’t do it either and the government shut down. Trump did the impossible (despite Republican obstruction) and got the deal done.
Now he has levage to get further deals done.
He waited for Republicans to repeal and replace and they failed to do it over and over and over. So now Trump is going around them to work with the Democrats. Screw you Republicans.
Trump is just smarter than everyone else. People aren’t even smart enough to notice that he is smarter than everyone else.
The headlines look bad (as they always do) but watch as he makes a new deal in the coming months.

NRA Back Tracks.....

Last week when they were still washing the blood off the pavement the NRA said they supported new regulations on bump stocks.
Now Congress is going to work on the issue (and the world has moved onto Obama Care and Harvey Weinstein) and so the NRA no longer supports anything.
Leave it alone.
Assault rifles....NRA approves.
High capacity magazines.....NRA approves.
Bump stocks (to kill lots more people efficiently)......NRA approves.
58 dead and 527 wounded........NRA approves.

Rose McGowan....

Rose McGowan......She was raped by Havey Weinstein.
She complained to Amazon studios.....Amazon owned by richest man in the world Jeff Bezos.......Owner of the Washington Post.......Employer of John Podesta.........Friends with Harvey Weinstein.
Rose complained.....Rose was ignored......Roses show on Amazon was cancelled.
Make the trouble maker go away.
Rose complained about Ben Affleck.......Friend of Harvey Weinstein.
Rose complained about Casey Affleck......Casey also friends with Weinstein.......Also accused of Sexual harassment.
That was no impediment to Casey winning an Oscar though.
Hollywood loves the bad boys. Just need the victims to shut up.
Rose's twitter account was frozen......She complained too much. She doesn't know when to be quiet.
These are powerful people she is taking on. This culture didn't just happen overnight. It affects all segments of society.
Hollywood......Washington......Media.......Business.......The military.........They are all abusing women at the highest levels of power.
To change this will take a monumental effort.

Weinstein Not Ok....Poor Guy.....

He is not OK....
It is hard being a sex predator.
People don't understand how much stress it can cause on ones life. One day you are rich and famous and allowed to have sex with any girl you meet. The next day you are in all the papers, and everyone is trashing you, and you get fired, and your wife leaves you. People can't understand it.
You should really feel sorry for this guy.
At least he can go to rehab and get help. Rehab makes him seem like a victim. It is not his fault he wants to have sex with everyone. He is sick and sick people need your sympathy. Maybe send him a get well card.
Most sexual predators go to jail..... but if you are rich enough you get to go to rehab.
Then when he gets out of rehab he wants a second chance.
Obviously he has paid his debt to society. He has been on the hot seat for like a week now. Isn't that enough? How much does the man need to suffer for forcing sex on women for decades?
People make mistakes. Some people make the same mistakes for decades and only stop when they are in the NY Times.
But I would think 7 days of humiliation should just about make it all right.

NBC Covers Up Weinstein Story...

Fake news……It is not just about the stories that are false, or hyped, or propaganda…….
It is also the stories that are ignored, or blocked, or killed.
NBC could have had the Harvey Weinstein story first.
They didn’t want it. They didn’t want to publish it. They wanted it gone.
If you are a big time Hollywood elite (who rubs elbows with the most powerful Democrats in Washington DC) raping and harassing is not a worthy news story for NBC.
NBC News is run out of the same building as NBC entertainment. Harvey Weinstein was a very powerful man.
Illegal, Immoral, abusive behavior is completely fine for NBC.
Bill Cosby had a show on that network for years all the time drugging and raping women.
It wasn’t NBC that broke that story either. It was a stand up comedian.
NBC will run Billy Bush right out the front door but Harvey Weinstein they will cover for.
One is a rapist and one is not.
Even after the New York times (and the New Yorker) ran the story NBC news continued to try and down play it.
Saturday night live (that skewers everyone) did not touch the Weinstein story. All the late night programs ignored it too.
How is Harvey able to go on doing this sh*t for decades.
When the fake news media runs the show that is how women can get raped decade after decade.
Donald Trump isn’t the only one who should be offended by the fake news industry. You should be offended too.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Kaspersky Russian Software....Spying on America.

Here is a good example of how we know the Russia/2016 election story is complete bullsh*t.  

Because if it wasn't bullsh*t you would see stories like this......Stories which have details, and facts, and information, and dates, and places, and evidence showing you that it is true.  

With Russia/2016 you don't have any of that.  No details.  No facts.  No dates, no places, no information of any kind......And it has been over a year.

In this example you have a Russian software company (Kaspersky) which makes antivirus software.  For some reason there are really stupid companies (and government agencies) in the USA that think using Russian software is a good idea.  

The Russians were stealing US secrets and funneling all the information back to Russia.  

We know this happened because Israel hacked into Kaspersky and inadvertently saw all the US secrets flowing inside that company.  The Israelis alerted the stupid Americans to this massive issue.  Now the Americans are getting rid of the Russian software.  

All those details is how you know the story is real.  Not a make believe fiction, which is actually just a propaganda headline hoping you will get on board.

So if you are using Kaspersky software you should stop.  Because all your info is now in Russia.

NFL Owners Changing Their Tune....

NFL owners working hard to fix their colossal mistake.
Who could have predicted….
Once the NFL owners realized the American people were turning off their TV’s…….. and not purchasing new game tickets……….. suddenly it dawned on them.
Oh wait…….Maybe protesting the Anthem is not a great idea.
The wave of love the owners were expecting to rain down from the stands were actually boos.
So now the big correction has begun.
Jerry Jones told his players you will either stand (and show respect) or you will not play.
Jerrys picture of his cowboys kneeling in a line has become THE picture of the protests. I am sure (attention loving Jerry) is not a fan of that development.
Now he wants to be the face of ending the insanity..... where the NFL has become synonymous with Disrespecting our country.
Hopefully they think long and hard about this valuable lesson.
Maybe……Just maybe……. people might turn their TV’s back on.

Meryl Streep Didn't know.....

Meryl Streep is trying to defend herself.
The last 4 days all the headlines have read Harvey Weinsteins behavior was an open secret in Hollywood...... and EVERYONE knew.
Meryl wants you to believe everyone may have known........ but she didn't know.
She worked with him on lots of movies. She won lots of awards making his movies. But she didn't know.
It would look pretty bad if she did know.
She stood on the Golden Globe stage (just a few months ago) Trashing Donald Trump. So it would look pretty bad if now we find out that Harvey Weinstein has been sexually harassing women for Decades........ and everyone knew.......... and everyone said nothing.......Including Meryl.
So she wants to be very clear. She didn't know. Really....She didn't. Now you know.

Harvey Weinstein and The Democrats.....

When Donald Trump was accused of inappropriate Sexual Talk (emphasis on the word Talk) the Democrats were OUTRAGED.
They stood on their soap boxes and said THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
But when THEIR major Democratic Contributor is exposed as a Sexual deviant (going on many decades) those same Democrats have NOTHING to say.
Barack Obama......Silent.
Michelle Obama......Silent.
Bill Clinton.....Silent.
Hillary Clinton......Silent.
Joe Biden......Silent.
No surprise Bill Clinton has nothing to say. It is not polite for one sexual deviant to criticise another sexual deviant. Especially when they are good friends.
Hillary hasn't shut up in months but suddenly she has laryngitis.
Michelle Obama who was all kinds of emotional when Trump was involved is now taking this deviant behavior very well. That is good personal growth Michelle. After all it is a small thing to accept when Millions of dollars are involved.
Way to go PHONY Democrats. Way to go.

Google Found The Russian Ads.....Yippee....

Google found the ads.
That is great. That is really, really great.
I knew the company that knows where everything is on the internet would eventually find the evil Russian ads. It only took them 11 months.
Tens of thousands of dollars in ads.
WOWEE…….Tens of thousands.
Those Russians are pretty stingy when it comes of overthrowing the will of the American people.
Who knew you could do it with just tens of thousands.
Still nobody is showing you what the ads look like though.
It is too dangerous to show you. You might become in a trance and head back to your voting station to vote for Trump all over again. It is just too dangerous.
Trust them these ads are sensational though. You may have thought you were going to vote for Hillary but once you laid eyes on these ads it was over. The decision was out of your hands. You were just like a zombie.

Monday, October 9, 2017

The Steel Dossier.......

The Steel Dossier.........

When Trump was mowing down the Republican field the Republican establishment hired Christopher Steel (Former MI6) to dig up dirt on Trump.  

In politics this is called Dirty Tricks.  Been going on forever.   The dirt can be real or it can be fake it doesn't really matter.  The goal is to discredit and make the problem (Trump) go away.  

Trump continued mowing down the Republican field until there was nobody left.  Then Trump turned to the Democrats  The Democrats liked the idea of Steel continuing to look for dirt and they continued paying him for his efforts.  

None of it mattered though because Trump steam rolled the Democrats too.  Steel was having such a fun time making up nonsense he kept doing it even after Democrats stopped paying him.  

Everything was assembled into a Dossier and handed off to American intelligence who liked the idea of discrediting Trump.  

Even though nothing in the report could be substantiated, and much of the fake news media wouldn't even publish it (that is how outrageous it was) the American Intelligence used the dossier to further push the Trump Russia make believe narrative.  

The American Intelligence assessment (based on the Steel Dossier) set the stage for lots and lots of investigations.

Now the Senate investigation wants to talk to Christopher Steel (to find out where all this make believe came from) but wouldn't you know it Mr. Steel has nothing to say.  He won't show up.  He won't respond.  Who exactly paid you?  Where did you get the information from?  Crickets................

Tells you everything you need to know.

"Unfortunately, the committee has hit a wall," Burr said, adding: "The committee cannot really decide the credibility of the dossier without understanding who paid for it, who are your sources and subsources."

Few news organizations and investigators have publicly been able to confirm the information in the dossier

Still, the FBI has reportedly used the dossier in its investigation of top Trump campaign officials.