Friday, July 9, 2010

Cavs Cryin like a baby

I love how these Billionaire owners talk about loyalty. Please...... Where was the loyalty to their coach who won 61 games (most in the NBA) and got fired after they lost in the playoffs. I don't remember the cavs showing much loyalty to him. Sports is a business. When teams are done with players they cast them aside without thinking twice. When a player leaves ohhh the betrayal. Joe Montana won 4 Superbowls for the 49ers and he got traded. Shaq won 3 Championships for the Lakers and he was let go. Nobody cares. The Cavs need to grow up.

Having said that Lebron is an azz for makeing such spectacle. He is good but he has won nothing ever. So he needs to tone it down a bit. The media is equally to blame for the circus.

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