Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Silicon Valley Killing Jobs....Everyone Celebrate....

America needs to realize that instead of creating jobs, Silicon Valley is erasing them, leaving millennials financially stranded before their careers can get off the ground.
college grads age 22 to 27 are stuck in low-paying jobs that don't even require a college degree. The percentage of young people languishing in low-skill, low-paying jobs is 44%, a 20-year high.
Only 36% of college grads have jobs that pay at least $45,000, a sharp decline from the 1990s

Perhaps most depressingly, the percentage of young people making below $25,000 has topped 20%, worse than in 1990
those with a bachelor's diploma were better off before the digital revolution.
The digital economy is vaporizing the good jobs and replacing them with two kinds of jobs: minimum wage jobs (think Amazon warehouse employees) and so-called "sharing-economy jobs" (think Uber drivers).
The sharing-economy jobs are even worse than minimum wage jobs because they offer no stability or protections for workers. Sharing economy jobs aren't really jobs at all; they're freelance gigs.
something is wrong with the picture of a handful of tech billionaires overseeing a kingdom of falling wages, decreased worker protection and zero job security.
if you think your own job is safe, think again. New research predicts that nearly half of all jobs are susceptible to automation over the next two decades. This is a giant leap backward, but it's deceptively described as technological "progress." As anyone who's talked to an automated system on the phone lately can attest, "automated" usually means "worse."
we're headed toward a kind of digital world feudalism where there are a handful of kings, a lot of peasants and no middle class.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Global Economy a Failure For GM......

What we always hear is that we are living in a global economy. It is not just about the United States. Corporations NEED to send jobs all over the world so they can then sell into those markets. The days of it only being about the USA are over. Americans are not guaranteed jobs because today it is about the entire world.
What we see (once again) is it is NOT about the rest of the world at all. The rest of the world does not have the buying power that the United States has. The very thing that corporate America DESPISES about Americans (our higher standard of living and wages) is the very thing corporations depend on to make their money. By getting rid of US jobs in effect corporations are chopping off their legs and then they wonder why they are having a hard time standing up.
Nobody in Russia is buying GM cars. I could have told GM that years ago and now they wouldn’t look so foolish. They should really call me on these things. Nobody in India is buying them either. Nor Brazil…..Nor China. We hear all about the 1 Billion people in China and how they are so incredibly important. Yet the GM cars just sit there in Chinese show rooms collecting dust.
It is all just nonsense. The magical global economy is a fairy tale with no basis in reality.
Political turmoil in Russia, combined with a weak economy and lower-than-expected vehicle sales, convinced General Motors that it just isn’t worth sinking more money into the once-promising market.
GM announced today that it will idle a factory in St. Petersburg and stop selling Opels and most mainstream Chevrolets in Russia by the end of the year.
Russia, one of the BRIC countries, along with Brazil, India and China, has not lived up to automakers’ expectations as the next big market for automobiles.
over the past 15 months, GM has announced plans to pull Chevrolet out of Europe, stop producing vehicles in Australia and Indonesia and restructure its business in Thailand. Those decisions eliminated $500 million in annual losses and avoided $1.5 billion in investment over the next four years. (Yay…..Global Economy)

Monday, March 16, 2015

California Draught......

You know the climate change that Republicans and Fox news keep telling everyone isn’t really happening. The one they say there is no scientific proof that it is a real thing.
Well If you are thirsty please don’t go to California because in a year you are going to be real disappointed when you turn the faucet on. What doesn’t come out is some of that proof that Republicans insist does not exist. So if you support the Republican point of view….Good for you. Just don’t be thirsty on the west coast.
The state is in its fourth year of drought conditions. California'sofficial drought site notes that this January was "considered the driest January since meteorological records have been kept." Reservoir levels remain way below average.
(Some might say this is almost like......proof. Luckily Republicans are not as easily swayed. That is why they are so admired…..by themselves)
Resevoir levels are so low that the LA Times op-ed says this:
Right now the state has only about one year of water supply left in its reservoirs, and our strategic backup supply, groundwater, is rapidly disappearing. California has no contingency plan for a persistent drought like this one (let alone a 20-plus-year mega-drought), except, apparently, staying in emergency mode and praying for rain.
(Hey……Republicans fully support prayer. Maybe that will work. Lets pull together as a country and pray Republicans are not the dimwits everyone believes they are.)

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Cold War is Back.....

NORAD is concerned about protecting North America from Russian bombers.
US Army is moving heavy Armour 1,100 miles across Eastern Europe. Take that Putin.....
Oh...And Putin is still missing.
The cold war is back. Yay!!!! So much more interesting then the never ending middle east wars. BOOORRRING!!!!!
I missed you Cold War. Now just send Rocky Balboa back over there and we can win this thing again.

Netanyahu Is In Trouble.....

Netanyahu is in trouble. Too much sabre rattling. Too much bullying. Too much alienating. Not enough paying attention to the people. Soon the people will head to the polls.
Mr. Netanyahu, who is running for his third consecutive term, and fourth overall, is beginning to confront the very real possibility of a political about-face in Israel.
“If we do not close the gap in the next few days there is indeed a danger that Tzipi Livni and Bougie Herzog will be the next prime ministers,” Mr. Netanyahu said in an interview on Israel’s Channel 2 News on Thursday night
the public dynamic seems to have been shifting against Mr. Netanyahu.
Mr. Herzog has emerged as an increasingly credible candidate for the post of prime minister in recent weeks, largely capitalizing on Mr. Netanyahu’s failures to address the daily concerns of millions of Israelis over the high cost of living and a lack of reasonably priced housing.
Mr. Netanyahu has focused on his credentials as a strong leader best able to protect Israelis against the potential nuclear threat of Iran and other enemies.
But even on the security front Mr. Netanyahu has found himself challenged, with his critics accusing him of fraying Israel’s ties with its most crucial ally, the United States, over the Iranian issue.
“You and you alone turned the United States from an ally into an enemy,” Shabtai Shavit, a former chief of the Mossad spy agency, said in a blistering statement addressed to Mr. Netanyahu at a news conference with several other former security chiefs and retired commanders in Tel Aviv this week.
Another retired Mossad chief, Meir Dagan, has also come out of the shadows on a mission to unseat Mr. Netanyahu. At an opposition rally attended by tens of thousands of people in Tel Aviv last Saturday night, Mr. Dagan, who is known to be unwell, captivated the audience by delivering a keynote speech with tears in his eyes.
“Israel is surrounded by enemies,” he told the crowd. “Enemies do not scare me; I worry about our leadership.” He said what he most feared was “a lack of vision, a lack of direction and determination, and a dearth of exemplary leadership.”
Mr. Netanyahu acknowledged that he had made mistakes by not doing enough to control the cost of living and he promised to flood Israel with apartments if re-elected. (Watch out West Bank)
Mr. Netanyahu stopped at a coffee shop and ordered a cappuccino, which he paid for with a 100-shekel bill, worth about $25. The coffee shop owner later told Israeli television that she had given him 87 shekels back in small coins to remind him that while he speaks about Iran, “we, the independent business owners in the country, are conscious of the daily difficulties of getting by, even for small change.”

Putin Is Missing......

Where is Putin?
If you see him let someone know.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Takata VS NHTSA......

Takata VS NHTSA:
The battle is over whether you should be killed in a minor traffic accident. NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration) says you should be saved.
Takata (The maker of the faulty airbags currently in your car) says it is OK if you die. As long as it doesn’t cost them any money.
The problem is NHTSA does not have a lot of authority. That is all part of the “keep government weak and powerless” movement that corporations and Republicans love so much.
The root cause of the issue is not clear. When the explosives go off they are going off with so much force that the canister is disintegrating sending shrapnel into the drivers compartment. 6 people have died and 50 others have been injured.
The latest death was in Texas in January. A minor fender bender turned deadly when airbag shrapnel severed the mans artery in his neck. He bled out and died in the intersection. If there was no airbag he would still be alive.
Takata says the problem occurs in Hot and Humid states. The heat and humidy (over many years) changes the chemistry of the explosive making it more powerful. NHTSA disagrees and says this problem is not only happening in Hot and Humid states and all airbags should be replaced. Takata pooh poohed that idea.
NHTSA hasn’t been pleased with TAKATA’s response to this entire situation and is currently fining them $14,000 per day. (Peanuts)
There are 40,000,000 cars affected with these faulty airbags around the world. There are 17,000,000 in the United States alone. Of those only 2,000,000 have been replaced.
The problem is Takata can’t (or won’t) make the replacement parts fast enough and NHTSA may start requiring other manufactures to start making the parts to speed things along.
Meanwhile the car manufactures are caught in the middle. They have gone and hired their own company to research the root cause of the issue. This makes sense since the lawsuits will have their name on them.