Sunday, July 1, 2018

General Motors Bellyaching About Tariffs.....

General Motors Bellyaching about Tariffs.
That is good.
The more bellyaching the better.
The entire point of tariffs is to achieve Bellyaching. The way you know tariffs are working is when you have full bellyaching on display.
General Motors is concerned that Trump is about to smack them with 25% tariffs on Imported cars and parts.
But if General Motors is really concerned they can just make their American cars in America and then the tariff is $0.00. Problem solved. They can control the entire thing.
The problem is our great American car company makes (some) cars in Communist Red China. Then they want to import those cars back into America for sale. That is a very misguided idea. Tariffs help correct that poor behavior.
Just make your American cars in America. Simple. Not complicated at all.
And remember.......In 2008 when General Motors was bankrupt it wasn't the communist Chinese who came to the rescue. It was the American Tax Payer. Making cars in China is a pretty crappy thank you for saving their azz.
As far as the fear mongering about job loses.....Yes their will be job loses with tariffs.......They will be in China when those factories close and are brought back to the United States.......Where they belong.

Protesters Protesting Except When Obama Did It.....

Protests all over the country because Trump deports illegal aliens.
When Barack Obama was deporting more illegal aliens then any president in United States History there were no protests of any kind.
The protesters must have been busy during those 8 years.
2.5 million illegals thrown out of the country and nobody cared at all. But when trump does it.....let's pretend we care.

Foxconn In Wisconsin.

$10,000,000,000.00 Factory going up in Wisconsin.
You remember Wisconsin.
It is the state Hillary Clinton completely ignored.
Hillary then lost Wisconsin and lost the election.
Trump didn’t ignore Wisconsin. Trump promised jobs. Wisconsin voted for Trump.
Here are the jobs.
13,000 new jobs.
Average pay $54,000
Foxconn is famous for building electronics in China.
Now they will build high tech displays in Wisconsin.
These types of jobs used to go from the USA to China.
Now we see them going the other way.
Neat how that can work if you vote for the correct people.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

132 Political Candidates Assassinated In Mexico.....

132 political candidates murdered in Mexico......
Since September.
Where has this story been?
The fake news media will spend months talking non stop about Stormy Daniels, and other completely irrelevant crap.
But....... lots and lots and lots of political candidates in Mexico being assassinated (at an incredible rate) and we are just hearing about it now.
16 political assassinations was not enough to report.
47 political assassinations was not enough to report.
78 political assassinations was not enough to report.
94 political assassinations was not enough to report.
But when the number hits 132.....Well FINE! FINE......They will tell you about it....If they must.........Sigh!!!!!!!!!
Way to go fake news media. Way to go........

Handing Over DNA leads to lots and lots of Cold Case Arrests.

It keeps happening over and over.
People voluntarily handing over their DNA has been the greatest gift to Law Enforcement since the Hand Cuffs.
People hand over their DNA, which is then shared with law enforcement, (and anyone else who wants to see it) and lots of people are getting nabbed.
Old cold cases are being solved right and left.
Last month it was a serial killer.
This month two more cold cases solved.
Cops took DNA off a guys discarded napkin and compared it to DNA handed over to an ancestry site. Bam….An arrest.
Cops took DNA off a guys discarded chewing gum and compared it to DNA handed over to an ancestry site. Bam….An arrest.

Harley Davidson Dishonest About Reason For Moving Work Overseas......

May 2018 After taking Trumps Tax cuts Harley Davidson announced they are closing a plant in Wisconsin, and closing a plant in Kansas City, and opening a plant in Thailand.
June 2018 the European Union announces tariffs on US products including motorcycles.
June 2018 Harley Davidson blames the Tariffs (and Trump) for having to move some factory work overseas.
Harley Davidson is full of sh*t.
The work was going bye bye long before the tariffs and Harley should be honest about their unpatriotic behavior.
This story is from May 2018.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Trumps Handling Of The Economy.....Approved.

Trumps handling of the economy.
51% approve
36% disapprove
Fifty-four percent of Americans say the economy is good or excellent, the highest recorded by CNBC in the 10 years of the survey.
Just 43 percent say the economy is fair or poor, the lowest in the history of the survey.
Positive views on the economy have surged 20 points since the election. And for the first time, the percentage of Americans saying the economy is excellent outstrips the percent saying it is poor.
Americans look for a strong 4 percent gain in their home values in the next year, equaling the highest percentage previously recorded in 2007.