Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Yahoo....Run By Expensive Idiots....

How to run a corporation into the ground......Brought to you by Yahoo.
In 2008 Microsoft offered 44 BILLION to buy struggling Yahoo.
Yahoo said no way. That was not enough money.
Yesterday Verizon bought Yahoo for 4.8 Billion. 40 Billion less than what Microsoft offered.
For these stunning results Yahoos current rock star CEO will be paid $218,000,000.00.
What a total waste of money.
I could have run Yahoo into the ground for a fraction of that amount.
Oh well......Yahoo's loss.

Take a Break....Here Is A Nice Story.....

Sometimes I do think it is important to take a few minutes out of my day full of hating Hillary....and hating Donald....and hating corporations........and hating rich people.......to show you something nice.
This is nice.
Enjoy.....and you're welcome.


Clinton = Corruption......

Clinton = Corruption.
Corruption on a grand scale.
Been there....Done that.......Not doing it again.
Trump is horrible......And So is Hillary.
Don't vote for either of them.


Michelle Obamas Speech

People seem to like Michelle Obamas speech.
I didn't watch it.
I didn't want her to ruin Melania Trumps future speech.
When Melania gives it I want it to be fresh. I hate when Michelle Obama ruins it for me.

FBI Investigating The Russian Watergate.....

Remember in the old days when you wanted to know what was going on at the Democratic National Committee you had to hire a bunch of Ex CIA agents to break into the Watergate hotel and place listening devises everywhere.
Today it is so much easier. You can just sit behind a computer screen in Russia and find out anything you want to know.
Technology has certainly moved us along.
I am comforted that the FBI is investigating this. They do such a good job investigating email scandals.
It is terrible when the American people find out what goes on behind the curtain. We should only be told the party line. We don’t deserve the actual truth.
I am sure when the FBI is finished investigating they will tell us there was indeed hacking and they do not recommend prosecution. That will happen right after Bill Clinton has a spontaneous private plane meeting on a tarmac with Putin. Bill just likes to show off his grandkids.


Monday, July 25, 2016

USS Gerald R Ford Still A Piece Of Sh*t.

The $13,000,000,000.00 USS Georald R Ford is still a Piece of sh*t.
Perhaps you remember hearing about this debacle at some point in the past.
That is because I told you about it last October 5th.
Don't worry if you don't remember, because I remember, and I will gladly post it again for you. You just sit there and enjoy how much of your money they have wasted. How much more they will have to waste in the future.
From October 2015 to July 2016 nothing has changed. The boat still doesn't work and you still owe all the money.
What on posted in October 2015 -
The Pentagon has taken $13,000,000,000.00 of your tax dollars to build the USS Gerald R Ford Aircraft Carrier.
How exciting…..It is currently 22% over budget and years behind schedule……..Plus it doesn’t work.
Whether it works (or doesn’t work) doesn’t really matter because you are still paying for it either way.
When you are done paying for the Gerald R Ford you will then being paying for the USS John F Kennedy. That is the next Aircraft Carrier……. which is also years behind schedule, and Billions over budget, and also doesn’t work.
Don’t feel like you have to pay for these boats all at once. Your kids (and their kids) will be helping you pay for these boats for many years to come.
A gazillion times I have told you about the $400,000,000,000.00 F-35 which doesn’t work either……. but I want to make sure you understand that spending a fortune (and getting crapola) is not exclusive to the F-35.
When it comes to wasting your hard earned tax dollars the Pentagon is top notch. But you don’t need to worry about that…..
I go on Facebook and nobody is complaining about the 13 Billion Dollar USS Gerald R Ford “Debacle”.
A typical Aircraft carrier cost 4 billion dollars. The Gerald Ford is already more than 3 times that cost and it is still not finished…… or working.
It is almost like people are not even paying attention.
People complaining about poor people on food stamps…… well that I see all the time. People get so mad about poor people. But when the Pentagon is robbing you blind nobody seems to even notice.
So what is the issue with the Ford? Good question…… The Ford is the first of a brand new class of Aircraft Carriers. How exciting……
For many decades US aircraft carriers have used steam catapults to launch aircraft. It is a reliable and effective way of operating. But using proven technologies is not very sexy.
The Gerald R Ford is attempting to us Electromagnetic Catapults. That sounds impressive but the only problem is they don’t work very well. They are finding this out only after spending the first 13 billion (of your tax dollars). Now they are testing the sexy new concept. But Oops….The results are not good.
The new catapult has a high failure rate. When launching 60 million dollar aircraft that is not a good thing. When every 4th plane ends up in the ocean (in front of the ship) that quickly becomes an issue.
If an aircraft carrier cannot launch aircraft that sort of defeats the purpose of the ship….
The catapult problems are just one of many issues with the Ford. I won’t bore you with the rest of the details. You just need to understand that the first $13 billion did not solve the problems…… but don’t worry because the pentagon knows exactly where to get more of your tax dollars. You just keep working hard and complaining about the poor people.
The less you pay attention to what the pentagon is doing (with your money) the better.
Oh and by the way there might not be enough money to pay your social security and Medicare. The good news is there is always enough money for another Aircraft Carrier.

Olympic Sex Games Are About To Begin....

450,000 condoms that will be distributed to athletes -- equivalent to 42 per person.
42 Condoms per athlete. That is sex 3 times a day, everyday over the two week Olympics. That includes the days the athlete is competing.
Man I am tired just thinking about that.
May the best team win.