Sunday, December 4, 2016

Trump Doubles Down on Tarriffs.....GOOD!

He said it before the election and millions ran to the voting booth to vote for him.
Now the election is over (he won) and he is still saying it. That is unprecedented.
Lots of people say things before the election. Obama said all kinds of stuff before his elections. Then after he won he didn't mean any of it.
To have a candidate say it before and then again after.......I mean wow.
At this point even if Trump doesn't do the tariffs he has still changed the narrative for US workers.
Now for the first time any company that plans to leave the United States has to think long and hard if the public humiliation is going to be worth it. That has never been the case before. Previous to Trump there was no consequence of any kind to commit Treason against the United States. Today there is. If you throw on the 35% tariff that is more good news across the board. This is truly a sea change to business as usual.
The interesting part is corporate America seems totally fine with it. The Stock Market is way up since Trump won the election.
We may actually be heading towards a time when the workers win AND the companies win too.
You have to go back decades to find the last time that was the case.
In a series of tweets Sunday morning, Trump pledged to lower corporate taxes across the board. But he also said he would charge a hefty 35% tax for "any business that leaves our country for another country, fires its employees, [or] builds a new factory or plant in the other country, and ... sell[s] its product back into the U.S." (YES!!!!!)
Trump argued that those companies deserve "retribution." He said businesses that want to offshore jobs have been "forewarned." (Makes me stand up and clap)

Saturday, December 3, 2016

China Upset With Trump......Good!

People aren't getting it.......  

The status quo is dead.  DEAD!  It is lying on a hospital gurney with a toe tag.  Whatever usually is accepted as the way things are done are now over.

The Status quo is for the United States to ignore the Democracy in Taiwan to not upset the Communist Dictatorship in China.  

Everyone has to walk on egg shells to not upset the Communists.  Trump just stomped on the basket of eggs and good for him for doing it.

The United States is supposed to support Democracy.  There is nothing wrong with a phone call to another functioning democracy.  It is a good thing.  It should be celebrated.  If Communist Red China is unhappy then GOOD.

Communist Red China should not waste all their energy being upset about this  Taiwan phone call.  They will need a lot more energy to complain when Trump brings all the US jobs back to the United States.  When that happens (and the Communist government has no money) they too will understand the status quo is dead.  

Trump should encourage Taiwan to declare their independence.  You think China is upset today wait till that day arrives.  

Friday, December 2, 2016

700 Dead In Chicago.....Nobody cares....

Can you imagine if this headline said Terrorists killed 700 people in the Presidents home city.
People would be going crazy demanding answers.
In the United States we spend TRILLIONS on fighting terrorism and terrorism kills a tiny fraction of the people that gun violence does.
We just finished a presidential election and nobody discussed the carnage in Chicago. Republicans didn't care. Democrats didn't care. The president didn't care. The media didn't care. Nobody cares.......It is considered a local issue. It does not rise to the level of federal attention.
But if terrorists kill 18 people the President would be heading to the microphone to make a speech.
700 people....Eh....Whatever.
There are 700 dead people today and we still have a whole month to go.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Illegal Immigration rights Going To Supreme Court.

As everyone hyperventilates about Trumps threat to deport illegal aliens.......... nobody even notices that Barack Obama has deported more Illegals than any president in history.
Illegal Aliens call Obama the "Deporter in chief".
Yet even though he is breaking records nobody calls Obama a racist. Nobody gets mad, or protests, or even notices what is going on.
When it is Trump everyone loses their mind. When it is Obama everyone just yawns and shrugs. Same policies.....One is a racist.....One is an all around great guy.
The illegal immigrants Obama hasn't yet deported are thrown in jail indefinitely. Record amounts of illegal aliens sitting in jail cells never getting a day in court. They are not happy about this.
Does Barack Obama have the authority to lock up illegal aliens indefinitely without a day in court? Check back next June and we will have the answer.
In the mean time get back to calling Trump every name in the book....But please pay no attention to what Barack Obama is doing.......... as he jails and deports record numbers of illegal Aliens.
"Under the Obama administration, immigration detention has skyrocketed to record levels," said Cecilia Wang, the director of the ACLU Immigrants' Rights Project and a lawyer for the class of immigrants. Wang said the case "is fundamentally about whether the executive branch (Obama) has unchecked power to detain someone without a hearing --something that is contrary to the most basic principles behind the founding of the United Sates."
The case, brought by a class of immigrants who seek hearings to prove that they are neither flight risk nor a danger to society, comes at a time when immigration groups lament the fact that the Obama administration deported record numbers of immigrants.

Democrats Learned their lesson....Voters Want More Of The Same....

The Democrats have heard your message loud and clear.
3 weeks ago you took the White House away from them. You kept the Congress away from them. Across the state races the Democrats got shellacked.
The Democrats were paying attention too.....That is why they reelected Nancy Pelosi.....If anyone can bring real change to the Democrats it is the leader who has been in charge for the last 14 years.
Nothing lets voters know you are serious about change like reelecting more of the same.. Nice going Democrats. Enjoy your irrelevance.

Trump Keeping Carrier Jobs In USA.......

President Trump bringing back the jobs. Just like he said.
This is the issue he ran on. This is the issue he won on. Here he is following through on his promise.
This is unchartered territory…..Having a candidate do what he said is unprecedented. Not sure the American people will know how to respond to this behavior.
Is this the greatest deal ever? NO! But it is something. It is more than President Obama has delivered. Obama didn’t make a speech. He didn’t make a phone call . He didn’t show outrage. He didn’t do anything. Just like he always does when the jobs leave.
Obama could have delivered……... It wasn’t hard. He could have achieved what Trump just achieved…….. but he didn’t care. Not even a little bit. Mr. hope and change was a fraud.
In August when Carrier announced the jobs were leaving (and the video went viral on the internet) Trump stepped up and said this cannot stand. What was President Obamas response? Nothing. What was Hillary Clintons response? Nothing. Same response they always have when jobs hemorrhage out of the country.
Jobs leaving is the price of globalization…….. and Obama is fine with that. One day you had a job (and could pay your bills and feed your family) and the next day your job left. That is how it works. You are supposed to just accept it with a smile.
In Britain they said ENOUGH……. we are not accepting this anymore. In the US they said the same thing. No more.
Here Trump is doing exactly what he said he would do. He could have easily ignored the Carrier workers…..But he didn’t.
Hopefully this behavior will continue.

Monday, November 28, 2016

US at Risk In Space War......

Here is a real good example of why people like me would rather have ANYONE else as president other than Clinton.
Today US National Security is at risk. Communist Red China has the technology to destroy US satellites CRITICAL to US National security.
It is costing 25 BILLION dollars to try and handle this threat and we are falling behind.
This threat originated from President Bill Clinton.
In the late 90’s Communist Red China was funneling money to the DNC and Bill Clinton. It was called “China Gate”. Bill Clinton took the money and he approved the transfer of lots of high technology (Including missile technology) to Communist Red China.
Chinas missile programs were failing. China asked for US help to sort out their issues and President Clinton allowed it. The US solved their problems and today that technology threatens our country.
Under Bill Clinton the Communist Chinese also stole our countries most sensitive nuclear secrets. Today everything they stole can be seen in the headlines outlining the Chinese threat to US National Security.
Bill took the money. China got the technology. You and your family assume the risks.
When Communist Red China starts destroying US Satellites (vital to your everyday existence) you will know who to thank.
In the old days you would go to jail for doing what Bill Clinton did. Today everyone just shrugs and says “I don’t remember that”.
Well I do remember that……. and I am still pissed. I was glad Hillary lost three weeks ago and I am still glad today.
There has been no greater destructive force against the United States than the Clintons.
Between deregulating the banks which cost TRILLIONS. To deregulating the power companies that cost BILLIONS. To building up China at the expense of the US Economy, US National Security, and the Destruction of the environment…..It is amazing Bill isn’t behind bars.
China has launched the "Shiyan" -- equipped with a grappling arm that could snatch US satellites right out of orbit.
These are not experimental weapons of the future, but weapons of today, already operating from Near Earth Orbit, just 100 miles up and home of the International Space Station, to Medium Earth Orbit at 12,500 miles, where the GPS satellites fly, all the way up to 22,000 miles in Geostationary Orbit, home of the nation's most sensitive military communications and nuclear early-warning satellites.
To respond, the US has created a massive new Space Command, with some 38,000 employees, a $25 billion annual budget, and 134 locations around the globe. Among them are units such as the 50th Space Wing, a 352-member team charged with monitoring US and foreign military satellites. For now, these space warriors are little more than spectators, watching and observing this new space battlefield with no ability to fire back.
In 2015, Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work expressed his grave concern that the military was not "ready to do space operations in a conflict that extends into space."
He was proven right when, months later, US space forces were overwhelmed in a mock attack on US military satellites.