Sunday, March 1, 2015

Chris Christie Blowing Kisses At Exxon Mobil......

Republican Governor Chris Christie is trying to let Exxon Mobil off the hook for polluting 1500 acres in New Jersey.
The lawsuit was filed in 2004 suing Exxon for $8,900,000,000.00.
Christie is now willing to settle the suit for $8,650,000,000.00 less than that amount.
Why would he do this?
Exxons guilt has already been established. The Judge was just about to announce damages but Christie said Yeah….you don’t need to do that….. we are all good here. Exxon will Just give us pennies on the dollar and we will call it done.
This is what happens when a politician puts his personal presidential aspirations above the best interests of his state.
To run for president you need hundreds of millions of dollars. A lot of that comes from industries such as oil and gas. Christie will be up against Jeb Bush whos family is entrenched in the oil industry. This was a chance to curry favor. Here you go keep 8.6 Billion but keep those campaign contributions available.
The stakes were high, given the enormous cost the state’s experts had placed on restoring and replacing the resources damaged by decades of oil refining and other petrochemical operations
“The scope of the environmental damage resulting from the discharges is as obvious as it is staggering and unprecedented in New Jersey,” the administration of Gov. Chris Christie said in a court brief filed in November.
But a month ago, with a State Superior Court judge believed to be close to a decision on damages, the Christie administration twice petitioned the court to hold off on a ruling because settlement talks were underway. Then, last Friday, the state told the judge that the case had been resolved.
Richard B. Stewart, a New York University law professor and a former head of the Justice Department’s environmental division under President George Bush, noted the “striking disparity between the damages claimed, which have been exhaustively litigated, and the settlement amount,” particularly with a judicial ruling expected soon. Mr. Stewart said that it was hard to assess the agreement without knowing the evidence, but that “it raises questions.”
A spokesman for Mr. Christie referred questions about the settlement to the attorney general’s office. A spokesman for the acting attorney general, John J. Hoffman, said on Thursday that the office had no comment, as was its practice with pending litigation. Exxon also declined to comment on the settlement. (Nobody wants to talk about nothing……There is nothing to see here. Just mind your business. Normally you can’t shut Chris Christie up.)
Debbie Mans, the executive director of the New York/New Jersey Baykeeper, characterized the proposed deal as “a travesty” and called on the judge to “reject the settlement outright.”
The deal comes at a time when Mr. Christie, a potential contender for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, is experiencing the lowest approval ratings of his tenure, and has been forced to defend his decisionto reduce state pension payments.
The damage to the Bayonne and Linden (known as Bayway) sites dated back many years. “Contamination of the land and water at the Bayway and Bayonne refineries began as early as the 1870s in Bayonne and the early 1900s in Bayway and continues to this day,” the state’s expert report says.
“Today, many of these dredge fill areas still look and smell like petroleum waste dumps,” the report continues. “Spilled materials from pipeline ruptures, tank failures or overflows, and explosions have resulted in widespread groundwater, soil and sediment contamination.”
The attorney general’s office said in its brief in November that the sites had been “adversely affected by or buried under the discharge of hazardous substances,” including over 600 identified chemicals.
On the Bayway site, a 2007 court opinion noted, marshland adjacent to a creek was “now mostly covered with a tar of petroleum products or filled with other hazardous constituents and debris.” Another 45 acres comprised “sludge lagoons,” onetime tidal marshes used as hazardous waste disposal facilities.
The state had set the cost of primary restoration of the sites at $2.6 billion;

Friday, February 27, 2015

Iran Practicing to Attack US Aircraft Carriers......

How stupid is Iran……
President Obama is about to sign a real bad deal allowing Iran to keep its Nuclear Program. All Iran has to do it sit quietly and not draw attention to themselves.
Obama wants everyone to believe Iran is fine and don’t even worry about their Nuclear program. There are enough other conflicts going on and war with Iran is not currently on the US agenda.
Next week Netanyahu is coming to Washington to ring the fire bell by telling everyone how dangerous Iran is…. and how stupid Obama is. Instead of helping Obama prove Netanyahu wrong by being quiet……. instead Iran stages a high profile attack on a US Aircraft Carrier. Way to go geniuses…..Netanyahu must be rolling on the floor laughing his azz off. I bet his stomach hurts he is laughing so hard.
Countries do not attack US aircraft carriers. The last US Aircraft carrier sunk in battle was in world war II. And while this is all about propaganda the message is a strong one. The US Navy is always on offense….. but here we have the most important symbol of the US Navy under attack. That is not something you see everyday.
Their method of attack is interesting using small fast speed boats. Could that work in real life? Well first a US Aircraft carrier is not a sitting duck. It is surrounded by lots of other ships that make up a battle group. Getting to it is not easy. Those other ships (in the battle group) have weapons too and they shoot back. So while Irans video looks like a giant success….. in real life that is not exactly how it would play out.
But nonetheless if the goal is to start a war with the United States…..Well attacking a US aircraft carrier would be a real good way to do it. What followed for Iran would not be pretty though.
My advice to Iran would be just sit quietly and let Obama do his thing. They are not helping their situation. It is like what I tell my kids…..Sometime you just need to learn when to quit while you are ahead.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

John Oliver Helps Save Net Neutrality.....

Today the FCC approved new Net Neutrality rules.  This is a good thing for consumers and small businesses. 

It is all largely thanks to John Oliver.  Make sure you send him a thank you note. 

But first you can watch his 13 minute segment that lit the fire.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Lenovo....Completely Shady, Just Like We Thought.....

In 2004 IBM sold their personal computer business to Communist Red Chinas Lenovo.
At the time people raise security concerns about this transaction. As always the concerns were swept under the rug and everyone went back to sleep.
After all If you can’t trust the communist Chinese with all your secrets then who can you trust? The Chinese have shown time and again with friends like them who needs enemy’s.
Despite all the trust in 2006 the Pentagon was so concerned they banned Lenovo computers from the defense department.
The US Government would not use Lenovo but you were still free too….. if you were that stupid.
Now we learn about “Superfish”…… built right into your Lenovo compromising the security of your computer. Shocking I know. Who could have predicted this.
You would have to be some kind of super genius to see this coming.
In other news.....Right now Lenovo is trying to purchase IBM’s server business…… but it is being delayed over security concerns.
Gee I wonder where those would be coming from. Trusting the Chinese shouldn’t be an issue at all. After all…… they have already hacked into everything there is. What could possibly be left? At this point just sell them the server business. The horse is out of the barn and 4000 miles down the road.....Close the barn door if you like. Or don't. Whatever!
Security experts on Thursday widely decried the software as both unethical and a dangerous security hole. Superfish installs its own fake certification on machines to trick the PC's web browser into giving the adware access to secure web connections.
That might sound bad on its own, but, according to researchers, Superfish does this so sloppily that it leaves windows open for hackers to take advantage of the fake certificates, and potentially steal sensitive user data, including banking information.
Initially, Lenovo was hesitant to admit there was any security problem. In an initial statement released on Thursday, Lenovo said it had "thoroughly investigated this technology," and did not find "any evidence to substantiate security concerns."
Peter Hortensius, Lenovo's Chief Technology Officer, also told The Wall Street Journal that issues raised by security researchers were "theoretical concerns," and the company had "no insight that anything nefarious has occurred." Hortensius did acknowledge, however, that Lenovo didn't "do enough."
As the day went on, Lenovo attracted more scrutiny from privacy advocates and cybersecurity experts. By the evening, the company had changed its tune.
"We will talk with partners, industry experts and our users. We will get their feedback," according to Lenovo's updated statement. "We are eager to be held accountable for our products, your experience and the results of this new effort."
In addition, the company released step-by-step instructions for getting rid of both the Superfish software and root certificate that raised security concerns.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Government Hackers Inside your Hard Drive.........

The U.S. National Security Agency has figured out how to hide spying software deep within hard drives made by Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba and other top manufacturers, giving the agency the means to eavesdrop on the majority of the world's computers
the spies made a technological breakthrough by figuring out how to lodge malicious software in the obscure code called firmware that launches every time a computer is turned on.
Disk drive firmware is viewed by spies and cybersecurity experts as the second-most valuable real estate on a PC for a hacker, second only to the BIOS code invoked automatically as a computer boots up.
"The hardware will be able to infect the computer over and over,
the still-active espionage campaign could have taken control of thousands of PCs, giving them the ability to steal files or eavesdrop on anything they wanted
the spying programs show that they could work in disk drives sold by more than a dozen companies, comprising essentially the entire market. They include Western Digital Corp, Seagate Technology Plc, Toshiba Corp, IBM, Micron Technology Inc and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.
Western Digital, Seagate and Micron said they had no knowledge of these spying programs. Toshiba and Samsung declined to comment. IBM did not respond to requests for comment.
authors of the spying programs must have had access to the proprietary source code that directs the actions of the hard drives. That code can serve as a roadmap to vulnerabilities, allowing those who study it to launch attacks much more easily.
(Which is why Bill Gates going to Communist Red China to show the Source Code to Windows was such a monumentally horrible idea. Bill Gates should be in Jail)
"There is zero chance that someone could rewrite the [hard drive] operating system using public information,
Concerns about access to source code flared after a series of high-profile cyberattacks onGoogle Inc and other U.S. companies in 2009 that were blamed on China.
Investigators have said they found evidence that the hackers gained access to source code from several big U.S. tech and defense companies.
It is not clear how the NSA may have obtained the hard drives' source code. Western Digital spokesman Steve Shattuck said the company "has not provided its source code to government agencies." The other hard drive makers would not say if they had shared their source code with the NSA
the NSA has multiple ways of obtaining source code from tech companies, including asking directly and posing as a software developer. If a company wants to sell products to the Pentagon or another sensitive U.S. agency, the government can request a security audit to make sure the source code is safe.
'We're going to do an evaluation, we need the source code,'" said Vincent Liu, a partner at security consulting firm Bishop Fox and former NSA analyst. "It's usually the NSA doing the evaluation, and it's a pretty small leap to say they're going to keep that source code."

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Breaking News - Cindy Crawford Ages Like Everyone Else.....

Oh my goodness Cindy Crawford is a normal person…… This is unbelievable news. Lets put this on CNN.
At age 48 Cindy Crawford no longer looks like she is 18. Quick…. wake up the president. Break into the normally scheduled programming to report this incredibly important news.
It is now a “firestorm” that super models age like normal people. I can’t believe what I am seeing.
Are they kidding with this garbage? Isn’t there real news going on? Is this really what needs to be on CNN. I am pretty sure it is snowing somewhere and now that is not being covered because of this incredibly important news.

Genetically Modified Apples...Enjoy!

The U.S. Department of Agriculture on Friday approved America's first genetically modified apples. (Oh good)
Their appeal: They don't turn brown when bruised or sliced.
(That is right….. you can eat them right away…. or leave them sitting cut for 3 days on a plate. Then feed them to your family. Either way the Apples will look fresh and delicious. Will they be fresh though? Let us know what your kids think)
The Food and Drug Administration is not required to approve genetically engineered crops for consumption. (Isn’t that reassuring.)
To create their Granny and Golden varieties, Okanagan turned off an enzyme that causes apples to turn brown.
In November, the USDA approved a genetically engineered potato, developed by the J.R. Simplot Company, which uses a similar technique to prevent browning. (Food always looks fresh…..Even when it is not. What a great idea.)
most of the genetically modified foods we eat are processed, containing ingredients made from bioengineered corn or soybeans.
The majority of GMOs have been modified to fend off insects or survive being sprayed down with weedkillers, (That is right….Insects won’t touch the tainted food….. but your kids are going to love it. Eat up.)
How will we be able to know when the apples have gone bad if they're no longer turning brown? (You won’t know….Now shut up and eat it)
Carter doesn't feel his company should be forced to use a GMO label. (Labels only serve to educate people. Everyone knows education is a terrible idea. The less you know the better.)
"We've spent time and money on five years of regulatory work to prove and to demonstrate our product is as safe as any other," he says. "Label it just like any other apple. (It is not like any other Apple. If it was like any other apple it would turn brown.)
We'll have information at the point of sale (sure you will) , and we're very transparent (clearly) on our website. Let the consumer decide. (As long as the consumer is kept in the dark they should be able to make a good decision)