Sunday, August 30, 2015

Chris Christie...Tracking Immigrants Like Fed Ex Packages........

Keep track of immigrants in real time (at all times) just like a Fed Ex Package.
No seriously this is not a joke. This is only funny because it is so real.
Chris Christie really wants to do this.
See when Hitler wanted to track people he had to tattoo numbers on their arm. That was so inefficient.
But with technology that is no longer necessary. Today we can do so much better…….
They can use bar code technology and track them on the internet. That is so much better.
Chris Christie and Fed Ex will lead the way. That is if Fed Ex ever responds……Right now the executives are huddled in a conference room asking each other did Chris Christie really just mention our name with this idea……Please say he didn’t really do that.
Republicans…..Real solutions for real problems.
Without Republicans what would we all have to laugh at. They single handedly keep me entertained.
Thanks Chris Christie. This article brightened my day.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Amazon Is A Terrible Company To Work For.......

Last week the NY Times published a story about how awful it is to work at Amazon.
The next day Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos responded saying he was shocked and he did not recognize the company being described.
This response was a comical since Amazon being described as a horrible place to work is not a new story at all. Amazon has been described this way for years.
Nobody ever disputes that it is horrible but everyone just likes to pretend they are shocked. SHOCKED!!!!!!
In 2011 at the Amazon warehouse in Pennsylvania they didn’t have air conditioning. The company refused to open the loading dock doors for fear employees might steal merchandise.
The temperature in the warehouse climbed to 110 degrees and employees began passing out. Amazons solution was to station an ambulance at the warehouse to deliver the abused workers to the hospital faster. The workers who went to the hospital were written up and punished for missing work.
Eventually a doctor at the hospital called the state and complained. Amazon begrudgingly fixed the problem.
Amazon is considered one of the great companies of our current economy. Amazon just passed Walmart (Another notoriously bad company to work for) in market cap. Congrats…..
People think working at Amazon will be a great thing. All the more reason Amazon is able to treat their employees like dog sh*t.
Most employees that work at Amazon will either quit or be fired and that is just fine with Amazon. The company has no problem with people coming and going as long as wages stay low and they can continue treating their workers poorly.
We are told that without capitalism we would have communism……. but if you read the details of how awful it is to work at Amazon you might think that is kind of the same thing as communism.
Instead of the government running your life (and treating you terrible) you have a corporation doing it.
Either way you are still far from free and happy
Amazon’s system of employee monitoring is the most oppressive I have ever come across and combines state-of-the-art surveillance technology with the system of “functional foreman,” introduced by Taylor in the workshops of the Pennsylvania machine-tool industry in the 1890s.
Amazon tags its employees with personal sat-nav (satellite navigation) computers that tell them the route they must travel to shelve consignments of goods, but also set target times for their warehouse journeys and then measure whether targets are met.
All this information is available to management in real time, and if an employee is behind schedule she will receive a text message pointing this out and telling her to reach her targets or suffer the consequences.
Kate Salasky worked shifts of up to eleven hours a day, mostly spent walking the length and breadth of the warehouse. In March 2011 she received a warning message from her manager, saying that she had been found unproductive during several minutes of her shift, and she was eventually fired. This employee tagging is now in operation at Amazon centers worldwide.
Workers would be reprimanded for speaking to one another or for pausing to catch their breath after an especially tough packing job.
The functional foreman would record how often the packers went to the bathroom and, if they had not gone to the bathroom nearest the line, why not.
higher output targets are declared by Amazon management without explanation or warning, and employees who cannot make the cut are fired.
At Amazon’s Allentown depot, Mark Zweifel, twenty-two, worked on the receiving line, “unloading inventory boxes, scanning bar codes and loading products into totes.” After working six months at Amazon, he was told, without warning or explanation, that his target rates for packages had doubled from 250 units per hour to 500.
Zweifel was able to make the pace, but he saw older workers who could not and were “getting written up a lot” and most of whom were fired.
A temporary employee at the same warehouse, in his fifties, worked ten hours a day as a picker, taking items from bins and delivering them to the shelves. He would walk thirteen to fifteen miles daily. He was told he had to pick 1,200 items in a ten-hour shift, or 1 item every thirty seconds. He had to get down on his hands and knees 250 to 300 times a day to do this. He got written up for not working fast enough, and when he was fired only three of the one hundred temporary workers hired with him had survived.
Amazon’s treatment of its employees, a pervasive culture of meanness and mistrust that sits ill with its moralizing about care and trust—for customers, but not for the employees.
the company forces its employees to go through scanning checkpoints when both entering and leaving the depots, to guard against theft, and sets up checkpoints within the depot, which employees must stand in line to clear before entering the cafeteria, leading to what Amazon’s German employees call Pausenklau (break theft), shrinking the employee’s lunch break from thirty to twenty minutes, when they barely have time to eat their meal.
the lengths Amazon was prepared to go to keep costs down and output high and yielded a singular image of Amazon’s ruthlessness—ambulances stationed on hot days at the Amazon center to take employees suffering from heat stroke to the hospital. Despite the summer weather, there was no air-conditioning in the depot, and Amazon refused to let fresh air circulate by opening loading doors at either end of the depot—for fear of theft. Inside the plant there was no slackening of the pace, even as temperatures rose to more than 100 degrees.
On June 2, 2011, a warehouse employee contacted the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration to report that the heat index had reached 102 degrees in the warehouse and that fifteen workers had collapsed. On June 10 OSHA received a message on its complaints hotline from an emergency room doctor at the Lehigh Valley Hospital: “I’d like to report an unsafe environment with an Amazon facility in Fogelsville. . . . Several patients have come in the last couple of days with heat related injuries.”
On July 25, with temperatures in the depot reaching 110 degrees, a security guard reported to OSHA that Amazon was refusing to open garage doors to help air circulate and that he had seen two pregnant women taken to a nursing station. Calls to the local ambulance service became so frequent that for five hot days in June and July, ambulances and paramedics were stationed all day at the depot. Commenting on these developments, Vickie Mortimer, general manager of the warehouse, insisted that “the safety and welfare of our employees is our number-one priority at Amazon, and as general manager I take that responsibility seriously.” To this end, “Amazon brought 2,000 cooling bandannas which were given to every employee, and those in the dock/trailer yard received cooling vests.”
What does it say about our economy when one of the biggest and brightest companies is actually just a modern day sweat shop.
If these giant companies don’t care at all about their workers why would any of the smaller companies?

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Trump VS Zuckerberg......

Trump VS Zuckerberg
Zuckerberg is one of the leading tech executives who has called for a more open immigration policy. Specifically, he wants to make more H-1B visas available to tech employers so they can hire foreign skilled workers.
Trump said he wants to require employers to pay H-1B workers much more money, which he said would discourage companies from hiring them and boost job prospects for Americans.
Zuckerberg started a public interest group called to push for immigration and lobbying reform along with Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. Neither Facebook(FB, Tech30) nor had an immediate comment on Trump's criticism of Zuckerberg.
Trump says that there are plenty of graduates with degrees in science, technology, engineering and math, known as STEM, to fill tech jobs. That means that employers don't need H-1B visas to fill jobs, and are using them instead to keep wages low.
Employers are supposed to pay a typical wage to anyone hired under a H-1B visa. But in reality, employees on these visas are typically paid 20 to 45% less than U.S. workers who they are often replacing
The Census Bureau confirms that 74% of people who hold a STEM bachelor's degree have a job outside of those fields.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Dreamliners Still Need Safety Review.......

Investigators on Wednesday called for a safety review of lithium battery-powered equipment on planes after a fire on a parked Boeing 787 Dreamliner two years ago that flight attendants would have struggled (failed) to contain in the air.
The blaze tore through an empty Ethiopian Airlines jet at London's Heathrow Airport in July 2013, burning a hole in the fuselage and filling the cabin with acrid smoke.
Britain's Air Accident Investigations Branch concluded in a report Wednesday that the fire was caused by "crossed and trapped" wires (Outsourcing incompetence) in the lithium battery powering the emergency locator transmitter, or ELT, the "pinger" beacon that helps track missing aircraft.
Contact between the wires caused a short circuit and a thermal "runaway" (Thermal runaway sounds like fun…..Nothing better at 38,000 feet than a thermal runaway) in which the battery overheated and caught fire, generating toxic fumes (Toxic fumes are fun at 38,000 feet too…..Just breath normal), the report said. The fire spread to the fuselage, which is made of composite material.
Urgent checks were carried out on other Boeing 787s after the accident, resulting in the discovery of at least three other instances of (Outsourcing Incompetence) crossed ELT battery wires.
The plane was deemed safe (why wouldn’t it be…..multiple fire instances is nothing to worry about), but investigators now say there are concerns (No sir!) that other on-board equipment powered by the same type of battery could be at risk. (That is just fear mongering)
The investigators called on the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration to lead regulators in Canada and Europe in deciding whether such devices have sufficient protection (clearly they don’t) against the effects of short circuits.
The AAIB also wants Boeing to speed up tests on how toxic smoke from an ELT battery fire would spread through the state-of-the-art system that controls cabin air in the Dreamliner. (What is there to test…The toxic smoke will spread through the ventilation system and everyone will choke. No big deal)
The report could lead to further design changes (I doubt it) for the troubled 787, which has been dogged by problems (lots of them) since it entered service in 2011 (was supposed to enter in 2007) after long production (outsourcing) delays.
The July 2013 fire shut Heathrow for 90 minutes and caused major delays. But the outcome could have been much worse if the plane had been in the air. (It would have crashed)
The AAIB said that tackling an ELT fire during a flight "would be challenging" (you think…..) for flight attendants because of the transmitter's "inaccessible location" above the rear of the cabin, just under the outer skin of the fuselage.
"Gaining access to the ELT, which may (may? ) require the removal of cabin ceiling panels, and getting close enough to make the use of a fire extinguisher effective, would be challenging," the report said. "Without specific training it is unrealistic for a member of the cabin crew to perform this task." (How reassuring)
In fact, the report added, opening ceiling panels "could feed the fire with oxygen and invigorate it." Flight attendants would have to stand on a seat, (excuse me while I climb up here.) or an arm rest, to aim a fire extinguisher at the source of the blaze. (Flight attendants shouldn’t wear skirts just in case.)
In a statement, Boeing spokesman Paul R. Bergman said: "The final report by the AAIB is extensive (alarming) and thorough, and we appreciate (no you don’t) the effort put into the investigation."
The manufacturer promised to "carefully review (toss in the trash) the AAIB's recommendations," but added: "It is important that any potential changes to the airplane's design be reviewed (ignored) with great care, and with due consideration for any potential unintended consequences (costs) of any change. We will work closely (ignore) with regulators, operators and industry partners to ensure that the safety of the world's commercial jetliners continues at the highest levels."
The statement added: "The safety of passengers and crew members who fly aboard Boeing airplanes is our highest priority.We are confident the 787 is safe
(They said that before the fires too) and we stand behind its overall integrity." (That is enough for me. If they believe it than I believe it too.)
The FAA did not respond to a request for comment. (They were still snoozing…No dead bodies yet)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Women To Be Allowed Into The NAVY Seals......

Another day.......Another Step forward. The change is happening fast and furious.
"Why shouldn't anybody who can meet these (standards) be accepted? And the answer is, there is no reason," Adm. Jon Greenert told the publication. "So we're on a track to say, 'Hey look, anybody who can meet the gender non-specific standards, then you can become a SEAL.'"
If women can pass the unit's demanding training requirements, Greenert said, they will be allowed into the elite force.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Women Army Rangers.....The First Time Ever......

Good job........Another step forward. 

To earn the Ranger tab, applicants must be able to complete 49 push-ups, 59 sit-ups, a five-mile run in 40 minutes, six chin-ups, a swimming test, a land navigation test, a 12-mile foot march in three hours, several obstacle courses, four days of military mountaineering, three parachute jumps, four air assaults on helicopters, multiple rubber boat movements and 27 days of mock combat patrols. 

Ben Carsen is Anti Abortion.....Not Really....

Ben Carsen….A Republican running for President.
As a Republican Ben is against abortion. According to Ben abortion is killing a life and Republicans love life. Really they do……That is why Republicans support guns…..Because of their deep seeded love of life.
From the Republican perspective it is your choice to have a gun…….…… but it should not be your choice to have an abortion…..Republicans want to make that decision for you. The decision will be NO!
Ben (pretended) he was appalled that Planned Parenthood donates fetal tissue to be used in medical research. That is an outrage…...
Ben and the Republicans tried really hard to make it look like Planned Parenthood is killing babies and selling their body parts. Then they wanted you to believe Planned Parenthood was getting rich doing this.
Of course nobody (but a couple of fanatical Republicans) believed that was what was really going on. It was a good effort though.
Republicans wish it was true so they could build outrage. It is hard to build outrage when reality isn’t really what the Republicans want reality to be. They tried their best to edit the secret videos but in the end everyone knew it was just the Republicans being Republicans. Disingenuous and Devious…..Just like we have all come to expect.
Now we find out that Dr. Carsen actually did medical research on fetal tissue. What?????? The same fetal tissue he claims to be against he was doing research on. As a private medical professional he had no moral issues at all.
He didn’t storm out of any research rooms because using fetal tissue was against his moral compass.
But as a Republican Nominee it isn’t about what Ben really believes…..It is only about pretending to be a bigger fanatic than the other candidates. The more on the fringe you go the better your chances.
Ben defends himself by saying he didn’t perform the abortion so he has done nothing wrong. That is like taking money from your buddy who robbed a bank and claiming you are not doing anything wrong because you didn't rob the bank.
Either you believe abortion is wrong or you don’t. If you are doing research on Fetal tissue than you are not really against abortion. You think it is fine.
So vote for Ben Carsen…..He is pro-choice after all.