Thursday, February 22, 2018

Good Guy With A Gun Did Nothing......

The NRA insists the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to have a good guy with a gun.
The NRA never mentions what you are supposed to do when the good guy with a gun is too much of a coward to take the gun and go face down the AR-15.
Sometimes the good guy with the gun would rather stay out in the parking lot and not get shot dead.
Arm the teachers Trump says.......But if the trained police officer is too much of a chicken why would you have any more confidence in the English teacher?
It is easy to say pull out your gun and go face down the danger....... but when it is unfolding in front of you and all you hear is POP....POP.....POP......POP......POP.......POP.......POP......POP......... it can be a lot harder to actually be the hero.
So good guy with a gun is fantasy.......And we are back to banning assault weapons.

NRA Stirring Up Fear Propaganda......

The only agenda is to send our kids to school and have them return home again (still) alive. That is it.
Or go to a concert and be able to finish that concert still alive. There is no other agenda.
The NRA agenda is to ensure everyone gets guns…..Any guns….All guns…..And any amount of bullets……. No matter how many people have to be killed (because that happened) is all just fine with the NRA.
The Republicans are too gutless to say sit down and shut up Wayne.
Too gutless to say we are going to fix this problem and you (small minority gun crowd) who scream and yell the loudest can be quiet and deal with it.
Whether you are allowed to have an AR-15 (or not) does not dictate if our country is socialist or Democratic.
The NRA depends on its members being scared.
Scared = Gun Sales.
The more scared you are the more likely you are to get a gun.
But the NRA cares nothing about the kids bleeding, and dying, and scared under their classroom desks.
America just needs to realize the NRA is the minority.
3 million NRA members vs 330 million people in the United States. The NRA does not matter. Not even a little bit. They are just an annoying gnat flying around your head. Swat them away and ban assault rifles.
When assault rifles are re-banned Democracy will continue on.

Still Need Questions Answered about Comey And Clinton.....

At least five individuals who made conflicting statements to federal agents in the Clinton email case were granted immunity from prosecution. They included Clinton’s chief of staff. In addition, the FBI agreed to destroy two laptop computers that once held copies of Clinton’s emails.
In contrast, when federal agents working on the Trump-Russia investigation encountered discrepancies in statements made by former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and George Papadopoulos, a foreign policy adviser, both men faced felony charges of lying to federal agents.
“With [then-FBI director] Comey, you had serious allegations against Mrs. Clinton that were not seriously investigated or were brushed aside,”
“With Trump, you had spurious allegations pursued full-speed-ahead by the Justice Department and FBI.”
For the past year, the Justice Department’s inspector general has been conducting a review of the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s use of a private server. The report is expected to be released soon.
It could help answer an array of unresolved questions, including whether partisan or other improper considerations influenced FBI and Justice Department officials.
It may also shed light on the early stages of what became the Trump-Russia investigation, including how and why the FBI began its probe of alleged collusion between then-candidate Trump and the Russian government.
In his now famous press conference exonerating Clinton in the email matter, then-Director Comey told the American public that no one outside his inner circle at the FBI was aware that he was about to recommend that Clinton not be charged.
“I have not coordinated or reviewed this statement in any way with the Department of Justice or any other part of the government,” Comey told the nation in his July 5, 2016 statement. “They do not know what I am about to say.”
Comey repeated the assertion two days later while testifying under oath in Congress. He said he “did not coordinate with anyone. The White House, the Department of Justice, nobody outside the FBI family had any idea what I was about to say.”
But a text message from Page to Strzok suggests that Attorney General Loretta Lynch already knew what Comey was about to say. The text message was sent four days before Comey’s press conference.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Vice President Of Facebook Agrees The New Coverage Is Fake....

The Vice President of Facebook agrees.

The News Media is fake and the Narrative the Fake News Media pushes is wrong.

The Fake News media narrative is the Russians (with Trumps help) Meddled in the US election to elect Trump.

What the Fake News Media won't tell you is that 56% of the ads placed on Facebook were place AFTER the election was over.  Many of the ads were Anti Trump.

If the Fake News Media told you that they would then have to explain their last year of fictitious coverage.  Better to just ignore the facts and keep pushing the pretend narrative.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Buzz Feed Sues The DNC.....

Buzz Feed published the make believe….. fictitious…… (Hillary Clinton/DNC paid for)Trump/Russia Dossier.
A Russian businessman (named in the make believe Dossier) is Suing Buzz Feed for Libel.
You don’t get to publish things about people that are not true. When you do that you get sued.
The Dossier said this Russians company hacked the DNC.
The Russian businessman says that is a total lie and now wants lots of money.
To defend themselves Buzz Feed wants the DNC to provide forensic proof the Russians were indeed the hackers.
The DNC won’t provide any proof (because there is no proof) because the Russians were not the hackers.
The DNC would not turn over their servers to the FBI.
That is how you know when the FBI, and The CIA, and The NSA, (and the rest of the deep state members) insist the Russians hacked the DNC they are basing that on NOTHING at all.
The DNC couldn’t turn over their servers because the FBI would have proof of all their corruption.
They would also have proof the Russians had nothing to do with anything.
But now Buzz Feed really needs this proof (that doesn’t exist) and they are going to court to try and get it.
Buzz feed held up their end of the deal. They published the fake Dossier (to make Trump look bad) but now are left high and dry by the corrupt DNC.
The DNC says if they turn over information it would leave them vulnerable to more hacking.
Since the make believe hacking occurred because idiots (like John Podesta) clicked on links (in their email) they should not have clicked on........all they need to do (to prevent further hacking) is not click on links in their email.
Any 8 year old could tell them that.
So turning over the evidence (which doesn’t actually exist) is totally fine.
It isn’t going to happen…..but it could.
Will the court force them to turn it over…...probably not. But we will see.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Trump Approval Going Up.......

Numbers going up.......
Despite the Fake News medias 24/7/365 assault on the man.
Negative story after negative story after negative story and still 40% of the country now approves.
40% of the country now understands it is just fake news.
Not even real.
He isn't really a Nazi, white supremacist, communist, racist. Once people figure that out, and then notice more money in their paychecks......Hot damn.....Not so bad.
The good news about being in the basement is he had nowhere to go but up.
This marks at least the fifth recent national survey to show Trump's approval rating climbing over the last two months.
for the first time, voters say Trump, rather than former President Barack Obama, is primarily responsible for the state of the economy, 48% for Trump vs. 41% for Obama.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

China To Build Solar Panels in The United States....Yay Tariffs.

One Week......Here come the jobs.
Last week Trump announced Tariffs on Chinese made solar panels.
Today China announces they will build a factory in the United States.
That is how that works.
For 40 years the "experts" insisted Tariffs will not work. Cannot work. It was a bad idea.
Took one week (of the correct leadership) to show that thinking was (and is) completely wrong.
The ONLY way to compete against slave labor is Tariffs.
Once we ran the Globalists out of the White house you can now see the results. US Jobs.