Monday, October 5, 2015

The USS Gerald R Ford....Debacle.....

The Pentagon has taken $13,000,000,000.00 of your tax dollars to build the USS Gerald R Ford Aircraft Carrier. 

How exciting…..It is currently 22% over budget and years behind schedule……..Plus it doesn’t work. 

Whether it works (or doesn’t work) doesn’t really matter because you are still paying for it either way. 

When you are done paying for the Gerald R Ford you will then being paying for the USS John F Kennedy. That is the next Aircraft Carrier……. which is also years behind schedule, and Billions over budget, and also doesn’t work.

Don’t feel like you have to pay for these boats all at once.  Your kids (and their kids) will be helping you pay for these boats for many years to come.

A gazillion times I have told you about the $400,000,000,000.00 F-35 which doesn’t work either……. but I want to make sure you understand that spending a fortune (and getting crapola) is not exclusive to the F-35.

When it comes to wasting your hard earned tax dollars the Pentagon is top notch.  But you don’t need to worry about that…..

I go on Facebook and nobody is complaining about the 13 Billion Dollar USS Gerald R Ford “Debacle”.

A typical Aircraft carrier cost 4 billion dollars.  The Gerald Ford is already more than 3 times that cost and it is still not finished…… or working.

It is almost like people are not even paying attention. 

People complaining about poor people on food stamps…… well that I see all the time.  People get so mad about poor people.  But when the Pentagon is robbing you blind nobody seems to even notice.
So what is the issue with the Ford?  Good question……  The Ford is the first of a brand new class of Aircraft Carriers. How exciting……

For many decades US aircraft carriers have used steam catapults to launch aircraft.  It is a reliable and effective way of operating.  But using proven technologies is not very sexy.

The Gerald R Ford is attempting to us Electromagnetic Catapults.  That sounds impressive but the only problem is they don’t work very well.  They are finding this out only after spending the first 13 billion (of your tax dollars).  Now they are testing the sexy new concept.  But Oops….The results are not good. 

The new catapult has a high failure rate.  When launching 60 million dollar aircraft that is not a good thing.  When every 4th plane ends up in the ocean (in front of the ship) that quickly becomes an issue. 

If an aircraft carrier cannot launch aircraft that sort of defeats the purpose of the ship….

The catapult problems are just one of many issues with the Ford.  I won’t bore you with the rest of the details.  You just need to understand that the first $13 billion did not solve the problems…… but don’t worry because the pentagon knows exactly where to get more of your tax dollars.  You just keep working hard and complaining about the poor people.
The less you pay attention to what the pentagon is doing (with your money) the better.

Oh and by the way there might not be enough money to pay your social security and Medicare.  The good news is there is always enough money for another Aircraft Carrier.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Russias Power Play A Big Deal To The Balance Of Power In The Middle East......

For the last several decades the United States could do whatever it wanted in the Middle East.
The United States had complete domination of the skies. Whether it was in Iraq, or Afghanistan, or Pakistan, or Libya, or Syria….. Nobody could challenge the United States in the air.
That all changed last week when the Russians showed up. Not only did they show up but they brought their fancy air defense.
The Russians say they are there to fight terrorists but none of the terrorists have an air force. So the fact that they brought their air defense tells you they are really trying to control the situation.
Having complete domination of the skies did not provide many victories for the United States. Iraq is still a mess. Syria is still a mess. Afghanistan is still a mess. Libya is still a mess. The Taliban is still around. Al Qaeda is still around. Now ISIS has been created and armed with American weapons.
The entire Middle East is a disaster and that was when America had no challengers.
Now Putin has shown up and the complications have increased dramatically. No longer can the United States go and do whatever they want without risking a military conflict with the Russians.
If the United States can’t beat the Taliban they certainly don’t want any part of fighting the Russians.
Not only do the Russians complicate what the United States is fumbling around to do, but it is also a huge blow to Israel.
Israel has always enjoyed complete control over the area but now they will be reined in as well.
This is why Netanyahu raced over to Russia to meet with Putin last week. Netanyahu understands the implications of what Putin is doing.
To make matters worse Iran is sending in hundreds of Hezbollah fighters to join the Syrian fight. In the past if Hezbollah stepped out of line Israel would think nothing of dropping some bombs.
But with Russia standing guard the Israelis will think long and hard before taking action. This is a huge change to the balance of power in the region.
Putin is looking strong. Obama is looking incompetent. Netanyahu is looking worried.
The region isn’t any more stable now (with this new power player in the mix) then it was before.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Corporate Titans all Gathered for the Communist State Dinner......

There was a lot of corporate firepower at the big Communist Red China State Dinner Friday night.  All the big shots were there.  

Human rights advocates….Yeah not too many.  

Environmental activists…..Yeah not too many of them either.  

Corporate titans…..Oh yeah…..Lots of them.  Eating good too.

President and CEO, MasterCard
CEO, Apple
Executive Chairman and CTO, Oracle
Chairman and CEO, BlackRock
Chairman and CEO, Morgan Stanley
Co-Founder and CEO, Netflix
CEO, Hess Corporation
Founder, LinkedIn
Chairman and CEO, The Walt Disney Company
CEO of DreamWorks Animation
Chief Creative Officer, Walt Disney and Pixar Animation 
CEO, Qualcomm Incorporated
CEO, MGM Resorts International
CEO, Microsoft
Founder, US Viking LLC
Chairperson and CEO, PepsiCo
Managing Director, Sherpa Ventures
CEO of the Transportation Fuels Division, General Biofuels
Chairman and CEO, Comcast NBC/Universal Corporation
CEO, International Business Machines
CEO, The Carlyle Group
Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder, The Blackstone Group
President, The Brookings Institute
Group President, Procter and Gamble
CEO, Legendary Pictures

Chairman and CEO, Facebook

China no Longer Hacking the USA....What A Relief.

Good news -  China has agreed to stop hacking the United States.  That is a relief.  On Monday everyone can stop using Logins and passwords because there is no longer a need.  All your cyber secrets are now secure again. 

Phew…..Nice going Obama.  Iran is no longer working towards Nuclear Weapons and now China is no longer hacking everything in the United States.  Obama makes it all look so easy.

Corporations Have No Money.....Not For You Anyways......

The reason Corporations aren’t hiring anyone is because there is no money.  None!  Not anywhere.  Really that is the honest truth. 

The reason Corporations aren’t raising wages is because there is no money.  None.  Not anywhere.
The reason Corporations are cutting employee benefits is because there is no money.  None.  Not anywhere.

The reason corporation are replacing American workers with slave labor overseas is because the money just doesn’t exist.  That is the Gods honest truth.   Corporations would never lie about that.  Corporations are honest.

The real problem is Corporate tax rates are just too high. There is no money left over after the government takes all the money.  Really….There is none left over at all.  Not anywhere.  You can look but you will not find piles of money.

How can corporations be expected to raise the minimum wage when there is no money?  Where would the money to raise the minimum wage come from?  Do you see any money anywhere just laying around?  Do you see any?  Poor people need to become more realistic about why they are so poor.  Money is not just laying around to share with them……..Really!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Communist Red China Is In Town....Lets Celebrate...

President Obama is celebrating Communist Red China this week.
There is a big State Dinner tomorrow night at the White House and the Champaign will be flowing.
This is the second Obama State Dinner to Celebrate Communist Red China in the last 4 years. Obama celebrated the Communists in 2011 too. He just loves them.
There are 196 countries on the planet and Obama has had 8 State Dinners. Two of them celebrated China. Most of the other countries don’t have nearly enough slave laborers to warrant a state dinner. When the other countries visit they can eat at the Denny’s down the street.
Obama is pulling out all the stops too. There will be a 21 gun salute on the lawn of the White House for the arrival of his honored guests. How exciting. Nothing says Democracy is #1 like a 21 Gun salute when the Communists arrive. YAY Communism.
There is a lot to Celebrate too. The Communist leader just visited the Boeing Factory in Everett Washington. Boeing announced their first factory ever built outside of the United States is going to be built in………….You guessed it….. Communist….. Red…….. China. Awesome!
Why hire Americans when you can hire slave laborers in China. Boeing wins….China wins…..Americans get screwed. Good deal all around. Pass the hors d'oeuvres. There will be plenty of smiles and back slapping tomorrow night in celebration of this fantastic news.
If there is anyone who loves President Obama and America it is the Communist Chinese. Last month Obama went to visit Alaska and the Communists were kind enough to send some of their war ships (12 miles off the coast) to say hello.
The Communists even invited Obama to their biggest military parade just a couple of weeks back. It was an event so important to the Communists they shut down all the filthy factories around Beijing to try and clear the air before other world leaders arrived.
This was an important event because it was the first public display of the Chineses new missiles designed to sink US Aircraft carriers. Very exciting……
“Dubbed the 'carrier-killer', the DF-21D goes into orbit like an intercontinental ballistic missile but upon re-entering the atmosphere employs guidance systems (technology probably stolen from America) that give it the unprecedented ability to attack a moving target, such as a carrier group at sea.
Western defence analysts say it could travel at up to 10 times the speed of sound (WOW) - faster than anything that could be deployed to intercept it - and estimate it has a range of up to 1000 miles.” (That will keep US Aircraft Carriers far away……)
Putin went to see them. He was excited. For some reason Obama decided he didn’t want to see them and didn’t attend. Pretty rude to snub a good friend like that.
Communist Red China just started working on their third military air strip on the artificial islands they are illegally building out in international waters. The islands are coming along great.
Japan is so worried about China they just changed their constitution so they can participate in foreign wars. They don’t trust that America has the ability (or will) to stop Chinese aggression and are taking action. Japan has been at peace for 70 years but China is making them very nervous.
The Chinese just made the air crew of a US recon plane very nervous too when their bullying fighter pilot flew within 20 feet of the US aircraft. Not good.
Plus lets not forget all the Chinese hacking of US computers. Government computers, Corporate computers….The Chinese don’t care because they hack it all.
They just visited Microsoft….. probably just wanted to say thank you to Microsoft (in person) for showing them the Windows source code. That was very helpful in their hacking efforts.
These are all things to celebrate tomorrow night at Obamas fancy State Dinner. It will be a beautiful evening among friends.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Reagan and the 2015 Republicans.....

All the Republican presidential nominees love to compare themselves to Ronald Reagan.
All of the current candidates are going to be the next Ronald Reagan....Or so they think.
See Reagan is Republican Royalty….The Big Daddy of modern Conservatism, and everyone is striving to be just like Ronnie. The problem is they are doing it all completely wrong.
And that is why they fail.
All of the Republican Nominees are against Illegal immigration and Amnesty. But Reagan passed the largest Amnesty in history. Reagan supported Amnesty.
"I believe in the idea of amnesty for those who have put down roots and lived here, even though sometime back they may have entered illegally," – Ronald Reagan 10/1/1984
If the current Republican nominees want to be like Reagan they are on the wrong side of that issue.
All of the Republican nominees are against gun control. Any and all gun control must be stopped. BUT Reagan supported gun control. Reagan passed gun control. Reagan signed the bill banning the sale of new automatic weapons. Reagan openly supported an assault weapons ban. Reagan openly supported back ground checks. Having a bullet pass inches from your heart tends to sway opinions on the matter.
So if the current Republican nominees want to be like Reagan they are on the wrong side of that issue too.
All the Republican nominees are against raising taxes. Any and all tax increases are a non starter. BUT Reagan passed tax increases. Reagan closed tax loop holes including on the rich. The rich didn’t like it and Reagan did it anyway.
If the current Republican nominees want to be like Reagan they are on the wrong side of that issue as well.
Notice a trend?
See Reagan has been built into this mythological figure…….. but the problem is the Conservatives who pray at the alter of Ronald Reagan have no idea what his record really was. There is a large gap between what todays Conservatives think Reagan did…….. and what Reagan actually did. Some education is in order.
The reality is if you really think Ronald Reagan was awesome. If you really think his record is stellar, and needs to be repeated, then you should be supporting Bernie Sanders.
Bernie Sanders ideas match Ronald Reagans record a whole lot more than any of the current Republican Nominees. But that is only true if you look at reality. Most republicans don’t like reality. Most Republicans would prefer to play in the land of make believe.
Since that is the case…..Carry on……