Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Verizon Worlers Succeed....

Verizons workers succeed.
Exactly why corporations HATE unions so much. Why they are focused on killing them off as fast as possible.
More money, more jobs, ugh.....Makes them so mad. It is so hard to eliminate certain jobs if it means 40,000 workers refuse to come to work for two months.
It is infuriating.


Sunday, May 29, 2016



$200,000,000,000.00 SOLD SO FAR.  


an unnamed American weapons manufacturing executive told Reuters last year: "Everyone in the region is talking about building up supplies for 5 to 10 years. This is going to be a long fight. It's a huge growth area for us."  (YAY....WEAPONS MEANS $$$$$$....THANKS BARACK)

Obama's 2013 decision to relax arms export rules, a move supported with an estimated $170 million in lobbying by the defense industry.   (FOLLOW THE $$$$$..... BARACK IS ABOUT BIG BUSINESS......IF PEOPLE DIE.....OH WELL......HE ALREADY GOT THE AWARD.  CAN'T TAKE IT BACK NOW........SUCKERS....)

Migrants Dying On The Open Seas.....Obama says You're Welcome!

3 days = 700 deaths as people continue to crowd onto unsafe boats and head out into the open ocean in hopes of escaping the chaos of Libya.

Last year 3,700 people died in the Mediterranean sea trying to make it to Europe.

But who created this epic refugee crisis?

In 2009 (after only being president several months) Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel peace prize.  

He won it because he was not George W Bush.  Not being George W Bush was a great attribute.  George W Bush was a war monger.  He went into Iraq and destabilized their government.  He over threw their leader and then had no plan regarding what to do next.  The country descended into chaos and many people died.  It was all George W's Bush's fault.  

Obama was not George W Bush and that was enough for the entire world to rejoice.  Obama's smile alone would bring peace and harmony to world as everyone would come together over him.

But in 2011 Obama launched the air war in Libya.  He destabilized their government.  He toppled their leader.  He had no plan of any kind regarding what to do next.  The country descended into chaos and many people have died.

Today the country is so bad that it is a better option to get on a rickety boat (that will probably sink) than it is to stay in the country that Obama liberated.  Currently Obama is doing very little to help with the daily catastrophes on the open seas.  

Obama did announce last week he will begin selling Libya weapons though .....You know to obtain peace.  All the great peace leaders of the world begin with lots of weapon sales.  Any Nobel Peace Prize winner will want weapon sales on their resume.  

As for the desperate people getting on the rickety death boats.....Obama says.....You're Welcome!  Hope you are enjoying the better life he has created for you.  Oh And Good Luck on the boats.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Hiroshima was a Necessary Evil....In Response to the Pure Evil That Japan had unleashed.

With Obama in Hiroshima today discussing the "Evil" that was done there I think it is important for everyone to remember why that bomb was dropped in the first place.
Japan had terrorized the Pacific region for years.
The countries they invaded and occupied were as follows....
Mainland China,
Hong Kong,
East Timor,
New Guinea,
Wake Island,
Kiska Islands,
South Sakhalin,
Ryukyu Islands,
Bonin Islands,
Kuril Islands,
Volcano Islands,
Minami Tori-Shima,
South Karafuto,
South Pacific Mandate,
Over 463,677,000 people were under Japanse control. They didn’t gain all of that control through peaceful means either.
It is estimated the Japanese military murdered over 10 million people (many civilians) through mass killings of the Chinese, Koreans, Malaysians, Indonesians, Filipinos, and IndoChinese.
The Japanese soldiers were instructed to “Kill All, Burn All, and Loot All”
The Japanese committed many war crimes and atrocities.
Some of the Massacres the Japanese carried out include the
Alexandra Hospital Massacre,
the Laha Massacre,
Banka Island Massacre,
Parit Sulong Massacre,
Palawan Massacre,
SS Behar Massacre,
SS Tjisalak Massacre,
Wake Island Massacre,
Bataan Death March,
Shin Yo Maru Incident,
Sulug Island Massacre,
Pontianak Incidents.
On top of this the Japanese did Human Experimentation and Used Biological weapons. They also used Chemical weapons. They also tortured and murdered prisoners of war.
So yes there is definitely a country that needs to be apologizing for killing lots and lots and lots of innocent people......BUT The United States is not that country.
On this memorial day as we remember the hundreds of thousands of dead American soldiers laying in graveyards around the world it is important to remember they would also agree no apology should ever be given from the United States.
The goal of the Atomic Bomb was to end the war and it was 100% successful. The war ended and nobody else died.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

What is Going On In France....

Most of the US media has ignored what is going on in France.  

If it is not what bathroom you are going to use it is not deemed that important.

In France the Government is trying to hammer the workers.  They are trying to lengthen the work week, make it easier to fire workers and destroy the unions.  They pushed this through without going through Parliament.  The workers are PISSED.

The workers have taken to the streets in protest.  The entire economy is being brought to a stand still by the outraged workers.  

This contrasts the United States where workers are treated like sh*t and just sit there and take it.  

As long as Dancing With The Stars is on than we are all good.  Need to catch the next exciting episode of the Bachelor.  Wonder what Justin Bieber is up too.  

The fact the workers are getting bludgeoned to death right before your eyes creates little reaction.  

Well I won't take up any more of your time on this.  Get back to the Kardashians...... but you might want to spend a little time learning what is happening right now in France.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Millenials Living With Their Parents Longer and Longer and Longer......Yay Obama recovery.

While the CEO's make lots and lots and lots of money......The "Young adults" still live with their parents for a longer period of time than anytime in over 100 years.
That Obama recovery really is something special. He really looked after the little guy. "Yes we can"
For the first time on record, living with parents is now the most common arrangement for people ages 18 to 34, an analysis of census data by the Pew Research Center has found.
(A proud legacy for Obama)
Nearly one-third of millennials live with their parents, slightly more than the proportion who live with a spouse or partner. It's the first time that living at home has outpaced living with a spouse for this age group since such record-keeping began in 1880.
(WOW 1880...remember 1880....Yeah me neither)
The remaining young adults are living alone, with other relatives, in college dorms, as roommates or under other circumstances.
The sharp shift reflects a long-running decline in marriage, amplified by the economic upheavals (All the jobs are in China, and India, and Mexico) of the Great (self inflicted) Recession.
(If you are rich there was no recession of any kind. You were rich before the great recession and you are even richer today)
The pattern may be a contributing factor in the sluggish growth of the U.S. economy, which depends heavily on consumer spending.
(Unemployed people don't buy anything....The genius economists didn't think that far ahead)
With more young people living with their parents rather than on their own, fewer people need to buy appliances, furniture or cable subscriptions. The recovery from the 2008-09 recession has also been hobbled by historically low levels of home construction and home ownership.
As recently as 2000, nearly 43% of young adults ages 18 to 34 were married or living with a partner. By 2014, that proportion was just 31.6%.
(George W Bush and Barack Obama.....Setting the country on an awesome trajectory. Way to go.)
In 2000, only 23% of young adults were living with parents. In 2014, the figure reached 32.1%.
(Have you heard how much richer the rich got in that same time period?)
The proportion of young adults now living with their parents is similar to the proportions that prevailed from 1880 through 1940, when the figure peaked, Pew found. Yet in those decades, the most common arrangement for young adults was living with a spouse rather than with parents.
(Yup Warren Buffett was right....This is the luckiest generation ever.....Sounds pretty lucky to me.)


CEO's making some dollars....Lots of them. But seriously there is no money for $15.00 minimum wage. Sorry.

They insist the minimum wage cannot possibly go to $15.00 per hour. Where would that money come from? The money does not exist....
If you are a CEO the average raise last year was $468,449.00. That was NOT what they got paid.....That is ONLY the raise.

The average total compensation for a CEO in the standard and Poors 500 was $10,000,000.00. 10X what an average US worker makes......And that is when the stock market went nowhere. Doesn't matter because CEO's get suit cases full of money no matter what the results are.
I would bet at 95% of all companies if the CEO never showed up for work ever again nobody would even notice. Unless you are a "Steve Jobs" (which most CEO's are not) than whoever is occupying that office is completely irrelevant. They do nothing. I mean they decide how many people will be laid off. They decide what companies they might be sold off too. Past that they hold no relevant function of any kind. If they show up for work fine...... and if they don't who really gives a sh*t because the actual work will still get done. Yet their irrelevance doesn't stop the money from piling up in their bank accounts.
But again......Minimum wage can't possible go to $15.00. The money is simply not available for that.
Now if you excuse me I have a stack of cash that I need to count again. Good day.