Saturday, February 13, 2016

Lack Of Gun Control = Dead Cops

The right winger (Fox News crowd) is upset that police officers are getting gunned down at an alarming rate.  They can't believe Obama isn't doing anything about it.  

Numerous times Obama tried to get tighter gun control in the United States and every time the Right wing (Fox News crowd) has shaken there head in defiance.  There will be no new gun control of any kind.  

Their advise to protect against getting shot is to arm yourself with a  gun.  Guns provide the best protection.  Guns = Safety.  But last I checked police officers do carry guns and yet they have proven useless in preventing cop after cop from being gunned down.

If the right wing (Fox News crowd) is going to deny the American public common sense gun control....... then they can just shut up about all the dead police officers.  Dead Police officers are the direct result of the lack of gun control.  That is what the right wingers wanted and that is what they got.  Don't complain about it now because nobody wants to hear it.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Carrier Air Conditioning Jobs....Today in Indiana.....Soon In Mexico.

As Obama is working overtime to convince Congress to pass The Trans Pacific Trade Agreement it is important for everyone to understand what Free Trade Means.
Luckily we live in an age where everyone has a video camera. That means you don't have to just read about the plant closings because now you can watch the actual announcements for yourself. Enjoy the Obama recovery.
One day the factory is in the United States. The next day it is in Mexico.
The American employees head to the unemployment line. The executives head to the back room to count all the money. Slave laborers in Mexico take over the work. Wages get driven down. The environment gets polluted. The workers lose. The United States loses. The top 1% get richer.
That is Free trade. Obama loves it. Clinton loves it. CEO's love it. Corporations love it. It is a giant success story for a tiny minority of our country at the expense of everything else.

Wall Street Criminals Never Going To Jail......

This is what Bernie Sanders is talking about……Right here.
If you commit a crime you go to jail. The police show up. They put handcuffs on you. They read you your rights. They bring you down to the police station. They finger print you. They take your mug shot. They throw you in a holding sell. Then you will be charged and put on trial.
When Wall Street commits crimes (far worse than anything you could possibly do) none of those things happen. Nobody goes to jail. There are no “real” consequence. 3.2 billion dollars to Morgan Stanley is pocket change.
What we need is Jail cells filled with Wall Street criminals. Building after building filled with the real people responsible for all the real problems.
This Morgan Stanley fine is not isolated either. All the firms are filled with criminals and they are all getting away with it.
Goldman Sachs paid 5 Billion
Bank of America paid $16.7 billion
JPMorgan paid $13 billion
Citigroup paid $7 billion.
44 Billion is fines and nobody went to jail.
You steal a pack of gum from CVS and you are going to jail.
See why Bernie is crushing Hillary. Bernie gets it. Hillary is in bed with this Wall Street criminals. Bernie is in bed with the American people.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Indian Point Nuclear Leak Worse Than First Thought.....

On Saturday we were told the Radio active leak at Indian Point Nuclear Power plant was causing radiation readings 65,000% higher than normal.
Today we learn the new readings are 80% higher than first reported on Saturday.
The good news is none of this is anything you need to worry about. It is all good…..Just like always. Think happy thoughts.
In a few days when they tell you it is even worse than they are reporting today….well……you won’t have to worry then either. You just mind your business.

US Political System is Completely Rigged.....

US Political System – COMPLETELY RIGGED.
Democracy - A system of government in which power is vested in the people…or not.
In New Hampshire most people want Bernie Sanders……BUT the system doesn’t care. The system wants Hillary.
Hillary will get the same number of delegates as Bernie…….. even though Bernie had the most lopsided victory in history.
Sure that sounds like Democracy.
Most people want more gun control. We don’t get more gun control.
Most people want country of origin labeling on food. We don’t get country of origin labeling on food.
Most people don’t want GMO food. We get lots of GMO food.
Doesn’t matter what the people actually want because the people do not matter. Not even a little bit. The system is completely rigged. We are run by the minority.

Boeing Under Investigation For Hiding Dreamliner losses.......

Boeing being investigated for their accounting practices.

The same accounting practices I told you about right here over two years ago. 

Go read my post from October 24th 2013 . 

Boeing highlights the good and ignores all the bad. Then the stock goes up. Eventually the regulators woke up and noticed what I was talking about then.

"The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating whether Boeing properly accounted for the costs and expected sales of two of its biggest jetliners, the 747 and 787,"

"at a time when Boeing's order book is bursting, show the deep financial hole that the 787 has dug for the world's biggest plane maker. The high-tech jet has racked up more than $30 billion in deferred production costs that Boeing has not yet charged against its income statement. "

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sears Closing More Stores......

Sears closing 50 additional stores.
A year ago I posted about how poorly Sears was doing and since that post they have proceeded to do even worse.
In May the stock was $45.00 and yesterday it was $15.00. I am no financial expert but I am pretty sure that is terrible.
The solution is more store closings…..and quicker. That should do the trick. Once 50 more stores are boarded up that will result in people wanting to go to the remaining Sears. That strategy sounds rock solid to me. Stop laughing…..They are serious.
Come back in 12 months and I will fill you in on how this new strategy is working out. I will give you a hint…..It won’t be good.