Saturday, May 23, 2015

A-Rod Breaking Records and Nobody Cares......

In 1998 when Mark Mcgwire and Sammy Sosa were breaking home run records not only was that the biggest story on the sports news, but it was the biggest story on all the news. It riveted the nation.
In 2015 A Rod is breaking records too. He just tied Babe Ruth (maybe you have heard of him) and is now chasing Lou Gehrig. Monumental figures in sports and not only is it completely ignored by the main stream media, but it is story # 5 on ESPN. It is currently behind Jeff Van Gundy might be coach of the Pelicans. Because lord knows people care about that.
So why do people care so little about A Rod? Because he is a cheater. Nobody likes a cheater. Nobody respects a cheater. Nobody cares about a cheater. Once you go down that road (I am looking at you New England Patriots) it is OVER!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Congress Green Lights Obamas Plan To Kill More Jobs.......

And Congress caves to Obamas wish to kill millions of additional US jobs. The Democrats pretended they were going to have a back bone and stand up to our Republican president. But once that was reported in the news they did what they do best..….Cave.
This story says “The Senate on Thursday voted by a narrow margin to break a filibuster”
Then it says “The 62-38 (not a narrow margin at all) vote to end debate on a carefully brokered deal to give the president trade promotion authority.”
Yes yes…..They know just how many votes they need and they always come up with the correct number. Republicans love to puff out their chest and tell you how they always stand up to this president. That is unless the president wants to kill more US jobs and then the Republicans all line up accordingly. So do the Democrats for that matter.
Democracy at its finest.
The Senate will now vote on a series of amendments – some highly controversial (Wonder why they are controversial…..Oh yeah because they kill US jobs and piss people off) – before a final vote on the trade legislation, which will probably come on Friday.
Yes of course……The worst legislation is always passed on the Friday before a long holiday weekend. That guarantees nobody will be paying any attention. Everyone will be feeling good….thinking about grilling and hanging out with family. Meanwhile in Washington they are selling us all out every which way they possibly can. It is a proud American tradition.
Hopefully when the next batch of jobs head overseas nobody will really understand why it is happening. Certainly wasn’t anything our elected officials did. No sir.
Well if you have a job be grateful. Washington is working hard to change that as soon as possible.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Patriots Give Up.....

Of course they are NOT going to appeal. You only appeal when you are innocent and the system didn’t work. The system worked perfectly. The Patriots cheated. They were caught. It was investigated. They were punished. That is it. What is there to appeal?
Bob Kraft put on a nice show. He told everyone how mad he is. Nobody cared. He told everyone he trusted Tom Brady like a son. Nobody cared. He told everyone he would fight. Nobody cared. Now he will crawl back into his hole.
We watched this same exact show with A Rod. He was suspended for a year. He said he would fight. He said he would sue. He yelled and screamed. Nobody cared and eventually he went away. Just like Bob Kraft. It is always the same move when you are guilty and it always ends the same way.
Hope you enjoyed the show.

The Larsen B Ice Shelf's final days.......

Republicans continue to insist there is no proof that climate change is a real thing.  70% of conservative Republicans do not believe it is a real thing.  They say the changes we see today have been happening forever.  There is nothing unusual going on.

Well remember when Abe Lincoln was president 150 years ago.  Well when he was the Larsen B Ice Shelf was in Antarctica.

Remember when George Washington was president 218 years ago.  Well when he was the Larsen B Ice Shelf was in Antarctica.

Remember when Christopher Columbus discovered the new world 523 years ago.  Well when he did the Larsen B Ice Shelf was in Antarctica.

Remember when Jesus was born 2,015 years ago.  Well when he was the Larsen B Ice Shelf was in Antarctica.

Remember when Moses received the 10 commandments from God 5,800 years ago.  Well when he did the Larsen B Ice Shelf was in Antarctica.

The Larsen B Ice Shelf has been around for a lot of human history…..but in 5 more years guess what is not going to be in Antarctica anymore.

So if you want to see proof that Climate change is a real thing please go to Antarctica.

But don’t delay because if you do the proof will no longer be there.  The good news is you will be able to get a cold glass of water.

Monday, May 18, 2015

The Clinton Money Machine Rolls On......

Let’s be clear about what is being reported here. This is not saying the Clintons earned 30 Million Dollars.
This is saying the Clintons have earned 30 million dollar just in the last 16 months.
How much did you earn in the last 16 months? I bet it wasn’t 30 million.
That kind of cash flow does not put the Clintons in the top 1%. The top 1% wishes they could earn 30 million dollars in 16 months. The top 1% are impoverished compared to the coin the Clintons are currently raking in. That kind of earning power puts the Clintons in the top 1/10 of the top 1%. They are the elite….The best of the best.
So the Clintons make speeches and that is somehow worth $500,000.00. How long do you think they talk for? 1 hour? 2 hours? 3 hours? What do you think they say that is worth half a million dollars? Do you think they divulge the secret to eternal youth? Do you think they give out winning lottery numbers? Why are their words so valuable?
Well….. because Hillary might be President and giving her suitcases full of cash could serve one well. It is basically a disguised campaign contribution without all the red tape.
A lot of their speeches are made to financial institutions. Financial institutions love the Clintons because Bill deregulated them in 1999. No more rules. You guys do whatever you want. Meanwhile Washington will be looking the other way.
That decision led the entire industry to doom just a few years later. That doom was followed by your tax dollars bailing them out. Financial institutions are big fans of that. Make the worlds dumbest decisions. Pocket all the profits. Then have your tax dollars bail them out. That is the good kind of welfare. The kind that goes to corporations.
Yes the industry is salivating at the thought of more Clinton deregulation. It is well worth half a million bucks.
What you don’t see is the Clintons giving speeches to poor people. Or regular people. The Clintons won’t be coming to your local high school any time soon. Poor people (and average people)are great to talk about in speeches but the Clintons are never found hanging around them. No way! Maybe for a quick picture or two but that is it. If the Clintons do hang around poor people it is only when there is a camera crew close behind. Once the cameras are put away the Clintons are gone.
What the Clintons hope is you will completely ignore the piles of cash that surround them. You are to believe the Clintons are just average ordinary people…. just like yourself. You have bills to pay and so do the Clintons.
But when you go to work at 8AM does your boss walk over at 11AM and hand you a suitcase with $500.000.00 in it? If not than you are not exactly like the Clintons ….. But don’t let that get you down because Hillary is going to fix everything. You are the only one she cares about…..Really…..That is why she is willing to sacrifice so much for her life in public service. I mean if anyone can fix income inequality it is those down to Earth Clintons.
Make sure to keep them in mind when picking your next president.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Patriots Strike Back.....Lame!

The Patriots Strike Back……LAME!
"There is no evidence that Tom Brady preferred footballs that were lower than 12.5”
(That is lawyer talk. 12.5 is all Lawyer talk. Brady did say he likes Deflated balls. You can listen to him say yourself.
"When Gronk scores -- it was like his eighth touchdown of the year -- he spikes the ball and he deflates the ball. I love that, because I like the deflated ball. “
(The Patriots got their own scientific expert to explain why the Patriots balls would all lose air by halftime but the Colts balls would not…... Pay no attention to the fact that the scientific expert receives money from the owner of the Patriots. )
MacKinnon is described as the "scientific co-founder" of Flex Pharma on the company's website and as Scientific Advisory Board co-chair of Flex Pharma, a company that develops products to help stop muscle cramps and spasms. The Kraft Group, a company founded by Patriots owner Robert Kraft in 1998, is listed on Flex Pharma's website as one of the company's investors.
(No conflict of interest there. No sir.)
In the, the Patriots said McNally referred to himself as "the deflator" jokingly because he was attempting to lose weight.
(Lets talk about the word Deflate. Or Deflation. Or Deflated.
It is never used when discussing weight loss. Never!
Weight Watchers does not advertise their products by saying they can help you get deflated.
Nobody joins Jenny Craig for their miraculous deflation abilities.
Those three words are used when discussing three things. Balloons…. Balls…. or tires.
When the equipment guy of the Patriots (who is being accused of deflating footballs) is found out to have the nickname “The deflator”….well……nobody is going to believe he is talking about weight loss. NOBODY!
When you google “weight loss” and “deflate” you get lots of hits about the Patriots and nothing on losing weight. Because nobody talks like the Patriots want you to believe.)
"Can't wait to give you your needle this week smile emoticon" They said it was a running joke between Jastremski and McNally because McNally often would deliver the Patriots' gauge and pump to the officials locker room for pregame inspection, and then would be asked by officials for an additional needle. Thus, McNally would have to return to the Patriots locker room and ask for a needle from Jastremski.
(Boy….. that is hilarious Patriot locker room humor right there. That story is worthy of a couple of texts……..That could be an SNL skit it is so funny.)
The Patriots also questioned how the Wells report could conclude that the 1 minute, 40 seconds McNally spent in the Gillette Stadium bathroom before the Colts game was used to deflate the game balls.
"The report does not address whether one minute and 40 is consistent with the time that it takes a gentleman to enter a bathroom, relieve himself, wash his hands, and leave," the team said. "In fact, it is."
( And……The Patriots never explained why their equipment guy took 12 footballs into the mens room in the first place. Do you take 12 footballs into the men’s room? I don’t. Those same footballs later came up deflated. Can the Patriots explain that? I can!)
McNally and Jastremski were indefinitely suspended by the Patriots on May 6, the league said earlier this week. (WHY? If they did nothing wrong why would the Patriots suspend them?)
One factor the Wells report cited in determining that Brady was "at least generally aware" of "inappropriate activities of McNally and Jastremski involving the release of air from Patriots game balls" was increased communication between Brady and Jastremski after the AFC Championship Game.
In the, the Patriots said one reason for the increased communication was Brady's CONCERN for Jastremski, a behind-the-scenes employee thrust into a limelight to which he is not accustomed.
"Mr. Brady's reaching out to Mr. Jastremski to see how he was holding up in these circumstances is not only understandable, but commendable," the Pats wrote.
(HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh Stop…. They are killing me with this stuff.
So we are supposed to believe that Tom Brady…..The man who only cares about one person……. Tom Brady……
That two weeks before the Super bowl (The biggest game of the year) Mr Self Centered was really concerned about an equipment guy.
Remember this is the same equipment guy who had nothing nice to say about Tom Brady. A guy who cursed Tom out in text after text but the reason (after the sh*t hit the fan) that Tom spent so much time talking to him is because he is such a caring human being.
The same caring human being who dumped his pregnant girlfriend to go out with supermodel Gisele……. That is the guy we are talking about…… and he is really just hoping the equipment guy (in charge of deflating his balls…….. and then lying about it)… ok with the limelight. That is what we are supposed to believe… OK….If you say so Mr. Kraft.
Mr. Kraft……. a man of integrity and honor………)
"Despite our conviction that there was no tampering with footballs, it was our intention to accept any discipline levied by the league," he said Monday.
"Today's punishment, however, far exceeded any reasonable expectation. It was based completely on circumstantial rather than hard or conclusive evidence."
(How is the punishment unreasonable? It is a 4 game suspension. That is standard punishment for many offenses. If you use performance enhancing drugs you get a 4 game suspension.
Adrian Peterson was suspended an entire year.
Sean Peyton was suspended an entire year.
Tom got off easy. I would have stripped the title and taken back the trophy. Mr Kraft should send a thank you note to Roger Goodell for being so nice.
Lance Armstrong cheated and there was no proof of any kind. No failed drug test ever….. and they stripped him of all his titles. Yes the Patriots got off easy. They should accept that generosity and shut the f*ck up.
Nobody believes them outside of the Northeast. Nobody!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New Bay Bridge....Still Falling Apart.

Several times I have told you about the disaster that is the New $6,400,000,000.00 Bay Bridge in California.
I told you about it in May of 2013.
I told you about it again in November 2013.
To refresh your memory……. lots of the work was outsourced to Communist Red China. That work was all done wrong. The steel that reinforces the bridge was also bought from Communist Red China….. and it is all very poor quality.
The bridge was supposed to last many decades. It hasn’t even lasted 2 years and it is already falling apart. They are trying to blame it on salt water. It is not salt water. It is outsourced work from China. The same quality they always provide.
There are many 24 foot steel rods that strengthen the bridge in the event of an earthquake. They just tested one of the rods to check its integrity. If the test passed the rod would not move. If the test failed it would move. Guess which one happened?
Now they are going into full panic mode.
One of the steel rods anchoring the tower of the new Bay Bridge eastern span has failed a key integrity test, suggesting it became corroded and broke during years when it was soaking in water (Or was made by China)
The test result raises the possibility that hundreds of other rods that have been steeped in water in the bridge’s foundation in recent years are in danger of cracking, which could reduce the stability of the 525-foot-tall tower in a major earthquake. (It is a good thing they don’t have earthquakes in California)
State officials remained optimistic (Delusional) Thursday that corrosion was not to blame (It was), and stressed that Caltrans isn’t certain of the rod’s condition because workers have not removed the 25-foot-long fastener from its sleeve.
Gareth Lacy, a spokesman for the state Transportation Agency, confirmed that the rod had failed what is called a mechanical pull test, in which crews tug on the fastener to see if it moves. If everything is right with the rod, it should stay in place. This rod moved during Wednesday’s test (Of course it did. But look on the bright side….Lots of money was saved by outsourcing to China.), Lacy said.
“We don't believe it’s corrosion — this bridge is not old enough for corrosion, not with these rods or under this level of loading,” he said. (HAHAHAHAHA)
He added that nearly all the remaining rods will now be pull tested to determine their integrity. (I can already tell you the answer)
“The bridge is safe,” (No it is not) McElhinney said.
Nearly all of the tower’s 424 high-strength rods — intended to provide added seismic protection for the landmark structure — stewed in water for a prolonged period, exposing them to possible corrosion. A botched grouting and sealing job left hundreds of rod sleeves flooded, and recently Caltrans discovered signs indicating that salt water may be leaching into the foundation from the bay. (YAY Outsourcing!!!)
Although state officials hold out hope for an alternative explanation for the rod’s test failure, one outside expert said there was little doubt what happened. (He meant NO doubt)
“The thing clearly cracked,” said Lisa Fulton, a corrosion expert in Berkeley who has studied the problems on the span. “It means there’s little doubt that others are cracked — they just don’t know it. (I know it) What are the odds this is the only one?”
Suspicions had centered on the rod after ultrasonic tests showed that it was 6 inches shorter than the others, a possible sign that it had broken at its base.
When workers for the bridge contractor pulled on the three rods, the shorter one gave way while the other two held fast, Lacy said.
Some bridge officials speculated that the rod was simply constructed shorter than other fasteners, for reasons unknown.
Bridge officials say they won’t know for sure what happened until the entire rod is removed. The rod has to be cut apart in 2-foot sections as it is pulled up, because there is not enough room at the base of the tower to remove an intact rod. (So if you have to cut it to get it out because there is not enough room how do you then get a new rod inserted?)
“You have a situation where the long-term viability of this system is in question,” Kane said. “You have everything working against you at this point, and all the safety factors have been removed.”
Kane added, “After seeing everything else that has happened, it seems like more of the same. It shows kind of a wanton disregard for good engineering design and practice.”