Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Electronic Medical Records......

Chinese Computer hackers just stole 4.5 million American medical records. You can thank President Obama for that. He is the one that made it possible for that to happen. Please send him a thank you note.
If you go back 5 years, when Obama was pushing Obamacare, he often spoke about the need to make all medical records electronic. He had a 5 year plan. TADA it has now been 5 years….. and the Chinese are looking at your X Rays.
Back in 2009 having electronic medical records were a reoccurring Obama theme. At the time I could never figure out what that was all about. I kept hearing him call for it, but I didn’t understand what the point was.
Then a few years later Edward Snowden kicked open the doors at the NSA (and went running down the street) yelling “Obama is tracking your every move…..Obama is tracking your every move…..” Then suddenly it all made a lot more sense.
If Obama wants to know everything about you….. listen to your calls, read your emails, track your movements, know where you shop, and what you buy, and how often you go, and every other thing you do in your life. Well your medical records are a pretty big part of who you are.
How is Obama going to know you went to the doctor for a tummy ache, if the medical record is in a steel file cabinet at the back of your doctors office? That does Obama no good. He needs that information online. He was only too happy to have your tax dollars pay to make it happen.
When you go to the doctor, you assume it is between you, your doctor, and the insurance company. Really it is between you, your doctor, the insurance company, the NSA, President Obama, and the Government of Communist Red China. Everyone is interested in your tummy.
So next time the nurse tells you to follow her into the exam room, you can just start undressing in the waiting room. Really it is pretty much the same thing as having electronic medical records.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Synthetic Marijuana.....

Synthetic Marijuana, Sometimes called Spice, Sometimes called bath salts, sometimes called Molly. Sometimes called Smile. Sometimes called H Bomb. Sometimes called Potpourri. Sometimes called K2. Sometimes called Scooby Snacks.
If you don’t know what I am talking about, and you have kids, you should pay close attention.
This stuff is sold all over the place. Drug stores, gas stations, tobacco shops….It is marketed directly to (your) kids, through colorful packaging, and lots of clever names. Mostly it has been legal.
It is made of leafy plant material and looks like Marijuana, except it is laced with industrial chemicals. The Chemicals could put your kids in the emergency room. They could also put your kids into the mortuary. It is not a game.
This stuff first showed up in 2008 and has gotten worse each year. The government has tried to put a stop to it, but it is incredible difficult, because of all the deregulation.
Synthetic Marijuana is coming straight out of Communist Red China. Chinese scientists develop this stuff to poison your kids. As soon as our government cracks down on a specific formulation, the Chinese simply change the formulation slightly, and the product remains legal.
This cat and mouse game has been described as playing a game of whack a mole. Except this game has deadly consequences.
It is so bad in New Hampshire, that that state just filed a state of emergency to deal with the crisis.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Walmart concern for Made in USA......How nice!

Amazing what happens when the profit dries up, and the stock price goes down. 

After decades of leading the charge to end manufacturing in the United States, now suddenly WalMart is having a change of heart. 

Maybe a country full of unemployed people really isn’t going to be great for business after all. Maybe we should rethink our incredibly stupid ideas.

After shoving humpty dumpty off the wall (and laughing as he splattered on the ground below) the Walmart executives now scratch their head wondering if maybe they could put humpty back together again. You guys scrape up some of that goo, and I will grab these pieces of shell. Maybe we can make this happen.

Walmart Stores (WMT), which has pledged to buy an additional $250 billion in U.S.-made goods over the next decade, is hitting a snag as it tries to meet that promise: Some vendors keen to participate in the initiative complain that after decades of offshoring it has become impossible to domestically source even commonplace components for their products.

(All the factories have been boarded up (just like Walmart wanted) and all the employees are standing in the unemployment line. Companies want to buy made in the USA, but no such thing exists anymore. What to do….what to do……)

America's largest retailer has invited dozens of small- and midsize manufacturers that aren't necessarily interested in having a direct relationship with Walmart to come to Denver this week for a two-day matchmaking event.

The goal? To connect Walmart vendors hungry for key parts with manufacturers that have idle plants -- and to put those plants back to work cranking out components, such as small electric motors or polyester yarn, that have become hard to find. (The parts are not hard to find….They are in China. Exactly where Walmart told them to go.)

"We're going to try to match up [vendors] who are looking for component parts with factories that have capacity in the hopes that we can rebuild that supply chain that doesn't exist anymore," said Michelle Gloeckler, the Walmart senior vice president in charge of the initiative. (A supply chain that doesn’t exist anymore thanks to Walmart….They always leave out the important information. Luckily I am here to fill in all the blanks. You’re welcome!)

Critics of the retailing giant (Andrew) are quick to claim that Walmart, which built its empire on low prices, is partially (A lot more than partially) to blame for the sorry state of U.S. manufacturing.

Mary Bottari, a former trade analyst for Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch, says Walmart's push for cheap goods "has fueled a global race to the bottom in wages and working conditions." And the Economic Policy Institute, a union-friendly think tank, estimates Walmart's trade with China alone has cost the United States 200,000 jobs. (They are missing a lot of zero’s)

Walmart disputes those claims, (of course they do) and spokeswoman Brooke Buchanan says Boston Consulting Group has estimated that the domestic-sourcing initiative will create 1 million jobs (more like 12 ) in manufacturing and related service jobs.

The "Made in USA" program was conceived as a way to help Walmart win back customers (Nah…I am still not going to shop at Walmart)

Walmart says the 18-month-old program is a winner with customers. It hopes the Denver event, which has attracted 100 component part manufacturers as well hundreds of existing and wannabe Walmart vendors, will allow it to rapidly increase the number of U.S.-made products available in its more than 4,200 U.S. stores.

(If Walmart was serious about fixing the “made in USA” problem they would simply say all products sold in our store need to be made in the USA by 2018. If not they will no longer be sold at Walmart. Problem solved. If thye do that then you can get your resume ready, because an economic boom is about to happen. The fact that Walmart doesn’t say that lets you know they are not really serious. They are just trying to get people (like me) to stop bashing them. But I am going to continue bashing them because it brings me such joy.)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Walmarts Crappy Forcast.....

Walmart is telling investors the remainder of the year is going to be just as sh*tty as the beginning of the year. Devastating news…..

Sales at existing United States stores, an important metric, were flat compared with the same quarter a year earlier (Not what Wall Street wants to hear fellas)

Traffic in its United States stores, which has been a problem for the company (Unemployed Americans don’t go to Walmart), fell 1.1 percent during the quarter,

The United States division at Walmart has been contending with dwindling traffic (As the jobs disappeared…… so did the consumers) and weak sales in recent quarters.

The retailer, the nation’s largest, relies on its domestic business (not Chinese business) for the majority of its revenue.

After an extraordinarily difficult winter (shiver), there was hope that the spring and early summer would bring positive news, but so far, retail results for the quarter have generally been muted. (I am shocked……unemployed people don’t buy things when it is cold… or hot….Who could have guessed.)

Walmart executives said Thursday that American customers continued to be cautious, concerned about the cost of living and the country’s employment landscape (Riiiiight employment…..The thing Walmart worked incredibly hard to make sure Americans don’t have any of. They did that by filling their stores wall to wall with Chinese made goods. They then Shunned any company attempting to make things in the United States. Congrats Walmart….. you are now the big winner.)

Walmart’s core customers tend to have lower incomes, and have experienced the most difficult recovery from the recession. (Thanks to Walmart)

The only country in the division that had a sales decline at existing stores was China, where the company has struggled to gain a solid footing. (That is right folks…….China, the country we were all told was going to be the Utopia for Corporate America (with their 1 billion people) is the ONLY country to show a sales DECLINE. Makes me so happy. Americans don’t want Walmarts crappy products, and neither do the Chinese. Fantastic!)

Cisco 6000 layoffs.

Cisco….. One of the many technology companies who went to Washington complaining they can’t find qualified US workers (so they NEED more foreign workers) is now laying off 6000 workers. 

8% of their workforce is being given the ol kick in the azz! Thanks for everything……Now get out.

This is the fourth consecutive summer Cisco has laid off thousands of workers. It is a tradition. Every summer thousands get shown the exit. The remainder of the year the company is very busy bellyaching they can’t find qualified people. If it wasn’t so tragic it would be amusing.

Cisco has made layoffs a summer tradition, announcing 4,000 cuts last August, 1,300 layoffs in July 2012 and a reduction of 6,500 jobs in July 2011.

(Employees love companies with a strong sense of tradition)

Cisco's earnings also revealed that the company shipped $13.3 billion back to shareholders in the form of stock repurchases and dividends in the recently completed fiscal year, a record for the company, and plans to repurchase another $8.6 billion in shares.

(Take the money away from the employees and hand it over to Wall Street. It is that “income redistribution” Fox News warned everybody about)

Silicon Valley tech companies have made a habit of spending record profits on stock repurchases and dividends as employee counts stagnate.

In 2013, the 150 largest technology companies in the Bay Area increased stock repurchases 148 percent and returned a record $97.5 billion to investors while the total workforce increased 3.1 percent.

Wallstreet gets 148% increase

Workers get 3.1% increase.

Everyone good with that? You don’t have to answer that because nobody really cares what you think.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

3 "Minor" Safety Violations at Millstone.

Millstone sited for “minor” safety violations.
A worker inhaling radioactive material is considered “minor”. Hey, that stuff happens.
Two contractors working on radioactively contaminated pipes April 20 failed to wear respirators that were not required by the plant.

A previous evaluation by the plant, owned by Dominion Resources Inc., determined that work on the replacement of a safety injection system valve should be done with respiratory protection.
However, two contractors (Contractors are people brought in who usually don’t know what they are doing….But they are cheaper) began machining radioactively contaminated piping to prepare for welding a new valve and were not wearing respirators.
(So you are inside a nuclear power plant and you decide to cut pipe without knowing what the pipes do? …Sure why not…..What could go wrong with that?)
A machinist breathed in a fine, dust-like material containing radioactivity that was from the interior surfaces of the piping being machined. Some of the material would likely have become airborne as the pipes were cut.
The nuclear plant also was cited for failing to maintain procedures at its two units to assess a loss of cooling during refueling operations.
(Why would you need procedures for a loss of cooling in a nuclear power plant? I am sure they can figure out a plan once a problem occurred. Cooling at a nuclear power plant is very over rated)
The NRC said Dominion established temporary measures (Turn on a fan) to correct the problem, including procedure changes to direct operators to the shutdown safety assessment checklists.
Federal regulators also said Millstone failed to maintain an adequate procedure for filling and draining reactors that incorporates guidance from the NRC.
Keep in mind we still don’t know what happened with the ruptured tank (spilling radioactive water) that occurred in May. These “minor” violations are separate from that minor incident.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Misguided Middle East Rage......

Over the last month I have read a lot of outrage towards Israel, as they have battled Hamas in the Gaza Strip. I am fine with this. People don’t like Israel and they are entitled to that opinion. They see Hamas as a sympathetic group, who are mere victims of Israeli aggression. The Gaza strip is seen as a humanitarian tragedy. To many Hamas is not responsible for any of the terrible things that have taken place there. Do I agree? No. Do I care if people think that? I do not.

What really amazes me though are the people who pretend to be outraged by the 1,900 dead Palestinians, but are completely silent on the 170,000 dead Syrians.

Right next door Men, Woman, children, and the elderly…… all dead and nobody says a word. No outrage of any kind. Why is that? 1/3 of the dead in Syria are Civilians. Yet you would think the only civilians being killed are in the Gaza Strip.

If the current level of fighting (in Israel) lasted 4 more years there would be 86,000 dead people. That is 84,000 less dead people than in Syria over the same time period.

Yet Israel stirs rage, but Syria….Yeah not so much.

Just last week (In Syria) a woman was placed in a hole, while people threw rocks at her head until she was dead. They did that because she was accused of adultery.

Can there be any worse treatment of a fellow human being? This is 2014 for crying out loud. Yet I have waited for some kind of daily outrage (of the type I continually see against Israel) but I have seen none. If Israel stoned somebody you bet people would be real upset. Yet when it happens in the Muslim world it is somehow less outrageous.

In Iraq they are rounding up Christian children and beheading them. They are then taking the heads and placing them on poles (in the local park) as a warning of what happens if you do not convert to Islam. They are then making fancy music videos to celebrate (and promote) this success. Again I have seen no outrage on this either. The Pope is pretty upset, but on Social Media I have seen nothing.

Originally ISIS said if Christians paid a fine they could stay. Many of them did pay but were killed anyway. Mass executions are a daily occurrence. Line up your enemy (innocent people who have different beliefs than you) and shoot them all in the head.

ISIS is aligned with Hamas. They are birds of the same feather. They support each other. People sympathize with Hamas but stay silent on ISIS. Personally I don’t understand.

ISIS is burying people alive. To me that is outrageous. Yet I see no outcry on this act either.

Women are being gang raped by ISIS. Outrage for that? Nope!

The kind of behavior taking place right now is the worst of the worst. There is no way to be any crueler (or intolerant) of people who do not share your views. Yet the only people being taken to task (in the news, by the politicans, and on social media) is Israel. If people are going to do that (it is fine but) at least be fair.

Israel has a long way to go, before their treatment of the Palestinians, is even close to some Muslim treatment of Christians. And some Muslims treatment of fellow Muslims.

People should get some perspective. The real tragedy isn’t in Gaza, but rather next door in Syria and Iraq.