Sunday, July 31, 2016

Wall Street Chooses Hillary.....

Wall Street has chosen their champion.
48 MILLION for Hillary.
Wall Street LOVES Hillary.
Hillary LOVES Wall Street.
Nobody loves you.
Hillary stands at the microphone and tells you she will be hard on Wall Street. Then she smiles, goes in the back room and shoves as much Wall Street money into her brief case as she possibly can.
Have you ever tried to shove 48 Million dollars into a brief case? It is not easy to do but Hillary is a professional. She learned it from watching Bill.
Bill was the original Wall Street Whore. Bill did all kinds of tricks for Wall Street and Wall Street compensated him very well. Now Hillary is ready to do her part.
Wall Street Wins. Hillary wins. You get the royal shaft.

John Hinkley Being Released.....Now he can hang out with His Old Friends The Bushes.

John Hinckley Jr is being released from Custody.
The would be assassin of the president who had links to the Bush family. Oops you weren’t supposed to know that. That was supposed to be kept on the down low.
It wouldn't look good if the would be assassin of the president had connections to the Vice Presidents family. The vice president who wasn’t around on the day of the assassination. The vice president who was previously the head of the CIA. The CIA which was previously linked to the assassination of a different president.
In 1963 the presidential assassin came from Texas.
In 1981 the presidential would be assassin came from Texas.
In 1963 the Vice President came from Texas.
In 1981 the Vice President came from Texas.
They say Don't mess with Texas and they mean it.
What are the chances in a country of 300 million people that the guy who shoots the president would have family links to the vice president? My guess is those chances would be pretty small. Yet they are there.
Anyway be careful how far you stick your head down the rabbit hole. It is probably better if you move onto something more uplifting.
Hey the VMA nominations are out. You should go read about those. Pretend you didn’t read any of this conspiracy stuff. The less you know the better.

Hillary Will Flip Flop on TPP.....

That’s right……Hillary’s own pal is telling you Hillary is lying to your face on TPP.
Try to look surprised.
Hillary helped create the TPP as Secretary of State.
Bernie said he hated the TPP and everyone cheered.
Elizabeth Warren said she hated the TPP and everyone cheered.
Donald Trump said he hated the TPP and everyone cheered.
Realizing sending millions more US jobs to Asia wasn’t going to get anyone to cheers Hillary changed her mind. She said she was against the TPP too.
No really…… she is against it. Why doesn’t anyone believe Hillary…She is so honest and trust worthy.
Now her own friend is telling you what you should already know. Hillary loves the TPP and as soon as you leave the voting booth she will be fully supporting it again.
As the jobs leave the United States (and the factories get boarded up) Hillary will be sipping Champaign with her rich friends and giggling at how stupid you are.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Yahoo....Run By Expensive Idiots....

How to run a corporation into the ground......Brought to you by Yahoo.
In 2008 Microsoft offered 44 BILLION to buy struggling Yahoo.
Yahoo said no way. That was not enough money.
Yesterday Verizon bought Yahoo for 4.8 Billion. 40 Billion less than what Microsoft offered.
For these stunning results Yahoos current rock star CEO will be paid $218,000,000.00.
What a total waste of money.
I could have run Yahoo into the ground for a fraction of that amount.
Oh well......Yahoo's loss.

Take a Break....Here Is A Nice Story.....

Sometimes I do think it is important to take a few minutes out of my day full of hating Hillary....and hating Donald....and hating corporations........and hating rich show you something nice.
This is nice.
Enjoy.....and you're welcome.

Clinton = Corruption......

Clinton = Corruption.
Corruption on a grand scale.
Been there....Done that.......Not doing it again.
Trump is horrible......And So is Hillary.
Don't vote for either of them.

Michelle Obamas Speech

People seem to like Michelle Obamas speech.
I didn't watch it.
I didn't want her to ruin Melania Trumps future speech.
When Melania gives it I want it to be fresh. I hate when Michelle Obama ruins it for me.

FBI Investigating The Russian Watergate.....

Remember in the old days when you wanted to know what was going on at the Democratic National Committee you had to hire a bunch of Ex CIA agents to break into the Watergate hotel and place listening devises everywhere.
Today it is so much easier. You can just sit behind a computer screen in Russia and find out anything you want to know.
Technology has certainly moved us along.
I am comforted that the FBI is investigating this. They do such a good job investigating email scandals.
It is terrible when the American people find out what goes on behind the curtain. We should only be told the party line. We don’t deserve the actual truth.
I am sure when the FBI is finished investigating they will tell us there was indeed hacking and they do not recommend prosecution. That will happen right after Bill Clinton has a spontaneous private plane meeting on a tarmac with Putin. Bill just likes to show off his grandkids.

Monday, July 25, 2016

USS Gerald R Ford Still A Piece Of Sh*t.

The $13,000,000,000.00 USS Georald R Ford is still a Piece of sh*t.
Perhaps you remember hearing about this debacle at some point in the past.
That is because I told you about it last October 5th.
Don't worry if you don't remember, because I remember, and I will gladly post it again for you. You just sit there and enjoy how much of your money they have wasted. How much more they will have to waste in the future.
From October 2015 to July 2016 nothing has changed. The boat still doesn't work and you still owe all the money.
What on posted in October 2015 -
The Pentagon has taken $13,000,000,000.00 of your tax dollars to build the USS Gerald R Ford Aircraft Carrier.
How exciting…..It is currently 22% over budget and years behind schedule……..Plus it doesn’t work.
Whether it works (or doesn’t work) doesn’t really matter because you are still paying for it either way.
When you are done paying for the Gerald R Ford you will then being paying for the USS John F Kennedy. That is the next Aircraft Carrier……. which is also years behind schedule, and Billions over budget, and also doesn’t work.
Don’t feel like you have to pay for these boats all at once. Your kids (and their kids) will be helping you pay for these boats for many years to come.
A gazillion times I have told you about the $400,000,000,000.00 F-35 which doesn’t work either……. but I want to make sure you understand that spending a fortune (and getting crapola) is not exclusive to the F-35.
When it comes to wasting your hard earned tax dollars the Pentagon is top notch. But you don’t need to worry about that…..
I go on Facebook and nobody is complaining about the 13 Billion Dollar USS Gerald R Ford “Debacle”.
A typical Aircraft carrier cost 4 billion dollars. The Gerald Ford is already more than 3 times that cost and it is still not finished…… or working.
It is almost like people are not even paying attention.
People complaining about poor people on food stamps…… well that I see all the time. People get so mad about poor people. But when the Pentagon is robbing you blind nobody seems to even notice.
So what is the issue with the Ford? Good question…… The Ford is the first of a brand new class of Aircraft Carriers. How exciting……
For many decades US aircraft carriers have used steam catapults to launch aircraft. It is a reliable and effective way of operating. But using proven technologies is not very sexy.
The Gerald R Ford is attempting to us Electromagnetic Catapults. That sounds impressive but the only problem is they don’t work very well. They are finding this out only after spending the first 13 billion (of your tax dollars). Now they are testing the sexy new concept. But Oops….The results are not good.
The new catapult has a high failure rate. When launching 60 million dollar aircraft that is not a good thing. When every 4th plane ends up in the ocean (in front of the ship) that quickly becomes an issue.
If an aircraft carrier cannot launch aircraft that sort of defeats the purpose of the ship….
The catapult problems are just one of many issues with the Ford. I won’t bore you with the rest of the details. You just need to understand that the first $13 billion did not solve the problems…… but don’t worry because the pentagon knows exactly where to get more of your tax dollars. You just keep working hard and complaining about the poor people.
The less you pay attention to what the pentagon is doing (with your money) the better.
Oh and by the way there might not be enough money to pay your social security and Medicare. The good news is there is always enough money for another Aircraft Carrier.

Olympic Sex Games Are About To Begin....

450,000 condoms that will be distributed to athletes -- equivalent to 42 per person.
42 Condoms per athlete. That is sex 3 times a day, everyday over the two week Olympics. That includes the days the athlete is competing.
Man I am tired just thinking about that.
May the best team win.

Crooked Wasserman Joining Crooked Hillary.....

So Bernie says the Democratic National Committee is corrupt and rigged as it secretly pulls for Crooked Hillary.
The Democratic Party says this isn't true and everything is fair and honest and Bernie is just crazy.
People fill stadiums to see Bernie. People fill a broom closet to see Hillary but yet Hillary still wins. From this we are supposed to believe it is all on the up and up.
Then Wikileaks releases 20,000 emails proving the Democratic National Committee is indeed corrupt and rigged and secretly pulling for Crooked Hillary.
So the head of the DNC (Wasserman Schultz) resigns and Hillary has a chance to do the right thing. But does she do the right thing? Does she ever do the right thing?
Instead of disavowing Wassernan and proclaiming this dishonesty is not how the DNC should be run.......Instead of doing that she says Crooked Wasserman is my friend and she will now come work for my crooked campaign.
That is how crooked Hillary (who nobody trusts) is going to gain back your trust. She will do it by surrounding herself with more crooked people and doubling down on her life of dishonesty and corruption.
I said it before and I will say it again.....I can't wait to not vote for Hillary.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Pharmceutical Companies Raping The US Taxpayer......

Pharmaceutical companies RAPING the US Tax payer.
You will not hear about this story on Fox News. You will not hear about this story from your Republican friends on Facebook. The ones who complain all day long about the outrages of Welfare for poor people.
Hannity will not do any segments on this story and neither will Bill Oreilly.
This particular corporate welfare happens because of George W Bush and the Republicans.
When private insurance companies pay for prescription drugs that price is negotiated. When Medicare Part D pays for prescription drugs the price it NOT negotiated.
That was the Republicans gift to the Pharmaceutical companies. All the free tax payer money they could want. Name any price at all and it will be paid for. You're welcome.
As a result the prices keep going up and up and up and up and up and up and up........
You get to pay for all of it.
The government is running out of money......But not free Corporate Welfare for Pharmaceutical companies. That money is always ready to go.
Now get back to watching Fox news. I am sure they have an entire panel of experts complaining about poor people.
The cost of Medicare's "catastrophic" prescription coverage jumped by 85 percent in three years, from $27.7 billion in 2013 to $51.3 billion in 2015
Out of some 2,750 drugs covered by Medicare's Part D benefit, two pills for hepatitis C infection - Harvoni and Sovaldi - accounted for nearly $7.5 billion in catastrophic drug costs in 2015.
Lawmakers who created Part D in 2003 also hoped added protection would entice insurers to participate in the program. Medicare pays 80 percent of the cost of drugs above a catastrophic threshold that combines spending by the beneficiary and the insurer. That means taxpayers, not insurers, bear the exposure for the most expensive patients.
The FDA approved Sovaldi in Dec., 2013, and its $1,000-per-pill price quickly made headlines. A congressional investigation last year found that Gilead was focused on maximizing revenue, even as a company analysis showed that a lower price would allow more patients to be treated.
Gleevec, a breakthrough drug introduced in 2001 to treat leukemia, was ensconced as 5th among the top ten pricey medications, with more than $1 billion spent in 2015. That was a 54-percent increase from 2013. Drugmaker Novartis has been criticized for repeatedly hiking the price of Gleevec.
"If the numbers continue to increase like this each year, I worry about how much the taxpayers could afford," said Sen. Grassley, who plans to ask Medicare for explanations.
"It may be that some drug companies are taking advantage of government programs to maximize their market share, and we need to know whether that's the case," he added.
Catastrophic coverage will soon cost as much as the entire prescription program did when it launched, said Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore. "Congress can't continue to stand idle."
Experts say the rapid rise in spending for pricey drugs threatens to make the popular prescription benefit financially unsustainable.
"The incentive is to price it as high as they can," said Jim Yocum, senior vice president of Connecture, Inc., a company that tracks drug prices. Medicare is barred from negotiating prices, "so you max out your pricing and most of that risk is covered by the federal government."

Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Crooked DNC.....

The Democratic National Committee wants the Status Quo.

The Republican National Committee wants the Status quo.

Both Status Quo's and the exact same status quo.

Bernie Sanders represented change.  Donald Trump represents scary out of control change........ but still change.

The establishment does NOT want any kind of change at all ever.  You can say the word "change" (as Obama did in 2008, and Bill Clinton did in 1992) but nobody actually wants any of it.  It should be nothing more than lip service to maintain the status quo.

The status quo means the corporate money comes pouring in and everyone gets rich screwing over the middle class and the poor.  The Republicans do it really well and so do the Democrats.  

Anyone trying to rock the boat by representing the people is a threat and will be dealt with harshly.

You are going to get President Hillary Clinton and you are going to like it.  She is going to do exactly what Obama has done.  Exactly what George W had done.  Exactly what Bill Clinton did. 

She is going to get stupid rich while clobbering you over the head every chance she gets.  Now get on board and shut your mouth.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mileage Tax.....

The State Of Connecticut already has one of the highest gas taxes in the United States.
But that is not enough.
Now the governor also wants to tax you on EVERY mile you drive.
Somebody needs to pay for the governors 100 BILLION Dollar plan to rebuild all the state highways. That somebody is going to be YOU.
The governor spent hundreds of millions of dollars building a busway that nobody uses. Now maybe if he taxes you on every mile you might abandon your car and get on one of his empty buses. Then he won’t look so bad.
Either way the governor is going to be taking more of your money and keeping it for himself.
Last year this mileage tax leaked and everyone got pissed off. Then it quickly went away. But now it is back. Magical how that happens.
The governor insists he is not set on this new tax. He says that to you even as he moves forward with implementing it.
First it will cost you $300,000.00 to test the idea. That is what is happening now. Once they figure out how to track your every move using GPS it will then go live.
Isn’t that exciting. The governor will be tracking your movements 24/7. Everywhere you go the governor will have a record and then send you a bill. Awesome!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Saturn V Rocket......

The Saturn V Rocket.
The most powerful rocket ever created.
47 years ago today Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.
He was able to do that because of the Saturn V.
363 Feet high.
7.5 Million pounds of trust.
203,400 gallons of Kerosene.
417,359 gallons of Liquid Oxygen.
326,770 gallons of Liquid Hydrogen.
All to carry 3 people to the moon.
There is a reason no other country has been able to do it.
No other country has even attempted to do it.
Because it was really hard, and really dangerous.

We Are The Champions.....

Republicans.....When it comes to supporting gay marriage they do not.
Republicans.....When it comes to allowing discrimination against gay people by hiding behind religion........ Republicans say....... yes you can.
But Republicans lack of support of the gay community won't stop their Republican leader from hijacking the iconic song (written and performed) by a gay man and playing it loud and proud.

Guns Are The Common Denominator.....

Whether you support Black lives Matter
Whether you support Blue lives matter.
Whether you support all lives matter.
The thing that is killing all these lives are guns.
Guns, Guns, Guns, Guns, Guns.
They are the common denominator for all it.
Guns create all the problems and solve nothing.
Guns have not solved a single societal issue ever. That is true no matter which side of the issue you come down on.
Oh man…..We had this huge issue but we brought all the guns out and now it is all solved. Thank goodness.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Another Assault Rifle....More Dead Cops.

2 Assault Rifles = 16 shot police officers (8 DEAD police officers) in less than 10 days.

When is this country going to wake up and start arming police officers with guns......Oh wait.

Yes that is correct.......The good guy guns are having an incredibly poor showing this month.

After the Dallas massacre I said I would be back typing the same sh*t in a few weeks.  I was completely wrong, which is rare for me.  A couple of weeks was way too optimistic.  We made it one week.  

I completely underestimated the ability of the good guy guns to compete with the Assault rifle.  I apologize.

If this was a boxing match they would have stopped the fight.  Unfortunately it is not a boxing match.  It is real life.  The consequence in real life is real people die.  They stay dead forever too.

Anyway I would type more but I will just be back in another week to do it again, so for now you get the picture.  

Enjoy the Republican Convention tomorrow where they will tell you the solution to the gun problem is more guns.  Just a couple of more guns and everything will be great.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Corporate Welfare Alive And Well.....

Obamas presidency is almost over but he didn't want to leave without putting on the Santa Claus suit just one more time.
400 Million dollars of your tax dollars going to develop new technologies for Corporate America.
Verizon had 4 BIllion in profit but for some reason they need your tax dollars to research their next big thing.
You know Verizon.....The company that pays no taxes.
Just because they pay no taxes doesn't mean they don't want your tax money.
Obama is happy to hand it over to them.
This week it was announced the deficit increased by 162 Billion dollars. That isn't any reason to not hand out free money to multi national corporations though.
The deficit will be paid off by you (and your family) at a later date. Don't even worry about it. They will simply cut your social security or medicare and it will all be fine.
The important thing is no poor people got any of the money. Just rich corporations that don't need it.
That is how true capitalism works. Keep the government out of it.... Oh but please hand over the free taxpayer money.

Friday, July 15, 2016

28 Pages Showing Saudi Arabia Was Responsible For 9/11

I read the 28 pages......... not the articles about the 28 pages.......... but the actual 28 pages.
It is pretty clear that Saudi Arabia's finger prints are all over 9/11.
The finger prints extend way up into the government all the way to the Royal family.
There are phone calls, and meetings, and money transfers, and rehearsals, and obstructions.
The people who are connected to the terrorists are all over the Saudi government. It extended to the Saudi Embassy in the United States and implicates the Saudi ambassador.
After 9/11 George Bush said
"Our enemy is a radical network of terrorists AND EVERY GOVERNMENT that supports them.
He then received 28 pages of evidence that Saudi Arabia was directly involved. So he classified the documents (and hid them in the basement of the capital) and attacked Iraq.
We have spent over 1 trillion dollars in Iraq. Tens of thousands of people have been killed. After 15 years of war the only thing we have accomplished is the creation of a new terror group (ISIS).
Today there is no end in sight to any of it. It will just go on and on and from this gigantic mess George Bush wants you to think he kept you safe.
Yes, all the evidence pointed to Saudi Arabia so Bush passed the Patriot act allowing the government to infringe on your rights, and spy on your every move.
That is the power Saudi Arabia has with 30% of the world supply of oil. Not only did the United States not punish Saudi Arabia but currently Saudi Arabia is the #1 weapons buyer from the United States. No country buys more US weapons than Saudi Arabia.
We sell the Saudis some of our best and most sophisticated weaponry. Why wouldn't we. It is a 98 Billion Dollars business......Are we supposed to not take that money just because of a few thousand dead Americans in lower Manhattan. Pish posh.....Water under the bridge.....Keep those cash registers ringing.

Middle Aged Americans....No Jobs....Suicide On The Rise.....

Because Corporate America sent all the jobs to Communist Red China, and Mexico, and India (and because workers are desperate) more and more middle aged Americans are committing suicide. They see no other options.
The bills keep coming whether the jobs are in Ohio or in China.
Older workers make more money and they cost companies more money (through healthcare) so the goal of corporate America is to get rid of as many as quickly as possible.
This is why Donald Trump resonates when he says he will bring all the jobs back. People are desperate and everyone knows Hillary is just more of the same. Trump might be racist. He might be insane. But people don't care if there is any shot of the current trend being reversed.
Warren isn't alone in finding himself in an unexpected and depressing place during his midlife years, where he's too young to retire, but can't find a job that matches the one he lost.
There's been an alarming spike in suicides and drug and alcohol abuse among 45 to 54 year-old Americans, especially white Americans.
No other rich country has seen anything like this. Nobel prize winning economist Angus Deatonwas one of the first to spotlight how white "midlife mortality" in the U.S. jumped from about 381 deaths per 100,000 in the late 1990s to about 415 now.
Everyone is trying to figure out why it's happening. The leading explanation is a lack of "good" jobs
"Many of the baby-boom generation are the first to find, in midlife, that they will not be better off than were their parents," wrote Deaton and fellow economist Anne Case. Americans with only a high school degree -- or less -- have seen the biggest surge in suicides.
"I never ever in a million years thought I would be 54 and unemployable," says Warren. Since he has a part-time job, he is considered underemployed (not unemployed) by the U.S. government. At the music store, he earns only $10 an hour, with no benefits. It's a job for now, but not liveable.
Workers over 50 -- or even 45 -- are being dubbed the "new unemployables." Unemployment soared during the Great Recession for all ages, but older workers have had the hardest time getting rehired.
Olga Aguilar of Florida is worried she is one of the "unemployables." The 56-year-old from Miami was laid off two years ago. Since then, she applies and applies for jobs but hasn't landed anything.
"I want to be useful. I wanted to do something," Aguilar told CNNMoney. "I want to feel like I have contributed something for myself, for my family. It's just a matter of pride."
Despite having a college degree in accounting and many years of experience, Aguilar can't even get interviews anymore. She worked for nearly a decade at her last job for Arise Virtual Solutions, a call center firm. Her dream is to work with animals, but she says she will "try anything" at this point.
U.S. Labor Secretary Tom Perez told CNNMoney this is a real problem for America. (CREATED BY YOUR GOVERNMENT)
Some older workers simply give up looking for work when it takes too long. It's one of reasons America has the lowest level of adults working or searching for a jobsince the 1970s. (OBAMA CONSIDERS THESE PEOPLE EMPLOYED.....PROBLEM SOLVED)
All the talk of America being at or near "full employment" doesn't make much sense to Aguilar. She's one of the 750,000 workers over 45 who are still officially counted as long-term unemployed.

Newts Religion Testing.....

As long as you pass Newts test. If you fail Newts test than you have to leave.
So if you are an American Citizen and you fail Newts test what country do you get deported to?

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

F-35 Debacle Creating Tough Times For Military

The F-35 is now jeopardizing US National Security.
The F-35 was supposed to replace all other planes in the US arsenal.
The air force was to rely on it. The NAVY was to rely on it. The Marines were to rely on it.
Unfortunately NOBODY can rely on it because it is never ready for action.
Year after year after year is it not ready. It was suppose to go into service in 2008. It is now 2016 and it is still not in service. Yet the program sucks all the money away from every other program and devours it with nothing to show.
As a result the US military is now running out of planes. Literally running out. Pilots don't get enough training because they don't have planes to fly.
Air power has always been what separates the US military from the rest of the world. Because the F-35 is such a colossal joke we are quickly losing our superiority.
It is embarrassing. It is inexcusable. It is the reality.....Oh and I told you so. I told you so many many many times.
If they were smart they would cancel the F-35 program immediately and figure out a plan B. Hopefully Plan B will be a lot less stupid.

Obama And The Public Option......

Barack Obama ran for President in 2008 telling you he wanted to give you a public option for your Health care.
He wanted to offer you the same healthcare your members of congress have.
You clapped…..You cheered……His rallies were a sea of people.
How exciting……. a President who was going to fix the health care problem once and for all.
Once the greedy private insurance companies would have to compete against the government (government who doesn’t have to please shareholders or make a profit) prices would have to come down. The consumer would win. Awesome.
It was all set up and ready to happen…..
When Obama became president he had a majority in the House of Representatives.. He had a Super Majority in the US Senate. He had the will of the American people.
So he became president and proceeded to not give you a public option. He didn’t even try to give you one. There was no effort of any kind towards a public option…..Nobody Looked into it…..Nobody discussed it. Nobody researched it. It was never mentioned again.
Instead you got an unfunded mandate. Go buy insurance (on your own) because it is now the law.
The reason you hadn’t bought it before was because of runaway prices but that issue was never dealt with. Obama didn’t care. Yes we can……changed into just freakin buy it.
Now 3 years into Obama Care and many of the original issues are still glaring……So Obama wants you to know he thinks you should have a public option.
How nice!
He wanted you to have a public option before he was president. Now he wants you to have a public option after he is president.
But when he was president (and had all the power) he did nothing whatsoever to get it for you.
That nothing he did extended over 8 consecutive years. You’re welcome.
He didn’t give you a public option and still managed to almost double the National Debt. Impressive.
Barack Obama = Really expensive Empty talk.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016







Monday, July 11, 2016

Pornography A Public Health Crisis......NOT GUNS.......Republicans = Stupid!

Pornography is the Public Health Crisis.
Yes of course.....Pornography.......
Not Guns.
Remember when Pornography killed all those 6 year olds at Sandy Hook Elementary school.
Remember when pornography killed all those people at the movie theater in Colorado.
Remember when pornography killed all those police officers in Texas.
Remember when pornography killed all those people at the bar in Orlando.
There is nothing more frightening then pornography be hurled around a room full of innocent people.
It is terrifying. Thank God we have Republicans who are on the case.
In an election where Hillary Clinton is doing everything humanly possible to give the election away.......... she will still win because Republicans are so F*ckin stupid.
It defies all human understanding.
They are stupid at a rate faster than I can even make fun of them. It is stupefying. The absurdity of the Republican party is breath taking in its scope.
Just whatever you do......Watch out for the pornography.......... because it will destroy you.

Dallas Open Carry Laws....A Disaster.....

"The only thing gun control does is take guns away from the good guys". "The good guys need guns to protect themselves".
That is what we always hear.......
It is estimated that up to 30 people in Dallas were openly carrying guns when the shooting erupted. Not one of them shot at the bad guy.
The good guys with guns simply did what everyone did......They ran. Smart decision.
The only thing the guns did was increase the chance the good guys might be shot (or arrested) by the police. A couple of people carrying AR-15's were arrested.
I am not seeing where having a gun was helpful. They would probably run faster without the gun.
Guns preventing .....NO.
Guns stopping........No.
Guns Protecting.....NO
The only things guns do is create lots of problems. Problems for the good guys. Problems for the bad guys. Problems for the police.

Hillary Ignores The Media....

When you have as much baggage as Hillary has it isn’t shocking she doesn’t want to talk to the media.
She has been insulated in the Clinton Bubble for 25 years. She has no idea what goes on in the real world. She doesn’t understand how real people live their lives.
The media (at a press conference) can asks random questions and Hillary knows she has few answers.
She can’t control the situation very well compared to a one on one interview. Better to just ignore the media and hope nobody notices.
The amazing part is Hillary can completely ignore the media and still be in contention to be president. That is astounding. Just shows how completely broken our election system is.

Stocks In Record Territory....Thanks Brexit.....

England is leaving the European Union......OMG.......EVERYONE PANIC......EVERYONE FREAK OUT........EVERYONE BUY GOLD........
Meanwhile (two weeks later) the stock market is at an ALL TIME HIGH. It has never been higher ever.
It is almost like the Brexit panic was much to do about nothing.

Dallas Shooting....

Another mass shooting......Another evening of sitting here typing the same sh*t I have already typed a gazillion times.
Next month I will be right back here typing it again. It is getting old.
Last month when the Mass shooting was in Orlando it was a Muslim gunman.....So naturally the Donald Trump (right wing) solution was to ban Muslims from the country. That was needed to keep us safe.
Of course the new Dallas mass shooter was not a Muslim (turns out Muslims are not the only group that kills innocent people.....shocking I know.) so you probably won't hear that knee jerk reaction this time around.
When Sandy Hook happened the NRA said it was because there was nobody there with guns. Mass shootings don't happen when people with guns are there to stop it.
But the 11 police officers gunned down in Dallas all had guns. Unfortunately those guns were neither a deterrent, nor did they provide a way to stop the man with the assault rifle.
The Good guy guns pretty much served no purpose whatsoever.
When Orlando happened we heard the NRA (gun crowd) say it happened there because of gun free zones. Anywhere you have gun free zones you invite mass shootings. They told us if there were no more gun free zones these mass killings would no longer happen.
News flash.....Dallas Texas is NOT a gun free zone. Texans LOVE guns......Unfortunately guns do NOTHING whatsoever to keep people safe.
The NRA says the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to have a good guy with a gun. But an entire police force full of guns were not able to stop one guy with an assault rifle. What did stop the one man with an assault rifle was an explosive.....Not a gun. Guns were absolutely positively useless.....As they always are.
The only way mass shootings will stop is when assault rifles are re-banned. High capacity magazines are re banned.
Anything short of this will mean I will be back in a few weeks to type this all again. I am getting really good at it. I have a lot of practice.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Hillary Being Dishonest.....

Nobody trusts Hillary.....Wonder why....She is so honest.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Chicago Gun Crisis.....

Guns = Safety.
The reason Chicago is having so many problems is because they don't have enough guns.
More guns are needed.
As soon as they have more guns the gun problem will be resolved.
You will see.
Over the holiday weekend, Chicago passed an ominous threshold: So far in 2016, 2,000 people have been victims of gun violence.
Looking at all of 2016 -- in every metric that matters in tracking gun violence -- the numbers are up.
At least 319 people have been slain in Chicago this year, about a 50% increase over this period last year.