Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mileage Tax.....

The State Of Connecticut already has one of the highest gas taxes in the United States.
But that is not enough.
Now the governor also wants to tax you on EVERY mile you drive.
Somebody needs to pay for the governors 100 BILLION Dollar plan to rebuild all the state highways. That somebody is going to be YOU.
The governor spent hundreds of millions of dollars building a busway that nobody uses. Now maybe if he taxes you on every mile you might abandon your car and get on one of his empty buses. Then he won’t look so bad.
Either way the governor is going to be taking more of your money and keeping it for himself.
Last year this mileage tax leaked and everyone got pissed off. Then it quickly went away. But now it is back. Magical how that happens.
The governor insists he is not set on this new tax. He says that to you even as he moves forward with implementing it.
First it will cost you $300,000.00 to test the idea. That is what is happening now. Once they figure out how to track your every move using GPS it will then go live.
Isn’t that exciting. The governor will be tracking your movements 24/7. Everywhere you go the governor will have a record and then send you a bill. Awesome!

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