Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Obama And The Public Option......

Barack Obama ran for President in 2008 telling you he wanted to give you a public option for your Health care.
He wanted to offer you the same healthcare your members of congress have.
You clapped…..You cheered……His rallies were a sea of people.
How exciting……. a President who was going to fix the health care problem once and for all.
Once the greedy private insurance companies would have to compete against the government (government who doesn’t have to please shareholders or make a profit) prices would have to come down. The consumer would win. Awesome.
It was all set up and ready to happen…..
When Obama became president he had a majority in the House of Representatives.. He had a Super Majority in the US Senate. He had the will of the American people.
So he became president and proceeded to not give you a public option. He didn’t even try to give you one. There was no effort of any kind towards a public option…..Nobody Looked into it…..Nobody discussed it. Nobody researched it. It was never mentioned again.
Instead you got an unfunded mandate. Go buy insurance (on your own) because it is now the law.
The reason you hadn’t bought it before was because of runaway prices but that issue was never dealt with. Obama didn’t care. Yes we can……changed into just freakin buy it.
Now 3 years into Obama Care and many of the original issues are still glaring……So Obama wants you to know he thinks you should have a public option.
How nice!
He wanted you to have a public option before he was president. Now he wants you to have a public option after he is president.
But when he was president (and had all the power) he did nothing whatsoever to get it for you.
That nothing he did extended over 8 consecutive years. You’re welcome.
He didn’t give you a public option and still managed to almost double the National Debt. Impressive.
Barack Obama = Really expensive Empty talk.

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