Monday, July 11, 2016

Pornography A Public Health Crisis......NOT GUNS.......Republicans = Stupid!

Pornography is the Public Health Crisis.
Yes of course.....Pornography.......
Not Guns.
Remember when Pornography killed all those 6 year olds at Sandy Hook Elementary school.
Remember when pornography killed all those people at the movie theater in Colorado.
Remember when pornography killed all those police officers in Texas.
Remember when pornography killed all those people at the bar in Orlando.
There is nothing more frightening then pornography be hurled around a room full of innocent people.
It is terrifying. Thank God we have Republicans who are on the case.
In an election where Hillary Clinton is doing everything humanly possible to give the election away.......... she will still win because Republicans are so F*ckin stupid.
It defies all human understanding.
They are stupid at a rate faster than I can even make fun of them. It is stupefying. The absurdity of the Republican party is breath taking in its scope.
Just whatever you do......Watch out for the pornography.......... because it will destroy you.

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