Monday, July 11, 2016

Dallas Shooting....

Another mass shooting......Another evening of sitting here typing the same sh*t I have already typed a gazillion times.
Next month I will be right back here typing it again. It is getting old.
Last month when the Mass shooting was in Orlando it was a Muslim gunman.....So naturally the Donald Trump (right wing) solution was to ban Muslims from the country. That was needed to keep us safe.
Of course the new Dallas mass shooter was not a Muslim (turns out Muslims are not the only group that kills innocent people.....shocking I know.) so you probably won't hear that knee jerk reaction this time around.
When Sandy Hook happened the NRA said it was because there was nobody there with guns. Mass shootings don't happen when people with guns are there to stop it.
But the 11 police officers gunned down in Dallas all had guns. Unfortunately those guns were neither a deterrent, nor did they provide a way to stop the man with the assault rifle.
The Good guy guns pretty much served no purpose whatsoever.
When Orlando happened we heard the NRA (gun crowd) say it happened there because of gun free zones. Anywhere you have gun free zones you invite mass shootings. They told us if there were no more gun free zones these mass killings would no longer happen.
News flash.....Dallas Texas is NOT a gun free zone. Texans LOVE guns......Unfortunately guns do NOTHING whatsoever to keep people safe.
The NRA says the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to have a good guy with a gun. But an entire police force full of guns were not able to stop one guy with an assault rifle. What did stop the one man with an assault rifle was an explosive.....Not a gun. Guns were absolutely positively useless.....As they always are.
The only way mass shootings will stop is when assault rifles are re-banned. High capacity magazines are re banned.
Anything short of this will mean I will be back in a few weeks to type this all again. I am getting really good at it. I have a lot of practice.

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