Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Pat Summitt

Pat Summits death is a huge loss to the world of sports.
Woman's basketball exists in its current form because of Pat Summit.
Without Pat there is no WNBA. Without Pat woman's basketball is just another sport nobody pays much attention too.
Pat made it all very relevant.
Connecticut is Uconn country and everyone knows Uconn Woman's basketball reigns supreme.....But that is only true because of Pat Summit.
Uconn has won the last 4 national Championships. That was made a lot easier with Pat Summit retired.
When Pat was coaching winning Championships was a lot harder to accomplish. When it was accomplished (and Pat was coaching) it meant a lot more.
In Connecticut Pat Summit was the villain. Everyone hated her with passion. Tennessee was the mortal enemy. But it was all based on respect.
The Boston Celtics were better because they played the Los Angeles Lakers. Bird had Magic.
Uconn was better because they played Tennessee. Pat had Geno.
Ali had Frazier.
Sports is always more interesting with great rivalries and Uconn Tennessee was one of the greatest of all time.
There was no greater disappointment then when Tennessee stopped playing Uconn. Geno was left unchecked to dominate the sport.
Knowing the Uconn Tennessee rivalry will never again be is very sad.
Rest In Peace Pat. You were one of the all time greats.

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