Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Orlando Massacre......Crickets From The NRA.....

It has been awful quiet from the NRA………
I only hear Crickets……They must be hiding under their desks. They are such a bunch of cowards.
Normally the NRA has a lot to say.
But really what is there left to say?
They can’t say armed guards would have prevented the Orlando massacre………. because there were three armed guards there. They acted. They shot back. Still didn’t matter. 102 innocent people shot anyway.
Once again we see guns do absolutely (positively) NOTHING whatsoever to keep people safe. It is a fantasy….. not a reality.
This all could have been prevented too. 49 people are dead today who don’t need to be dead. This event was as predictable as the sun rising in the east.
In 2012 (after the Sandy Hook tragedy) Republicans (and the NRA) could have allowed Assault weapons to be rebanned.
If they were banned this tragedy would have been very different. The killer used an assault weapon. It was like shooting fish in a barrel.
If High Capacity magazines were rebanned this could have been very different.
The killer used high capacity magazines. Pop….pop…..pop….pop…..pop….pop….pop…pop….pop….. It was easy. 102 shot out of 350 there.
If People on terrorist watch lists were not allowed to buy guns this could have been prevented. This killer was investigated twice by the FBI.
But the Minority Gun Crowd (and the Republicans) would not allow any of it.
Republicans tell you all about how they are the ones keeping you safe. They tell you this as they provide the terrorists with all the weapons they want.
Go ask the 350 people at the Orlando night club how safe the Republicans kept them.
Meanwhile Trump wants to ban Muslims from entering the country. Unfortunately this killer was born in the United States. He is a US Citizen…… not a refugee. Banning Muslims from entering the united States would have done nothing to prevent the 102 people from being shot.
Banning assault weapons…….Banning high capacity magazines………. and expanding back ground checks would have prevented a lot of what occurred. Trump left all that out of his speech.
Remember the good old days when the worst shooting was Columbine. That was 13 people killed and it took two shooters to do it. That is because in 1999 there was an assault weapons ban. Once the Republicans let the ban expire (in 2004) the massacres have gotten worse and worse. Now we are up to 102 people shot. 49 people killed from 1 shooter…….. as opposed to 13 people from two shooters. Who would have thought Columbine would one day be the good ol days.
That is Republican progress for you. They are looking out for you.

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