Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Obama Wants Credit For The Economy....Just don't look at the Details Of What He Actually Did.....

President Obama is frustrated that you still think the economy sucks after all he has done to save it.

You just don't understand.......

“If you ask the average person on the streets, ‘Have deficits gone down or up under Obama?’ probably 70 percent would say they’ve gone up,” Obama said, with some justifiable exasperation — the deficit has in fact declined (by roughly three-quarters) since he took office, and polls do show that a large majority of Americans believe the opposite.

And this is where Obama tries to confuse the topic......

There are two things.  

There is the Deficit..... which is how much money the government spends over and above what is brought in through tax revenue.

There is the National Debt....Which is the total amount of money the government owes.

When Obama took office he spent money like a drunken sailor and the Deficit exploded to absurd levels.  Over 1 trillion dollars a year at one point.  

In the later years he has spent less money but the budget is still in deficit.  So technically Obama is correct......The deficit (that he exploded) has come down.  But the reality is it is not really saying a lot.  It is like an alcoholic drinking 15 beers on Friday night and then on Saturday night only drinking 6 beers and acting like somehow that a great accomplishment.  It is still all bad.

The real problem is the National Debt.  It took 42 presidents 232 years to rack up 10 trillion dollars in debt.  It took Obama less than 8 years to almost double that.  By next year the National Debt will be 19 Trillion Dollars.  Obama has spent more money than every president in history combined.  When he was done (and the countries credit card was smoking) everyone still thinks the economy sucks.

But Obama doesn't want to talk about the National Debt.  He just hopes you got confused on his deficit point and are ready to move on.....Oh and thank him.

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