Sunday, June 5, 2016

JFK Love Letter For Sale....

John F Kennedy Love Letter to Mary Meyer is for sale.
Here we see ABC news doing sh*tty journalism.
If it was quality journalism ABC news would tell you who Mary Meyer was.
I told you who Mary Meyer was last November. Perhaps you were paying attention. More than likely you ignored my long post and went to other things.
Regardless I am happy to tell you all about who Mary was a second time.
This time try to pay attention.
Mary Meyer was married to Cord Meyer. Cord Meyer was a high level CIA agent who has been implicated in the assassination of JFK.
The CIA HATED John Kennedy. John Kennedy HATED the CIA. Cord Meyer was not thrilled that JFK was boinking his wife.
This letter (for sale) was written one month before JFK was gunned down in broad daylight.
One year after JFK was gunned down Mary Meyer was also gunned down in broad daylight.
Mary's Meyers murder remains unresolved to this day.
The CIA has been implicated in both murders. But when the CIA kills people nobody is ever held accountable. They are really good at killing people.
The details of who Mary Meyer was is nothing ABC news cares to tell you about.
Regardless if you have $30,000 laying around you can now own this love letter. And now you will also know who Mary Meyer was. You're welcome!

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