Sunday, May 29, 2016

Migrants Dying On The Open Seas.....Obama says You're Welcome!

3 days = 700 deaths as people continue to crowd onto unsafe boats and head out into the open ocean in hopes of escaping the chaos of Libya.

Last year 3,700 people died in the Mediterranean sea trying to make it to Europe.

But who created this epic refugee crisis?

In 2009 (after only being president several months) Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel peace prize.  

He won it because he was not George W Bush.  Not being George W Bush was a great attribute.  George W Bush was a war monger.  He went into Iraq and destabilized their government.  He over threw their leader and then had no plan regarding what to do next.  The country descended into chaos and many people died.  It was all George W's Bush's fault.  

Obama was not George W Bush and that was enough for the entire world to rejoice.  Obama's smile alone would bring peace and harmony to world as everyone would come together over him.

But in 2011 Obama launched the air war in Libya.  He destabilized their government.  He toppled their leader.  He had no plan of any kind regarding what to do next.  The country descended into chaos and many people have died.

Today the country is so bad that it is a better option to get on a rickety boat (that will probably sink) than it is to stay in the country that Obama liberated.  Currently Obama is doing very little to help with the daily catastrophes on the open seas.  

Obama did announce last week he will begin selling Libya weapons though .....You know to obtain peace.  All the great peace leaders of the world begin with lots of weapon sales.  Any Nobel Peace Prize winner will want weapon sales on their resume.  

As for the desperate people getting on the rickety death boats.....Obama says.....You're Welcome!  Hope you are enjoying the better life he has created for you.  Oh And Good Luck on the boats.

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