Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Obama and Vietnam...

President Obama is in Communist Vietnam trying to make friends.
You might remember Communist Vietnam…….It was the country we fought a war against a few decades back.
We were specifically fighting against Communism.
Communism won and today the USA embraces Communism whole heartedly.
As long as Communism provides corporate America with cheap slave labor than it is all good.
Obama needs Communist Vietnam to be a counterweight to Communist Red China.
The problem is Communist Red China got too big…..Too Powerful….Too Rich.
Well let me rephrase that.
The United States of America made Communist Red China too powerful, and too rich.
Once corporate America started to salivate over cheap labor (and no environmental standards) there was no stopping the transfer of money and knowledge to Communist Red China. The Communists figured out the biggest weakness of capitalism is greed. Once the greed was unleashed the rest took care of itself.
Unfortunately now the Communist Chinese are so big, and so powerful, and so abusive, that they need to be reined in.
One of the larger problems regarding Communist Red China is their taking over of the entire South China Sea.
Communist Vietnam is hoping the United States stops Communist Red China.
The United States is hoping Communist Vietnam stops China.
But how can it be done?
First thing is to sell Communist Vietnam lots and lots and lots of weapons. This is always a great solution. It provides lots of money for US businesses that make weapons. Once the weapons are used they need to be replaced with more weapons. The revenue stream remains active which is great news.
Next Obama needs to find a replacement workers (for the US jobs) that went to Communist Red China.
There are two choices….
A)Bring the jobs back to the United States (stop laughing)
B) find a new location that Corporate America can treat people like sh*t and save a lot of money in the process. One of those replacement countries is going to be Communist Vietnam.
That is what the Trans Pacific Partnership is all about. An alternative for cheap labor that isn’t in Communist Red China.
The US Congress will jam through the TPP right after the election. You will be buying Christmas presents and they will be selling you out as fast as they possibly can. You won’t even notice.
When the new President comes in they can plead innocence because it was not passed on their watch. Everyone wins. Well everyone except you. You always end up with the sh*t end of the stick.
Just so it doesn’t look too terrible Obama is making a couple of speeches about Human rights. He won’t mean any of it though. If he meant it the Human rights part would have come first.
First treat your people better and then we will sell you lots of weapons to kill people.
But that didn’t happen.
First it is about the $$$$$$$ and then if you want you can treat your people better. If you don’t want that it is fine too. The speeches will be on the record and Obama can say he tried. Even though he didn’t really try at all.
It will be interesting to see if building up Communist Vietnam really works as a counter balance to Communist Red China. I don’t think it will be too effective.
The United States has come a long way in our war against Communism. The battles today look a lot different from the battles 40 years ago. Today the only losers are the people (in Communist countries) and the unemployed US workers.
Don’t forget…….Wave that American flag.

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