Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Delta Airlines Raising Rates....

Delta Airlines just reported their profit for the 1st quarter was up 27%.
$1,000,000,000.00 in profit for 3 months of work. Not too shabby.
When gas prices went up they raised your fares…..Well because somebody had to pay the oil companies……. and that somebody was going to be you. You are so nice.
Then when gas prices went down they never bothered lowering your fares. You were already conditioned to pay the extra money anyway so it made a lot of sense to just keep the money for themselves.
All that extra money really helped their profits soar.
To celebrate their good fortune they are now going to raise your fares even more. Isn’t that exciting. High fives all around……..
They are doing that because they like you so much……and they especially like your money. They would like even more of it for themselves. Just hand it over.....Don't make a big scene.
See if they made one billion in the first quarter well the only way to ensure they beat that next quarter is to take even more of your money. You don’t mind do you? Taking more of your money is super fun. Corporations love doing it.
Aren’t deregulated airlines the best. Love it.


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