Saturday, May 14, 2016

Hillary...The Conservative Hope.

The Republican establishment is getting warmed up to the idea of supporting their best conservative chance. Hillary Rodham Clinton. The great Republican hope. She will do a great job for her Republican party….. just like Bill did.
I like this…..
“In the 1990s, when another Clinton was president, conservatives became fond of the phrase “character counts.” This was a way of scoring points against Bill Clinton for his sexual predations and rhetorical misdirection’s, as well as a statement that Americans expected honor and dignity in the Oval Office.”
I love when Republicans claim the moral high ground. Bill Clinton was a pig but Republicans are so much more morally grounded.
Yes Bill was being impeached for Monica and Newt Gingrich (champion of the Republican revolution) was leading the charge against all of Bills Character flaws. You remember Newt. Speaker of the House. He was married to his first wife but cheated on her with his soon to be second wife. His first wife had cancer surgery and Newt was kind enough to bring her the divorce papers as she lay in her hospital bed. What a guy.
Then he married his second wife but cheated on her with his 3rd wife. His second wife unfortunately got MS and Newt was not serious about the whole in sickness and in health thing. So his second wife got the boot and his 3rd wife stepped in. It is the classic American love story. I am surprised they have not made a movie out of it.
Yes Newt was the epitome of high moral character. Eventually Newt had to go and the Republicans cleaned up his mess with Dennis Hastert. Dennis was a great guy. He coached high school wrestling. Oh and he also sexually molested many of the boys on his team. He was supposed to pay them all off but missed some payments (oops) and got sued. Now he is going to jail. In sentencing the judge called him a “Serial Child Molester”. All part of the “Character Counts” that Republicans love to talk so much about.
And these were the leaders of the party. Nice!
Republicans…..Be just like them. They are great.
Anyway……..Enjoy Hillary all you Republicans. You will find she is just like you.

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