Friday, May 6, 2016

Takatas Largest Recall In History just More Than Doubled......

Takata already had the largest recall in history at 30,000,000 cars.
But that wasn't good enough. So now they have added an additional 40,000,000 cars to the recall list.
25% of the cars on the road have these faulty airbags.
It will take till 2019 to replace all the potentially deadly airbags. So if they are saying 2019....... you can add 5 more years to that date since the information they say is never correct initially.
If you don't remember these are the airbags that explode with too much force and shoot shrapnel into your neck and skull potentially killing you.
11 people have been killed and over 100 injured.
So avoiding car accidents is an excellent idea especially if you have a Takata airbag. You don't want to have even a minor accident with one of these airbags because it could end your life.
Huma Hanif, a 17-year-old college-bound senior,got in a minor car accident that, according to a lawsuit the girl's family recently filed, investigators said she should have walked away from. But instead, when her airbag deployed, it shot a piece of metal shrapnel straight into her neck, severing vital arteries. Hanif bled to death outside her Honda Accord on the side of the road. That led her family to file a lawsuit against Takata, American Honda and even inspectors who worked on her car, who didn't catch that its airbag was essentially a bomb just waiting to detonate.
The explosive chemical that Takata has used to manufacture some 70 million airbags is the same chemical that blew up at the West, Texas, plant in 2013: ammonium nitrate.
In Takata's airbags, the chemical is encased by metal, but it's still extremely sensitive to temperature and moisture changes — meaning the airbags are even more dangerous in hotter climates like Houston's. After the chemical goes through many “thermal cycles,” causing it to break down, it becomes susceptible to combusting rapidly and exploding upon impact, generally in temperatures higher than 90 degrees.

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