Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Apple Starting To Descend......

What goes up must.......
Apple has actually done a lot better than I thought they would do without Steve Jobs.
But at some point the air was going to start coming out of the balloon.
It is hard to compete with the Imac, followed by the Ipod, followed by Itunes, followed by The Iphone, followed by App Store, followed by the Ipad.......
Unfortunately the IWatch is not lighting the world on fire.
Unless they find some way to bring Steve Jobs back (so he can tell everyone what the next big thing is) I think Apple will be trending down. Not that that is some crazy thing since they have been in the stratosphere for 15 years. Like Steve always said you have to keep innovating and that has clearly slowed at Apple. They won't be going out of business anytime soon but I think the heyday is over.


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