Sunday, April 24, 2016

Charles Koch Loving Hillary.....

Charles Koch the Billionaire financier of the Republican Party thinks Hillary might be the best option.   

The reason he thinks this is because Hillary is a Republican.  Just like Bill was a Republicans.  

Republicans want to cut Welfare.  Bill Clinton cut Welfare.  Republicans want to deregulate everything.  Nobody deregulated more industries than Bill Clinton.  Republicans love getting into bed with Corporations.  Bill and Hillary both love getting in bed with corporations.  Republicans love outsourcing all the jobs.  Bill and Hillary both love outsourcing all the jobs.  

Bill and Hillary = Republicans.  Hence why Charles Koch is showing his support.  

Charles wants to give his money and get exactly what he wants.  Trump is self financed (kind of) so that doesn't really work with him.  Ted Cruz is a complete nut job which can make him hard to control.  That leaves Hillary.  Hillary will gladly take all your money and then do anything you want.  You name it and she will do it.  If there are enough zeros on the check Hillary is at your service.  The Koch Brothers love that.

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