Saturday, April 23, 2016

Verizon Is On Strike.....Nobody Cares......Except Bernie.

The Verizon strike is going into week 2.  

Verizon workers are not happy that Verizon wants to send more of their jobs overseas.  

Verizon saves money on cheaper foreign workers so the American workers can go to hell.  It is a great deal.....Unless you are an American Worker.  

For some reason the workers are not thrilled with this whole idea and are on strike.

Workers going on strike is why Republicans hate unions.  Unions try to protect jobs and Republicans hate workers trying to protect their jobs.  It is offensive.  How dare anyone try to protect their job.....their livelihood.  It is an insult to the executives trying to keep all the money for themselves.  

The more American workers sent to the unemployment line the more money the Verizon executives get to put in their pockets.  

Bernie Sanders has commented on the Verizon strike in support of the workers.  

Hillary Clinton has been quiet on the workers......and why wouldn't she be quiet.  She has taken plenty of money from Verizon.  Hillary loves money and hates workers.  If workers gave her more money than maybe she would be more sympathetic. 

President Obama hasn't said a word about the plight of the Verizon workers either.  He is in the last year of his presidency and doesn't give a crap about the workers anymore.  When he leaves office he is going to need to raise money for his Presidential library.  That money will come from Corporations and not workers.  So the workers hold no value for Obama.

Lets tally it all up.  Corporations hate US Workers.  Republicans hate US Workers.  Hillary hates US Workers.  Obama hates US workers.  Bernie likes US workers but can't get past the Two party rigged election machine....... which also hates US workers.

So good luck to the workers.  It is you against the world.  If the last 40 years are any indication it will not end well for you.  But give em hell anyways.

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