Thursday, April 14, 2016

Free Taxpayer Money For The Energy Industry.....Coming Right Up.....

The Energy Bill......

Where US Taxpayer money is handed over to Energy Companies.....No questions asked.  

Oil company's get money, and gas companies get money, and Electric Companies get money....... it is an all around great deal.

Republicans support it.  Democrats support it.  President Obama supports it.

In Washington nobody agrees on anything EXCEPT giving free tax payer money to rich companies (and industries) that do not need it.  

Corporate Welfare brings everyone together singing Kumbaya.

In the Energy Bill Democrats stuck 600 million bucks to help the poor people of Flint Michigan.  Republicans said NO WAY!  Democrats said FINE....WHATEVER  

The Republican governor poisoned the poor people of Flint.  Republicans in Congress refuse to help fix it.  US Taxpayer money will NOT be used to help fricken poor people.  To Hell with the poor people.  

US Tax payer money will only be used to help rich people and rich corporations.  Republicans and Democrats insist on it.  Poor people can just drop dead.

I go on Facebook and day after day I see my Republican friends rail against Welfare.  It is their all encompassing issue.  

There is nothing more despicable then poor people getting government welfare.  It enrages Republicans.  But when corporations get the same Government Welfare I don't see a single post of outrage.  Not one.  Not ever.  And I look for them too....I think "oh man this is going to outrage my Republican friends...." but it never does. Corporations can get all the free money they want....Not even an issue.

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