Saturday, April 2, 2016

TPP Will Be Passed After The Election......

You can't pass the worlds worst Free Trade Agreement before a giant election.  

Not when the voters are sharpening their pitch forks and lighting their torches.  

There is a reason why 4 out of the 5 Presidential Candidates are against the TPP.  The one candidate who is for it (Kasich) is in last place.

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are polar opposites on everything EXCEPTwhen it comes to TPP.  They are both violently against it.  

Hillary Clinton who loved every free Trade Agreement (over the last 25 years) has also gained religion.  Hillary is outspokenly against the TPP.  Of course she doesn't really mean it..... she will just tell you anything you want to hear.  What you want to hear is she is against it......So fine she is against it. (wink wink)

This all means the time they have to pass the TPP is after the election.  Once the voters have gone back to sleep......... and it is before the new president comes to office.......... when everyone is out buying Christmas gifts and not paying any attention.........THAT is when the worst Trade Agreement in history will be passed.  

It will happen in the middle of the night when you are snoring.  Nobody will want to take any credit for doing it either.  Republicans say they hate the TPP....... but will all vote for it. Democrats say they all hate the TPP too and they will all vote for it too.  

Obama loves the TPP, because he is leaving for his new life of $150,000.00 speeches and could care less what you think anymore.  

He knows you won't remember the vote anyway.

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