Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg Enjoying the Propaganda of Communist Red China.....

After Zuckerberg was finished pretending to enjoy the filthy disgusting air of Communist Red China he headed over to speak with the Communist Propaganda Chief.
Every great Democracy has a propaganda chief. You can't have free and open society without just the right amount of government propaganda.
Mark needs to convince the Communists that he can censor Facebook.
What you won't see ( or hear about) is Mark going to Tienamin square and holding a speech demanding freedom. You won't hear him calling for Humana rights, or free and fair elections. He won't be calling for releasing political prisioners, or improved consumer safety.
Mark Zuckerberg doesn't give a sh*t about any of those things. The only thing Mark Zuckerberg cares about is getting more eyeballs looking at Facebook. The more eyeballs = the more money going into Marks bank accounts. It is the most important thing.
Facebook C.E.O. Mark Zuckerberg has had a busy week in China.
he courted China’s top propaganda official in what Chinese media called a“rare meeting” with Communist Party propaganda chief Liu Yunshan in Beijing on Saturday.
Despite China stepping up its Internet censorship—Liu recently warned Chinese Internet users against crossing the “baseline” when discussing politics online, and the country has called for a global “governance system” for the Internet, which activists warn could smother free speech
In their meeting, Liu commended Zuckerberg for his “cooperative” attitude with Chinese regulations and “hopes [Facebook] can strengthen exchanges, share experiences and improve mutual understanding with China's Internet companies,”
The Chinese government has restricted Internet access across social-media platforms over its concerns about commentary critical of the government, especially on political anniversaries.
China’s Internet is heavily censored by what is known as the “Great Firewall,” but Zuckerberg has been making strides to appeal to the country.
Given China's regulatory restrictions on the Internet, Facebook would probably have to submit itself to some form of censorship if it goes live in the country.

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