Friday, March 18, 2016

Republicans Blaming The Wrong People.....Act Shocked.

Republicans will tell you they want a weak Federal government.
They will tell you they want the states to hold the control. States rights. They will tell you they hate the EPA (Environmental protection agency).
Republicans running for president have called to scrap the EPA entirely.
Republicans in the House of Representatives are trying to slash the EPA budget right now.
Any agency who's mission is to protect the environment is an enemy to all Republicans.
Republicans also hate poor people. They want to cut welfare at every turn. There is nothing more despicable for Republicans then a bunch of poor people. Republicans preach "personal responsibility".
When the Republican Governor saved money by poisoning the poor people with tainted water (and there was outrage) all the Republicans want to do is blame the EPA. Blame the Federal agency that Republicans don't even want to exist in the first place.
The EPA didn't decide to change the water supply. That was a state decision (Yay states rights) made by the Republican Governor. But Don't blame him though. That guy doesn't need any "personal responsibility". They want to blame the federal government. All the republicans want to blame the EPA .......and NO Republicans want to blame the Republican governor.
The irony is thick here.....As it always is with the silly Republicans.

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