Friday, March 11, 2016

Oreos upsetting the Candidates....About Time.....

Donald Trump is angry that Oreo cookies will soon be made in Mexico. Americans are getting laid off and the work is being moved. Donald is not happy.
Hillary Clinton is also angry that Oreo cookies will be made in Mexico. The same Hillary Clinton who supported NAFTA (SIGNED INTO LAW BY BILL CLINTON) is outraged. Go figure.
Everyone always agrees in an election year that Americans losing jobs is a horrible thing. Right after the election though nobody gives a sh*t anymore.
On Oreos both Donald and Hillary are late to this party. I posted a beat down of Oreos (going to Mexico) back on August 14th. That was 7 months ago. I didn't need to be running for president to do it either.
It is funny how in an election year everyone (Republicans and Democrats) starts sounding just like me. The only difference is I sound like this all the time. And I will sound like this well after the election is over. Not because I want people to vote for me but because I am right.

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