Sunday, March 6, 2016

Dreamliner Wing Cracks.....Again......

Beware.....The Wings on the Dreamliner might fall off.
Enjoy your flight.
The Dreamliners which are made of composite materials supposedly stronger than aluminum are not holding up
These Dreamliner wing problems are not new. When they tested the Dreamliner back in 2009 they realized the composite wings would delaminate when bent upwards.
Boeing was forced to come up with a fix, which they supposedly did, but here we are 7 years later with the FAA warning the wings are still cracking.
The Federal Aviation Administration this week issued an airworthiness directive for Boeing Co.’s 787-8 Dreamliner because rough edges on fastener holes where the wings connect to the airplane’s body could cause fatigue cracking.
The FAA said the cracking “can weaken the primary wing structure so it cannot sustain (its) limit load.”
The directive, which takes effect March 9, requires Boeing to revise its maintenance or inspection program to ensure the fastener holes are smooth.
Here is the story from 2009 when it was first discovered the wings on the Dreamliner were not holding up.

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