Wednesday, March 2, 2016

F-35 Drops A Bomb.....Yipee...

Oh man......It dropped its first bomb. Wake up the President.....This is earth shaking news.
This is a real game changer. A fighter plane that can drop a bomb.
8 years behind schedule. Hundreds or Billions of Dollars over budget but it is all worth it now. It has proven it can open its bomb bay door and drop a bomb.
This will revolutionize warfare as we know it.
I bet this will cause Putin to get out of the Ukraine. I bet this will cause the Chinese to abandon the South China sea. I bet this will get ISIS to fold up their tents and go home.
A state of the art fighter jet that can drop a bomb. WOW! If this doesn't impress you nothing will.
Bernie Sanders wants to spend 70 billion and give people free public college education...... but we can't afford that. What is he crazy?
But we have 400 Billion to build the F-35......And it can drop a bomb. You're welcome!
If you don't feel like you are getting your moneys worth now then you are not paying attention.

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