Saturday, February 27, 2016

Even More Pratt And Whitney Screw Ups.....Enjoy.....

More Pratt And Whitney Manufacturing screw ups.  

Send the work overseas......Pay the price.

Pratt & Whitney (UTX.N) has suffered a fresh problem during testing of new aircraft engines for the Airbus A320neo

The problem occurred when an oil pump failed after an engine had been deliberately shut down in flight and left to turn with the natural airflow, a process known as "windmilling" which is designed to ensure an aircraft can fly on only one engine.

"We found a bearing had seized within the main oil pump. We have never seen that anywhere in flight tests,"   (YOU DON'T SAY......)

Pratt & Whitney is carrying out an internal investigation into the problem which happened about two weeks ago. Early signs point to a manufacturing fault in the broken part  (WHAT COUNTRY MANUFACTURED THE PART? NEVER MIND.....DON'T TELL ME.....I CAN GUESS.)

"In this particular case, we haven't seen it before but we study it carefully to make sure we understand the root cause because our objective is always for the engine to perform flawlessly."  (THE ROOT CAUSE IS THE PEOPLE OVERSEAS MAKING THE PARTS DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HECK THEY ARE DOING......BUT THEY ARE CHEAPER.)

Although described as routine, the latest snag comes as the latest version of Airbus's A320 family remains under scrutiny in the wake of earlier problems with its new Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbofan engines.  (PRATT AND WHITNEY SNAGS ARE NOW CALLED "ROUTINE".  I CAN BELIEVE THAT.)

The engines also face a problem with engine software sending erroneous messages to the cockpit, adding to the workload before the plane can take off. In the worst case scenario, such problems could force airlines to use an extra pilot,  (WHERE WAS THE CRAPPY SOFTWARE CODED?  NEVER MIND.....DON'T TELL ME....I CAN GUESS.)

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