Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Everyone Wants Bernie...Unfortunately In A Democracy That Means Little......

All the polls show the same thing.
Most Democrats want Bernie Sanders.
Unfortunately if you look at the Delegate totals they show something different. They show what the establishment wants. The establishment wants the status Quo. The Status Quo is Hillary. That is why Hillary has a commanding lead.
Our country needs to decide if we are really going to be a democracy. If we are going to be a democracy then this electoral system needs to be overhauled. What you see today is not a democracy. Not even close.
A second national poll now shows that Senator Bernie Sanders has taken the lead over Hillary Clinton.
a FOX News poll found that Sanders has the support of 47 percent of likely Democratic voters compared to 44 percent for Hillary Clinton.
a new Reuters tracking poll shows that Sanders has pulled ahead of Clinton 47.3 percent to 43.9 percent.
Reporters continue to ask Bernie Sanders if he is dropping out of the race after he lost the caucuses in Nevada last Saturday. This is a little odd since Bernie Sanders has actually won the popular vote by 51,000 votes thus far.

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