Saturday, February 13, 2016

Lack Of Gun Control = Dead Cops

The right winger (Fox News crowd) is upset that police officers are getting gunned down at an alarming rate.  They can't believe Obama isn't doing anything about it.  

Numerous times Obama tried to get tighter gun control in the United States and every time the Right wing (Fox News crowd) has shaken there head in defiance.  There will be no new gun control of any kind.  

Their advise to protect against getting shot is to arm yourself with a  gun.  Guns provide the best protection.  Guns = Safety.  But last I checked police officers do carry guns and yet they have proven useless in preventing cop after cop from being gunned down.

If the right wing (Fox News crowd) is going to deny the American public common sense gun control....... then they can just shut up about all the dead police officers.  Dead Police officers are the direct result of the lack of gun control.  That is what the right wingers wanted and that is what they got.  Don't complain about it now because nobody wants to hear it.

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