Saturday, February 6, 2016

Obama's Oil Tax To Fund Billionaires and Corporations...

Everyone is real excited that the price of oil has plummeted so now Obama wants to kill the party by sending the price back up again.
Then he wants to take the money (you will so generously provide) and hand it over to corporations and Billionaires.
He wants to tax every barrel of oil an additional $10.00. $10.00 you will pay for at the gas pump when the price goes up by .25 per gallon.
"The biggest chunk of Obama’s proposed new spending, about $20 billion a year would go to “enhanced transportation options,” especially alternatives to driving and flying. That would include subways, buses, light rail, freight rail modernization projects."
Translation -
Obama is going to play Santa Claus one more time and hand out more of your tax dollars to corporations and Billionaires. You get to pay for all of it. You are so nice.
He (You) are going to pay for "Freight Rail Modernization".....Do you know who owns freight railroads? Warren Buffet owns a Freight Railroad. Do you know what Warren Buffet has? He has Billions, and Billions, and Billions, and Billions .....Keep going 62 more times.......Dollars.
Warren Buffet does not need public welfare to modernize his railroads. He can do it himself.
Do you know who else owns a freight railroad? Bill Gates. Do you know what Bill Gates has? Bill Gates has more money then everyone else on the planet. He has Billions and billions and billions and billions......Keep going 75 more times........Dollars.
Bill Gates does not need public welfare to modernize his railroads. He can do it himself.
Who is using Freight Railroads? Companies like Walmart who need to get all their Made In China junk from the port in San Diego to WalMart Stores across the United States. Is Walmart poor? Do they not have any money?
If Corporations and Billionaires want to upgrade the freight rail system in the United States they can pay for it themselves.
"Obama will call for more than $2 billion in annual investments in clean transportation research and development, including efforts to deploy self-driving cars, charging stations for electric vehicles"
If General Motors, or Ford, Or Chrysler, Or Tesla wants to research a self driving cars they can pay for that themselves too. American tax payers do not need to fund any more Corporate research.
Corporations who want the government to stay out of the way do not need any more free Welfare money. The tax payers have given enough free money to American car companies (Which are now being made in Communist Red China). They can get the Chinese Government to fund their future research and development.
Obama can take his tax increase (to fund Billionaires and corporations) and stick it.

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