Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Yahoo Struggles....CEO Rich......Employees About To Be Fired.......

It was another quarter of failure for Yahoo and Marissa Mayer.
For 3 years Marissa has been saying she will turn Yahoo around. For 3 years she has failed miserably. But don’t worry because she has a new plan. Her new plan is to layoff 15 % of the company. YAY!!!!! That is a plan you can really rally around.
See the strategy in business is to grow. Marissa has failed at that so now she will cut instead. You heard correctly……Her strategy to grow…… is to shrink. Got that? If you can’t sell something than you need to cut something. Those are the only two choices.
Last year Marissa was paid $42,000,000.00. That was a 69% increase from the year before when she was ONLY paid $24.9 million.
The results of all that compensation has been nothing but disappointment. But don’t worry because she knows just who to blame. Not her…No sir. Can’t possibly be her fault. Her leadership has been impeccable.
It is the workers fault………So she will get rid of them. Once 1700 workers are walked to the exit everything at Yahoo will look a lot better. Trust her……. So go out and buy some Yahoo stock today. You will be glad you did.

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