Friday, January 22, 2016

A-10 is saved.....For Now.

They are not going to retire the A-10.
They were going to retire them because it is an effective aircraft, which everyone loves, and is cheap to operate. These positive attributes made it a target for retirement.
They wanted to used the money on the boondoggle F-35. They want to use all the money (every penny) on the F-35.
The problem is the F-35 doesn't work and completely sucks. So the bureaucrats love spending money on it but the soldiers (who fight the wars) would rather look up and see an A-10 protecting them.
It is not like the pentagon to care what the troops want but in this case they did.....So good for them.
They should retire the F-35 and bring back all the other planes they have already retired. You know the ones which actually worked.

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