Thursday, January 21, 2016

Obama went to Detroit.....And Ignored Flint.

The people of Flint Michigan are drinking (and have been drinking) tainted river water.
The reason they are drinking tainted river water is because 28 years ago General Motors closed most of the factories (In Flint) and moved the jobs to Mexico. This plunged Flint into a financial disaster that they have never recovered from.
Since the 100,000 remaining residents of Flint are dirt poor (40% live below the poverty line) it didn’t really matter if they were given filthy water. Nobody gives a sh*t about poor people especially not the Republican governor.
So to save money dirty river water was used in place of clean (more expensive) drinking water. The complaints rolled in but nobody cared. The water smelled bad, it tasted bad, and it made people sick. People even died…… and still nobody cared.
Yesterday President Obama was in Detroit. He went out to lunch. He went to the Auto Show. He bragged about how well GM is doing. What Obama didn’t do was go to Flint and look the poor people in the eye. He could have gone…..But who wants to deal with a bunch of whiney complaining poor people. Certainly not Obama. He could have gone and promised Billions to fix the problem. He could have said the people of America are with you, and will stay with you until this is fixed. But that is not what he did.
Instead he would rather go hang out with GM. The company who created all the problems in Flint to begin with. The company who made the worlds worst business decisions and ended up in Bankruptcy.
Obama bailed out GM. He handed them billions and billions and billions of dollars….Courtesy of the American taxpayer. GM closed more plants, they laid off more workers, and they cut union benefits.
Today Obama gloats about how well GM is doing. He doesn’t gloat about how well Flint is doing. The people of Flint got no bailout, nor will they get any. The people of Flint are on their own. Good luck to them. Obama boarded his private 747 and flew away. God Bless.

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