Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bailout For The Oil Industry??????WHAT!!!!!

The oil industry would like a US Tax payer bailout. How nice!
The same oil industry that just a few years back were making RECORD profits. Not record profits just in the oil industry. They were making record profits for all of human history.
Exxon made more profit than any company in the history of planet Earth. They did that while enjoying all kinds of tax breaks. The oil industry as a whole hardly pays any taxes at all. Little people pay taxes. Irrelevant people pay taxes. Gigantic oil companies should not be forced to help the common good.
The right wingers said if you want cheaper gas they need to drill baby drill. So they did. Earth quakes happened. Contaminated drinking water happened. But the new oil has meant lower prices. But now if you are not going to give all your money at the gas pump they want you to still give it to them through your taxes.
One way or another they want your money.
They tell you it is all about free markets. Let the free market decide. They say that until the free market decides to take away their profit and then they are not such big fans of the free market.
They say keep the government out of it. The only thing the government does is screw things up. They say that until the profits go bye bye and then they can't suckle up to the government bosom fast enough.
When poor people need government help the right wingers tell them to go to h*ll. It is every man for himself. Figure it out on your own. Don't look to the government for any thing.
They say that until the price of oil goes from $110.00 to $28.00 and then suddenly the government is their best friend. Then suddenly the government is the answer. Not the answer for poor people....They can still go to hell. But definitely the answer for super rich oil companies having a tough year.
Run to the government as fast as you can. Put your hand out for some of that free government money. Push the poor people out of the way and make yourself first in line. That is how it is done.
Poor people in Detroit are drinking lead tainted water and dying (10 dead so far) because the government would not bail out the poor people. If the government ever does bail out the fat cat oil guys there will be hell to pay you can be sure.


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