Monday, December 28, 2015

Congress Repeals Country Of Origin On Beef and Pork......

90% of Americans say they want to know where their food comes from.
In a Democracy that is supposed to mean something. Your government is supposed to do what you want. They are supposed to do what is in your best interest. They just did neither and they don't care.
Your government knows you are not paying attention. They know even if you are paying attention it still doesn't matter. Both Democrats and Republicans don't give two sh*ts what you want.
You can get mad at the Republicans and vote for the Democrats. You can get mad at the Democrats and vote for the Republicans. Either way it means nothing because you are going to get the same thing no matter what happens.
Jammed into the new Republican Deficit busting budget are rules that take away your right to know where you beef and pork come from. They used to have to tell you. You used to be given the right to not purchase it if you didn't like the country of origin. That kept everyone honest but your Government just took that right away from you. Now you just have to shut your mouth and buy it and hope for the best.
If companies want to cut corners and buy beef from filthy disgusting countries they are now free to do that. That is good news for them and terrible news for you.
If you were paying attention maybe you would speak up and raise a ruckus. Unfortunately you are not paying any attention and they just slid it in. They voted on their budget in the middle of the night (they do their best work in the middle of the night) while you were snoring away.
The correct response to this action is to leave the unlabeled meat in the case at the supermarket. Walk by with your shopping cart and just leave it sitting there..... When enough people walk by maybe they will figure out their problem.

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