Friday, December 18, 2015

The Republican Spending Binge.....

Republicans are about Fiscal Conservatism.  

You don't spend money you do not have.  You do not raise the deficit.  If you want something than you have to pay for it.  

Republicans will tell you all about how Obama has exploded the deficit.  It is all Obama's fault.  Yet the only branch of government that can spend money is the congress.  The Congress is controlled by Republicans.  The Republicans just went on a drunken spending bender.  Next year those same Republicans will tell you it is Obama's fault.

These are the same Republicans that shut down the government just a couple of years back because they would not raise the debt ceiling.  The Credit Rating of the United States was down graded as a result of the Republicans strong belief that you need to pay for what you are spending.  The result was the Sequester cuts....Automatic cuts to spending in order to reign in the budget.  Many of those Sequester cuts just got thrown out by those same Republicans.

Republicans are the party of principle....  That is the propaganda.

Then you have the reality.  The reality is very, very, very different from the propaganda.  The Reality is the Republicans spending money like it grows on trees.  There are lots of tax breaks for there corporate masters.  Tax Breaks that you will be paying for when they cut your social security down the line.  They will tell you there is no money for your Social Security.  Money for corporations.....You bet.  Money for you....Sorry there is none.

GOP lawmakers are steaming toward passing a mammoth $680 billion tax package without offsets.

The cost, combined with the interest the U.S. would pay after borrowing the money to pay for it, would rise to $830 billion and undo much of the savings squeezed from painful automatic spending cuts called the sequester

Republicans have instituted rules that block such measures unless they’re paid for — restrictions they will waive for themselves on this particular occasion.

Speaker Paul Ryan can count on strong support from Republicans to pass the measure, which he negotiated as one of his first acts since taking over the House. On Thursday, the House voted overwhelmingly, 318-108, to pass the measure, with dozens of Democrats joining Republicans to vote 'yes.'

Democrats are seizing on what they see as a disconnect between the GOP’s national platform and their end-of-year tax bill. And they’re calling the GOP hypocritical for failing to require the new spending to be offset with cuts elsewhere — particularly after spending years battling with President Barack Obama over deficits and spending cuts.

Appropriations Committee member Mike Honda (D-Calif.), who often hears Republicans on his panel balk at spending for Democratic priorities, said reading the tax deal was “like being in a candy store.”

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