Friday, December 18, 2015

White Terrorists You haven't Heard About......

Listen closely to Donald Trump this weekend to see if he wants to ban all white people from the United States.  It is the right thing to do until we can figure out what is going on with White People in this country.

After all if you have a bowl of 200 M&M's and 10 of them will kill you are you going to chance it?  Time to ban all white people just to be safe.

"Eric Feight aided Glendon Scott Crawford in altering a dispersal device to target unsuspecting Muslim Americans with lethal doses of radiation,” Assistant Attorney General John P. Carlin said on Wednesday. “Feight and Crawford’s abominable plot to harm innocent Americans was thwarted thanks to the tireless efforts of law enforcement.”

The FBI called the device a "weapon of mass destruction" in August

In June 2012, an undercover investigator brought Crawford X-ray tubes to examine for possible use in the weapon, and provided technical specifications a month later. At a meeting that November in an Albany coffee shop with undercover investigators, Crawford brought Feight. Both men committed to building the device and named the group "the guild,"

It's exactly the kind of horrific plot that might raise the alarm amid the heightened concern over terrorist attacks on the United States.

 Feight on Wednesday was sentenced to prison for 97 months -- more than eight years -- for providing material support to terrorists, according to the FBI. He would have gone through with the plot, but federal agents fooled him by posing as Ku Klux Klan members who promised to finance and obtain a "radiation device" 

In a world where the mere mention of a plot by a jihadist gets wall-to-wall news coverage, and where fear of terrorism leads presidential candidates to call for a full ban on Muslim immigration, the New York state death ray plot received relatively little notice.  

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