Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sandy Hook 3 Years Later.....Nothing Has Changed.

Well it is 3 years since Sandy Hook.
Since that tragedy there has been a new school shooting pretty much every other day.
Since Sandy Hook 554 kids (under the age of 12) have been killed by firearms. That number does not account for Suicides.
Since Sandy Hook a lot of states have made it easier to get guns.
People thought Sandy Hook was going to be a defining moment in the history of our countries crazy fascination with guns. The reality is Sandy Hook was just another sad event. The reality is nothing has changed.
After Sandy Hook the NRA said they had a serious proposal. The NRA’s plan was to have an armed security guard at every school. The only way to protect our kids from guns was to have a good guy with a gun standing watch.
Well if you go to your kids school today you might see a lot of things, but what you won’t see are any armed guards with guns. If you go to Washington DC you will hear discussion on a lot of things. What you won’t hear are any discussions on adding armed security guards to every school.
If you talk to the NRA (today) they will tell you about a lot of things they are working on…… but what they are not working on is adding armed security guards to every school.
In 2012 they said they were serious about fixing the issue. They said they really cared. Then they proceeded to show you they cared by doing absolutely nothing. Their actions (or lack thereof) has proven they are a completely phony and insincere organization.
If you wanted to pass a law preventing mentally ill people from getting guns the NRA would move heaven and earth to fight you every step of the way.
If you wanted to pass a law so potential terrorists could not get guns…….. the NRA would shift into overdrive to make sure every terrorist could get any gun they wanted.
But when it comes to protecting 7 years olds the NRA has nothing more to offer than one speech (given 3 years ago). That was the end of their effort.
No the NRA will not be holding a press conference today updating you on all the progress they have been making protecting schools. The NRA will be very quiet today.
Happy Anniversary Sandy Hook……It has been 3 years and nothing has changed. Maybe year 4 will be different……..Yeah right.

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