Tuesday, December 8, 2015

CT Hospitals Want Corporate Welfare.....

These hospital pity commercials are all over the TV.
They are whining because the Governor of The State Of Connecticut cut off their Corporate Welfare. Hospitals are acting like people are dying in the street as a result of these cuts.
We are supposed to believe the healthcare industry is short on cash. Maybe you should take a look at your last hospital bill to see if you agree.
See first everyone told the Governor to balance the budget. Then everyone told him he better not raise taxes.
So he cut 200 million bucks from hospitals.
The healthcare industry doesn't need taxpayer money. Healthcare costs a fortune. Patients pay for hospitals. Insurance companies pay for hospitals. The government hands out even more money too. So the Governor said no more tax payer welfare to (for) profit hospitals making $900,000,000.00 in profit.
Remember these are not charity cases. These hospitals exist for one reason and that is to make lots of money. And they do make lots of money. They are great at it.
It is funny that these hospitals are hard up for money but somehow found the cash for an expensive TV PR campaign.
The problem (For the Hospitals) is when States make Medicaid payments the Feds then come along and match those funds.
Double the Tax Payer Welfare for Hospitals....Hip Hip Horray.
But when the Governor decided to cut those State payments the hospitals get whacked twice....No state money and then no Federal money either. They do not like that. Not one bit.
Bottom line is if the hospitals need more money they should go talk to the insurance companies. The Insurance companies are the ones with all the money. Aetna, Cigna, Anthem....Those should be the targets for hospitals.
The governor is right to cut off the tax payer funds. Two hundred million less in profit won't kill anyone. Really...It won't.


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