Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Donald Trump Wants To Ban All Muslims.....

Donald Trumps new idea is to ban all Muslims from the United States.
The only problem Donald will have implementing this ban is the Constitution of The United States. You know...The document he will take an oath to defend and protect. The first amendment in that document states people have the Freedom of Religion.
So if Donald is going to ban people just because they are Muslim, then he is banning people based on their religion, and that is not allowed.
Sorry Donald. The Supreme Court of the United States will wag their finger in your face if you attempted such a thing. Those goddamned founding fathers are such a pain in the azz with their rules and regulations. They make it so hard to discriminate.
This Donald idea is all because two Muslims killed 14 people in California. See when white people kill lots of innocent people Donald never suggests banning all white people...... but Muslims are different....At least for Donald.
The funny part is one of the shooters in the CA incident is a United States Citizen. He has been here his whole like. He is not a refugee, and he is not someone visiting either. So banning all Muslims from entering the United States would have done nothing to stop the CA shooting.
But reality shouldn't prevent Donald Trump from his knee jerk racist reactions though. They make for good entertainment.


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