Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pete Rose Will Remain Banned.....

Pete Rose has been banned from Baseball for 26 years.
Pete has been trying to be reinstated for those same 26 years.
There have been 4 MLB Commissioners since Pete was first banned. Each one of those commissioners has looked at all the evidence and concluded the exact same thing. This guy is not getting back into baseball.
The latest to conclude this is Rob Manfred who just announced Pete Rose will remain banned.
Pete's biggest obstacle to getting reinstated has been himself.
For the last 26 years Pete Rose has done nothing but lie, and lie, and lie, and lie, and then lie some more. The man has been incapable of telling the truth. Incapable of seeing what he did was wrong. Incapable of saying he is sorry. Incapable of changing his life. This has made giving him a second chance impossible.
If the only thing Pete did was bet on baseball...... but then he admitted it...... and then he apologized for it....... he would have been given a second chance years ago. Unfortunately at every turn he has made the wrong decision.
In 1989 he signed the report banishing him from the game. All the evidence showed that Pete did bet on baseball, including the team he was managing. He even placed bets from the dugout during games. In signing the agreement (banning him for life) Pete did not have to admit guilt....... BUT he could NOT claim he was innocent. If he abided by the agreement he could seek reinstatement.
Pete then went on to claim he was innocent every day for the next decade.
From 1989 to 2004 Pete Rose said over and over and over and over he did not bet on baseball. Anyone who would listen he told the same thing. He said it with conviction. HE DID NOT DO IT!!!!!
Then in 2004 he wrote a book and wanted to sell lots of copies of that book. In order to do that he said.... OK he did do it. He did bet on baseball. BUT he said his betting days were over and he no longer bets on baseball. To prove he was a different person he went to live in Las Vegas. There is no safer place for a person with a gambling problem then Vegas baby.......Yeah.......
In his latest meeting with the commissioner he admitted that he STILL does bets on baseball. 26 years years after being banned Pete Rose still has not learned a single thing about the error of his ways. As a result he will remain banned.
Major League Baseball is serious about removing all gambling from the game. That is right.......There is no place in Baseball for gambling. The integrity of the game is the most important thing.
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