Sunday, December 20, 2015

Exporting US Oil.....Helps Everyone except you......Awesome!

For the last 40 years it has been illegal for Oil drilled in the United States to be exported out of the country.  It was a matter of National Security.  

For the last 15 years what you were told is we need to drill more oil in the United States so we could become "energy independent".  We could no longer count on unstable countries in the Middle East to provide our oil and we needed to drill baby drill.  

This meant pumping toxic chemicals into the ground to extract the oil.  The toxic chemicals would create record amounts of earth quakes.  The toxic chemicals would contaminate some ground water.  This was OK though because the benefit would be enjoyed by everyone in the United States.  In the big scheme of things it would be a great thing.  Wave that American Flag.....

Well the Chemicals went in the ground.  The oil came out of the ground.  But instead of the county becoming energy independent (as we were promised) now the oil companies want to export the oil out of the country.  This could raise the price and make more money for the oil companies.  (YAY!)  You could pay more and they could profit more.  Everyone wins.  Well they win.  You can go to hell. 

The Republicans think this is a great idea.  They added lifting the export ban into their new defect busting budget.  The Democrats and President Obama also think it is a great idea (that you pay more while they profit more) and supported the idea whole heartily.  Anytime your elected officials can screw you royally they never miss the opportunity.

Anytime the oil companies can benefit at your expense all the politicians stand up and clap.  

Well enjoy the ground water.....If it tastes a little funny just put some flavoring in it and shut your mouth.

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