Monday, December 21, 2015

China burying people Alive with Their Stupidity.....

Another example of why Corporate America LOVES making things in Communist Red China.
No Rules. No Regulation. No Oversight. No Human Rights issues. Do whatever you want and nobody cares.
In the United States this kind of thing would not be allowed. It would be illegal. You would go to jail if you tried it. But in Communist Red China nobody cares.
You don’t have to make sure people are safe. Consumer safety doesn’t matter. Worker safety doesn’t matter. Environmental safety doesn’t matter.
It is fantastic…… Well it is fantastic assuming you are not a consumer, a worker, or the environment. But if you are just looking to maximize profits (at the expense of everything else) China is the place.
What should we do with all the construction waste? Pile it up. 100 feet high……200 feet high……300 feet high…..Whatever….. But there are buildings near by….Not our concern. But it might be unsafe……Not our concern. But people could get hurt……Not our concern.
Couple of months ago chemical factories were exploding. 150 people were killed. 700 people were injured. Last month the air quality was breaking records. Today people are being buried alive. It is always an adventure…..

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