Monday, January 11, 2016

DMV "Glitch"....

There were two choices. They could have taken the $26,000,000.00 and hired competent programmers, who knew what they were doing, and upgraded the DMV system the correct way.
Or they could hire incompetent programmers, who didn’t know what they were doing, BUT would enable 3M to pocket a lot of money. The less money they spent on programmers the more money they put in their pockets. It was a good deal.
The only risk is the incompetent programmers will screw it all up. And they did......When that happened people with valid car registrations got pulled over by police and told they are driving around with improperly registered cars. The cars were towed. The people were fined. Court dates were set. Everyone is pissed off. But remember….They saved money so it is all good.
10 days ago Debbie received two letters from the CT DMV. Both said on Feb 1 Debbies license is suspended for not having proper car insurance. One letter was sent for each of our cars.
The only thing is Debbie does have proper car insurance. She has always had proper car insurance. There has never been a time when she has not had proper car insurance. So I mailed in her proof of insurance and haven’t heard anything more.
It is possible in Feb Debbie will be pulled over and thrown in the slammer. Since that doesn’t really affect me I have not worried too much about it.

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