Friday, January 15, 2016

Obama says Economy is all fixed......Just don't read the News.....

On Tuesday Obama stood in front of the country and told everyone the economy was all better. He had fixed everything.
Yet when I read the news I see the stock market is tanking. I see Macy’s is closing 35 stores. JC Penny is closing 7 stores. K Mart is closing 27 stores. Walmart is closing 269 stores. Target is closing 13 stores. I see OLD NAVY sales were down 7%. Banana Republic sales were down 9%. The Gap sales were down 2%. Best Buy sales were down 1% (and they are bragging their sales beat the industry)…...Wow Congrats.
It is unfortunate when some of the most dedicated slave labors in the world make all this stuff (for you) and then you don’t go and buy any of it. It is like their lives are terrible for nothing.
This avalanche of bad news is following the all important Christmas season. This is supposed to be the time of year retailers are walking around with all smiles.
Stores even opened on Thanksgiving to sell you all their made in China cr*p and it looks like you didn’t buy any of it. Their workers missed out on Thanksgiving for nothing. They could have sat home and ate turkey but they gave that all up and you didn’t even care. It is all your fault.
The “experts” are blaming the lack of spending on the warm weather. They are saying it was too warm and that is the reason you didn’t buy any new winter clothes. Last year they blamed poor sales on the weather too. Last year they said all the snow kept people away. See….No matter how little you spend they always have a way to blame the weather.
The stock market is tanking and they are blaming the Chinese economy. Your reluctance to go to Walmart and buy their Made in China products is the reason the Chinese economy is in turmoil. All the crap they make over there is supposed to be sold to you over here. When you don’t buy it it really screws everything up.
Meanwhile GE is helping the US economy by selling their appliance business to Communist Red China. Maybe when China builds GE Dishwashers that will give you confidence to go spend your money. I know that doesn’t make any sense but neither does Obama claiming he fixed everything. Nothing is looking very fixed to me.

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