Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Microsoft Phone Still A Joke......

While Apple was breaking records selling Iphones…….. Microsoft just can’t keep the dust off of those amazing Lumia’s.
Every time you bought a new Cell phone you never bought a Microsoft phone. Your friends never bought a Microsoft phone. You parents never bought a Microsoft phone. Your neighbors never bought a Microsoft phone. You have probably never even seen a Microsoft phone.
You go into the store and you just walk right past the Microsoft display (without even glancing over) as you make your way to the Iphones and Galaxies. You are so rude.
Apple sold 74,000,000 phones in the last quarter.
Microsoft sold 4,000,000 phones in the last quarter. (Only 70,000,000 less than Apple….I bet Apple is worried)
If this was a boxing match they would stop the fight.
“Overall, Microsoft’s profits declined by 15 percent”. (Impressive)
“The drop in phone revenue dragged down Microsoft’s overall devices revenue by 26 percent”. (I bet the investors are thrilled)
Microsoft trying to sell phones is like watching a car crash in slow motion. I just can’t look away.
In 2013 Microsoft spent 7.2 BILLION buying Nokia. That was going to save their phone business. Today their phone business is worth a fraction of that amount.
“Phone revenue as a whole declined 53 percent, or $1.2 billion. Even worse, Microsoft chief financial officer Amy Hood told analysts to expect that its phone revenue would decline a comparable amount in the coming quarter as well”. (That is true…..Nobody bought them last quarter…… and nobody is going to buy them next quarter either.)
“That means that by the end of March, Microsoft’s phone business will be worth roughly $636 million in terms of revenue”. (Embarrassing)
Even David Copperfield would have a hard time taking 7.2 Billion and making it into 636 million. That is an impressive feat.
If Microsoft just read any of my rants in 2010, or 2011, or 2012, they could have just saved the 7.2 billion. None of this bad news is a surprise. I have predicted (and stated) it for years.
Nobody is ever going to buy a Microsoft Cell phone

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