Monday, February 1, 2016


Exciting news....
The worlds largest container ship on its way to the United States packed full of junk from Communist Red China. 18,000 containers .......Oh man that is HUGE.
The story is not the worlds largest container ship leaving Los Angeles full of American made goods on its way to Communist Red China. If that were the story it would be called "Make believe". That story would be found in the fiction section of the library.
You can be sure when this GIGANTIC container ship returns to Communist Red China it will be completely empty. But at least now they are getting more efficient in how they manage this one way trade. That is exciting news for sure.
In December the United States Trade Deficit was $61,500,000,000.00.
That is 61.5 Billion Dollars that left the United States Never to return. That was just ONE MONTH.
These large quantities of money leave the United States every month. Luckily our government can just keep printing new money endlessly.
If they couldn't do that this one way trade could be a real problem. But either way it is nothing you need to worry about. You just keep filling your cart at Walmart and don't worry about a thing. It is all good.

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