Friday, February 12, 2016

Wall Street Criminals Never Going To Jail......

This is what Bernie Sanders is talking about……Right here.
If you commit a crime you go to jail. The police show up. They put handcuffs on you. They read you your rights. They bring you down to the police station. They finger print you. They take your mug shot. They throw you in a holding sell. Then you will be charged and put on trial.
When Wall Street commits crimes (far worse than anything you could possibly do) none of those things happen. Nobody goes to jail. There are no “real” consequence. 3.2 billion dollars to Morgan Stanley is pocket change.
What we need is Jail cells filled with Wall Street criminals. Building after building filled with the real people responsible for all the real problems.
This Morgan Stanley fine is not isolated either. All the firms are filled with criminals and they are all getting away with it.
Goldman Sachs paid 5 Billion
Bank of America paid $16.7 billion
JPMorgan paid $13 billion
Citigroup paid $7 billion.
44 Billion is fines and nobody went to jail.
You steal a pack of gum from CVS and you are going to jail.
See why Bernie is crushing Hillary. Bernie gets it. Hillary is in bed with this Wall Street criminals. Bernie is in bed with the American people.

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