Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Yankee Tickets Only For Full Price.....

Capitalism is the best…….
Free Markets are the Best…….
Get rid of regulations……..
Let the Free Markets decide……
That is unless the free markets decide to drive down the price of Yankee tickets. Then forget about free markets. Then they need to put regulations in place to make sure cheap Yankee tickets can’t happen.
You will play full price or you won’t go.
When the Yankees wanted to save money on printing tickets they made you print them. It didn’t save you any money either. Better to use your paper and your ink. But then you started reselling your tickets on stub hub, which killed the demand for their high priced tickets.
Why spend $185.00 on a ticket when you can spend $20.00 and still go to all the same games. The Yankees didn’t like that one bit. So now they don’t want you to print your tickets anymore. They want to control your ability to resell. Yankee regulations are now being put in your way.
So next time you hear a Billionaire (or a corporation) tell you about the awesomeness of free markets…….Well just put up your middle finger and aim it right at them. They are full o sh*t.
Free Markets are only a great thing if it benefits them. If Free markets benefit you well then they need to be stopped.

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